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Friday, August 29, 2008

kena tag! MERDEKA!

image credit to: mangosteenskin

*begin copy*
Add your site(s) to the list if you're a proud Malaysian Blogger!
Pass this tag to as many Malaysian Blogger as you know, or if you're interested but nobody tags you, just include yourself volunteerly. Show some patriotism!
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I am a proud Malaysian blogger
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kena tag dengan incek rotan.
m running outta time nih.. nak balik!! selamat merdeka korang! and selamat menyambut ramadhan al mubaraq to all my muslim friends/readers!

daaa... (tanak tag sapa2 pon sebab yg duluuu pon ada yang tanak buat pon...)


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

it came in unexpected... : p1 :

ala. kawan jiran sebelah ada machine baru.
bestnye. i was mad jealous ok!
eventho i never met her, but what the heck!
dah gua jeles tahap naga dah ni.. selamba jela nak jealous ke ape ke..
bukan kena bayar pon.. haha!

anyway, something (pleasant) came in unexpected.
and it happened yesterday.
it was a surprise from b.
an unexpected surprise.

nanti gua update.
okla. lemme give a hint..

(billa.. diam-diam bole?)


Monday, August 18, 2008

augustus : p4 : zaes specials!

i was a wee bit late for this most awaited post of lil zaes.. ok. very late.
anyway, lemme first thank kak emil, my cousin ati and another gud mate of mine, put, for wishing lil zaes happy first birthday.. i received the wishes from kak emil via comment shoutout and ati & put's came in from the sms... thanks a lot for remembering his day!

this morning, i didnt get to talk to him as he was soundlessly sleeping. actually he was down with flu and eye infection for the past few days. weather hasn't been that "kind" lately, so.. but he's recovering. eventho sakit, he's been actively walking, playing and sulking.. so, it's an indication that i need not worry so much.. he's got some early birthday presents from his bonda (my elder sis, his ibu susu, mak si sup bunjut), uncle sheik, qistina, dania and lil myia - a pair of sea blue & lime coloured crocs with a pair of cute superman jibbitz (actually saya bukanlah penggemar crocs, sebab tu tak penah terlintas nak beli satu untuk zaes, tapi orang dah kasi kan..) and from auntie ati, uncle eddy and lil aliff - thomas & friends' choo choo car (as i called it). he was a bit excited i can see. tapi tang crocs tu, dia agak awkward sket bila pakai and jalan with 'em.

takpela.. tanak cakap banyak-banyak. just hoping that he'll be a good boy, yang mendengar kata, tak notty (sket takpe) and soleh. insyaAllah.. (uish.. baru setahun dah macam 10.. haha) here are some pics galore, taken by none other than his daddy!

pada suatu petang, masa tu mommey pegi perhentian.. zaes rasa boring sangat.. so, zaes rasa macam nak pegi jalan-jalan...

zaes: mommey takde nih... check line clear tak?

zaes: take a step at a time.. make sure nobody hear me..

zaes: uih.. almost kantoi.. slowly...

zaes: yesss lah! cepat sket lari...

zaes: pheww.. dah sampai.. eh.. where am i? huiyo.. aweks cun..

zaes: ala.. dia masuk lingerie shop la...

zaes: takpe.. lepak jap.. whoa.. comfy nye...

zaes: ow man! she's out..

zaes: crap! she's gone.

zaes: eh...?

zaes: ala.. too late! nak panjat pon takleh nih..

zaes: ok now. strap me! brace yourself and hold on..

zaes: ... and i'm off to la la land...

so, zaes pon bermimpi...
zaes: eh.. ni kat mana lak nih?
bukan tadi kat sunway piramid ke?
ni pe hal lak cat buat kat sini? ni macam rumah nenek je..

zaes: a'ah la... rumah nenek.. kat depan tu ada rumput..

zaes: ni daun... sedap tak?

zaes: nak lari lagi lah.. bestnye! luas tul tempat nih...

zaes: yess! line clear lagi..

zaes: i thot i taw a puddy tat..

zaes: test drive sket..

zaes: takpe.. jalan lagi.. tadi nampak cam sawah je kat belakang tu..

zaes: eh.. dah sampai dah...?
pakai sunnies jap.. panas.

zaes: ni apa nih...?

zaes: patutla cepat sampai.. naik keta daddy rupanya..

zaes: eh.. camne mommey pon ada ni?

zaes: mommey.. bird! bird!
mommey: ye sayang..

zaes: main tulis-tulis la..

zaes: apasal tak kuar apa2 nih?

zaes: lemme try on my hand...

zaes: takde pon daddy..??

zaes: betul takde ink pon...

zaes: ala... dah habis mimpi ke?
mommey: yup! let's go...

meh sini, family portrait jap..

scrap elements/quickpage are from: nana's attic



Saturday, August 16, 2008

augustus : p3 :

happy 54th birthday to my dear mama.

we celebrated her birthday in a very moderate way, my sis' family treated her (and us) to a scrumptious dinner @tgif sunway pyramid, billa presented her with pots of flowers and plants and also a set of reflexology stones-pathway kinda thingey, and i bought her a nice white blouse from ms read.

sorry. no pix of the celebration kat tgif tu as b's camera go on hiatus for i donno how long... actually his canon 40d malfunction on that afternoon.. masa tengah amik gambar kawen this one client lak tu... tah. even dia pon tak tau how'd dat happen... nantila. i'll update on it once dia hantar to the service centre... ya. i know... painful.

anyway, here's to the strong super-duper woman in our life, my mama.. once again! wishing you well, may Allah bless you always and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! WE LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH, MAMA! *muacks!*


