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Thursday, November 11, 2010

welcome to the world, much awaited baby of the year! : part 2 :

just a while ago,sis #2 has safely delivered her 1st baby! alhamdulillah, despite the 12hours wait (she went into labour in the morning) all's well as the yet-to-be-named baby was born on 11.11.10 at 11pm via normal delivery, weighing at 2.8kg. great timing huh? and jangan lupa, another november baby yo! yeeppaaa!

sis #1 fetched me from the office after my office hour and we went straight to the hospital. since it was a semi-private hospital, the waiting game was very tensed and exhausting as our patience were tested with the nurses/doctors acuh tak acuh attitude. i know it's unfair for me to compare semi-private and fully-private hospitals tapi tu lah... komplen kang ada yang kutuk gua berlagak lak nanti kan.. so, i guess lebih baik la gua simpan saja di dalam peti, i mean hati.

this was taken masa nurse nak hantar dia kat nursery. sempat bukak sebelah mata. look at that dagu, macam inject botox woh, runcing semacam! heh.

will update soon as i get his name.
nama dia ialah putra lutfy bin hafizal idzwa. nickname: luke.

so sekarang dah balance la cucu-cucu mistermama and misterpapa, 3 boys and 3 girls... :)

till then oi! hurrah!



At 8:29 AM , Blogger baizurah abdullah said...

congrats!! nak lagi jugak :D

At 11:25 AM , Blogger elly said...

congrats for the cutey.

tgk org beranak cam sonok lak.heh.

sis,what happen to my blogek?np jd camtu ek?


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