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Friday, March 14, 2008

born and celebrated: part V - daulat tuanku!

daulat tuanku!

his royal highness, raja dr. nazrin shah and his beloved wife, raja puan besar perak tuanku zara, has just been blessed with a prince, early this morning at the damansara specialist hospital. she wasn't due till early of next month, but i guess the lil prince just can't wait to see the world la kot.


remember abang a? he was admitted to the hospital due to the removal of his tumor, last 2 days and he's now ok despite having to be in the OT for almost 10 hours, during the op. (according to his wife, the doctors were having difficulties to find the exact location of the tumor plus his condition as he's also got high blood pressure)

so, this afternoon (since tak ramai orang kat ofis hari ni) kitorang pon pegi la visit him kat hospital (and nak carik lunch pon ye). masa sampai kat his ward, i can see few people were sitting outside of one of the rooms, jez a couple of rooms away from abang a's. masa tengah tanya khabar, borak-borak dengan abg a, he said that he'll be discharge by late afternoon and that bilik sebelah dia ada raja nazrin. (we were like.. apa hal pulak raja nazrin masuk wad when only ystd je dia terpaksa postponed the oath-taking ceremony for the new perak MB)

so, being the nosy me, i went back to the door, checking out from the small tingkap of the room. i can see the people who were earlier sitting outside of the neighbouring room. they looked some how familiar and rupanya they were the siblings of raja dr. nazrin. i can see the sight of his 2 sisters, raja dato' seri azureen and raja eleena and younger brother, raja dato' seri ashman shah (and his wife, noraini jane) and also his parents in law, waiting patiently along the corridor. when my other colleagues join me, macam orang jakun lak sbb terjengok2 kat tepi pintu tu. we were giggling endlessly when suddenly raja azureen walked past us and stopped in front of abg a's room...

r.a: hi. (erk! we were dumbstruck for a moment.)
us: hi!! (omg! memang jakun abes okeh!)
r.a: who are you guys visiting?
us: our friend from the office (agak kacau bilau sebab sume nak cakap)
me: is err.. has sh.. tuanku given birth? (bole ke camtu?)
r.a: oh, yes.. this morning..
us: oh. great.. congratulations!! (isk. memang kalut) baby...?
r.a: baby boy (she smiled widely.. OMG! she's so gorgeous ok!!)
us: please convey our congratulations to her yah..
r.a: oh.. sure.. sure..

***edited version*** ;-p

and she continued walking. (maybe nak tengok her ayahanda sultan perak datang la tu)

we were like "OMG! OMG!" all the way sebab tak sangka she was sooo nice and polite and uber-friendly! dah la her attire pon simple, minimal make up, less bling-bling.. sungguh best.

masa tu, across the room tu ada nurses yg sume dah berderet tunggu keberangkatan tiba hrh sultan perak. dahla abang a kat dalam pon kitorg dah tak peduli, biar dia layan tv sorang2. kelakar tul. dalam pada tak habis lagi teruja, tiba-tiba, raja nazrin lak came out from the room with raja azureen and masa lalu bilik abang a, he saw us tengah sibuk2 lepak kat luar bilik..

r.n: ape kabo? (nope! no kidding!! dia tegur kitorang dengan loghat perak beb!)
us: kabo baik.. congratulations tuanku!! (nurses and his bodyguards - kot - dah pandang2 dah)
r.n: terima kasih... ni daghi mana nih? (he smiled)
us: dari... the company for women..

he nodded few times, and angkat tangan to us before continue walking...

lagi satu dumbstruck! gile ah! i was totally awed by this bunch of royalty! memang humble and rakyat-friendly tul!

lepas tu, hrh sultan azlan shah and queen tuanku bainun, walked past us to visit their daughter in law next door, after visiting their grandson kat nursery (i assumed).

today is indeed my lucky day! dapat good news, fresh from the hospital lagi. dah la tu, masih tak percaya sebab dapat jumpa dengan perak royalty yang sangat humble and down-to-earth itu... (jez tak dapat amik gambar je...)

may Allah grant them with a blessed prince and as humble.

i like! (still can't believe my eyes nih... isk!)


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