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Saturday, March 12, 2005

of keeping things to myself.

hi peeps!

this is my 1st entry after few weeks and i feel awkward already..
not knowing wat to write and not knowing wat to do..

been very busy for the past 2 months or so.. i only check my mails and do my werk.
dats all. nothing much.
and i think by now, i've been spending my time for the last 2 months at the ofis.
boy! am i exhausted! hari sabtu pon kat ofis nih..

werk's ok. not much pressure eventho i hv to cope wit so much jobs and stuff.
unlike masa kat jda, i think the werking environment here is much more relaxed and ok.
yes, keja banyak tapi you could hardly hear anybody shouting or at each other's throat, cept in few occasions and most of it came from th CD.. but still ok la..

only that, i like to worry bout my werk.. tu je. sampai terbawak2 dlm mimpi.. isn't that funny?
yelah.. tak biasa ada keja berlambak2 dlm satu masa and when the dateline is like last week... hahaha!

there's alot to update but i jez don't feel like it right now..
susahnya takde internet kat rumah...

eh, wat happen to my profile pics eh?
fotopages dah kedekut ke?

later guys... need to go already.