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Monday, March 03, 2008

cerita pasal abang a.

abang a yang suka amik gambar...

he's one of my favourite colleague kat company for women nih.
he's kind-hearted, bukan jenis berkira when it comes to office job and when people ask for his help.
he's also humorous, down-to-earth and tak penah la nak nampak dia marah-marah.

on the first day i came to this place, he was on leave. since my cubicle kat sebelah cubicle dia, i can see most of his stuff on the table. so, ada sorang colleague tu, abang s, pegi letak gambar dia, pastu ada oranges (masa tu masih lagi dalam suasana sambutan CNY la) kat depan komputer dia.. ala.. macam orang cina sembahyang kepada orang2 yg telah tiada tu la.. being a newbie, i was a bit heran la why on earth they do that.. rupanya it was just a prank. so, the next day, when he came back to work, upon seeing his pic with the oranges, (i was afraid he'll be fuming mad) he just laughed the prank of, throw away his b&w printed foto and eat the oranges. phew! nasib la dia tak mengamuk (there's another incident, which happened at my previous working place, the person yang kena such prank, mengamuk gila sampai nasib baik dia tak baling the huge paper cutter - the one yg buat potong gambar paspot tu - kat orang yang buat prank tu...) tapi, this guy here, buat muka tak tau je.. siap bole berlawak segala...

so, when this morning he told me that he'll be on leave the whole next week and the week after, i thought he'll be bringing his family for holidays since next week is the school hols. pastu he said that he's campaign needed to be delegated among other ADs cuz dia takut tak sempat nak siapkan on time since today the mktg peeps will be briefing him about the campaign. (masa tu, i was a bit annoyed la kan sebab i just finished my campaign, and tak sempat nak relax, dah nak kena buat campaign orang lain and it'll be my turn after his.) but belum sempat nak question him, he said that he needs to take that leave sebab nak kena operate tempat yang bengkak kat tepi pipi dia tu... (you see, his face memang nampak bengkak sebelah. last week, he went to the doctor to have it checked and the doctor said it's parotid gland, something got to do with your salivary system yang tiba2 jadik bengkak.. or so the doctor said) and told me that the swollen part of his face tu is a tumour. i quickly looked at him, hoping to see a smile on his face, but no he didn't. instead, muka dia cool je, but with a lil bit of sadness there when he said about the tumour.

i lost words for a moment. but when i gather my thoughts, i said to him, that everything will be fine and not too worry that much. dah la tu, dia siap buat lawak lagi and keep on repeating these 2 songs - andai kutahu by ungu & bila aku sudah tiada by hujan - again and again, when i told him that these 2 songs are banned from being on air this whole month!!

hmmph.. don't worry abang a! we'll be praying for your good health and harap-harap the operation will be a smooth one. hopefully no complications despite the fact that dia pon ada blood pressure...


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