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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hide(ing) and seek(ing for the light of happiness).

i'm trying to gather my thoughts and pieces before i could write again.
and to my dismay, i have nothing to gather.

or maybe i have.
but i just cudn't share them here..

so. i'm officially in hiatus for quite a while.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

lemme entertain you...

was done few days before my wedding reception.
for those who came but didn't get to watch it properly, here you go.

will be back in few days. enjoy the video. =p


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

april baby!

managed to visit puan keledek (at long last!) last friday after a half day product shoot at this one studio. in the event of having a half day photo shoot, patutnya kena balik ofis lepas tu. but, instead i didn't and found myself in her house area after a visit to antalis (the paper merchant; to buy paper samples for miya's wedding invites).

when i reached there, she was breastfeeding baby fab at her lil sis room. being the petite one, it was quite hard to believe that she is now a mother of 2 lovely gurls. she didn't put on much weight tho as she is diabetic, so kena take a really good care of her diet la kan...

it was an awkward moment i must say cuz the fact that we haven't seen each other for such a long time. but after picking up, it felt as if i was travelling back to the time we used to hang out with each other, i'd go to her house and went cycling together... she had the most up-to-date mountain bike, in pink and very girlish while i only rode a black rimmed bmx. haha. we'd go cycling from one taman to another. and others wud joined us after dat.

puan keledek was this shy, soft, curly-haired and polite lil gurl from perak back then. she joined the gud(!) people of ssj (the elementary school we went to) when she was 12. and became popular instantly! all the boys wud talked and go ga ga over her and leaving us, the unpopular ones, all green with envy. (haha) but she took everything positively and never think too much about what people want to say about her.

oh. she has nice voice too. she sings pretty well and was the juara (main singer) for our dikir barat team, singing alongside the tukang karut (er.. crappy fella.. haha) at that time, faizul.

we were reminiscing like there's no tomorrow and who wud've thot that at long last both of us already married and have lovely children. babe, remember the wasiat (will) i told you many years ago? hahaha!!! you can forget about it now and laugh them off! (dear readers no need to know ok?)

owh, well. just wanna let you know that i truly treasure our friendship eventho we lost contact for a while. thanks for being the best childhood friend and i hope we'll be friends till the final days of our life!

and since she's an april baby (april 24th), a taurian to be exact, lemme be the first to wish her happy early birthday, may God bless you with all the euphoric colours in the whole world and your life thereafter. and your family too! (she wud never forget my birthday but i always tak ingat hers.. but tu dulu la.. now selalu ingat dah.. =p)

thanks again for the friendship, puan keledek... (why keledek eh?) =D

puan keledek and lil nuha seen here with another childhood
friend of ours, sha (and her daoh kot yang nampak half body tu)
during my akad nikah @masjid shah alam • november 18th 2006.
(sha, nanti i post cerita pasal you lak eh.. =D psst! dia ni musuh sebenarnye.. camne tah bole jadi kawan sampai skrg.. haha! =p)