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wishlist: #2.. and #3.

i've been longing to buy a proper makeup case/bag now but to no avail either sebab tak dapat carik yang menepati citarasa or it is too expensive (m.a.c nye original makeup case is priced at rm900++, from the last time i asked laa) so, disebabkan itu, i don't see the need of showing the pic of the case here.. sebab, tak guna cakap la kan if you don have the money to buy. but mesti you ask why nak brand m.a.c gak? well.. i like m.a.c, so, takpela if nak m.a.c nye gak kan..? haha. poyo nak mampus... takdelah.. if i have extra money, apa salahnya nak beli kan..? takpela.. tak guna ckp.. buat berbuih mulut je..

so, below are the other 2 items from my wishlist. brush roll m.a.c tu untuk menempatkan my set brushes ditempat yang sepatutnya and the weekender cotton case tu is the alternative to replace my makeup case idaman... cantek kan?

anyway, i received an email from my pain-in-the-ass sis, billa this morning. lemme show you the content of the email eh...

eventho she didnt write anything (a screen shot worth thousands of words la kan), but i know she's trying to tell me that she wants an ipod nano and secara halusnya menyuruh kakaknya yang selalu kena buli ni untuk membelikannya sebiji and she'll pay me monthly later...

letih la lu... abis gua punya wishlists ni sapa nak penuhi? =p


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

wishlist: #1

my wishlist #1
yang warna rose tu nampak cantik... but mahogany tak cepat kotor laa..
(i was damn bored and a lil lazy.. tu yang pegi surf benda-benda tak berpekdah ni..)



Monday, August 11, 2008

augustus : p2 :

happy birthday to you my dear lil sup bunjut niece, puteri myia sarah!

why sup bunjut? sebab dia putih gebu, bulat-bulat, fleshy and all bubbly macam tau je apa dia cakap... ih! geram...

scrap elements/quickpage comes from raspberry road designs.
pic taken by b.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

augustus : p1 :

zaes has already soundlessly tucked in my mama's bed. tonite we're sleeping at her room, b's away for the auspicious 08.08.08 wedding job in perak. he was appointed OP at the very last minute by my colleague for all 3 events - nikah, sanding bride's side, bertandang groom's side -whom by now dah nikah la kot... a very long story. let's not go there...

i wanted to got to sleep but can't resist of having the chance to blog at home while b's away. you see, most of the time, he'd hog the iMac all by himself ever since this slim shady made its way to our house. if i have the time pon, it'll only last awhile. but when i'm in front of it, suddenly my eyes went heavy la.. eye lids rasa berat nak mampus la.. takde idea nak blog jangan cakap la.. not that i don have story to tell, ada.. plain lazy i guess... owh... of which leads me to this...

the month of august is finally here! yay!

time flies in a blink of an eye kan! zaes will be a year old this coming august 18th.. wow! dat means it has been a year since i got pregnant.. all heavy and bloated! whoa! seriously.. it feels like yesterday man.. and i can't imagine having to go through the process again.. er.. at least not for now. or a year to come... er. bukan tak nak, but nanti la. b & i need to be financially stable. nak manja puas2 dengan zaes lagi.. ok. let's drop this topic this instant!

anyway, apart from celebrating zaes' 1st birthday, i'll be celebrating my niece's, myia sarah, who also turning 1, a week before zaes (august 11th), mama is 54 this 16th, 2 of my aunties and 1 uncle also celebrating their birthday... not to forget my arwah opah, who shares the same date as my cousin dila (ati's sis) - august 21st -, b's best buddy, a, turning 29 this 24th.. and not to forget, few of my colleagues, also celebrating another year in life, in august! (and a close friend, p, who turned 29th last august 6th) uish.. so many of them to mention, but now, i already feel very exhausted and sleepy..

dah la. i shall continue this birthday celebration saga when i'm up to it.. hopefully it'll be done before zaes' special day...

p/s: since i donno how to do a polling bar, wat if you readers tell me in the comment box:
  • whether or not shud i hold a birthday party for a 1 year-old lil rascal?
  • or just ignore and pretended that i totally lupa about his birthday....?
(can trust ke excuses like these....haha.)

signing off now. later babettes!

zaes: mommey jgn buat2 lupa tau..!


Friday, August 08, 2008

08.08.08.. wah..

ok. as promised, the perhentian update with piccies... here u go...
(and not in order... nampak sangat malas tahap cipan)

i was snapping away masa ni,
dapat lak shot ni.. haha.

the arrival. kuala besut jetty.
muka tak mandi.. hahaha!

naik lori pegi chalet.. uhuhuu.. macam kambing.

jiran sebelah and i...

waddaya think...? ahaks..

woot! i made it to the deep sea... (yela tu..)

before the boat pegi tengah laut...
supposedly a trip to candat sotong la kan..

dah sampai tengah laut...

the aftermath... uweekkkk!
(last2 sotong tah ke mana.. maybe dia geli kot
sebab kitorg muntah baek punya)

while waiting for the boatman to bring us island hopping...

dat's zaes' hanky hanging kat my sunnies tu.. uhuuhuu..

bin laden on the loose.. hahaha..

bas bandar kat kuala terengganu...
but didn't get the chance to ride the bus tho..

the marines at another island. dorang tengah buat training
on how to handle hostages...

here's another one.. gila hardcore training dorang...

kat perhentian kecik with my other colleagues..
adala brader jual sata ni suruh promote sata dia..
oh. sata is terengganu's version of otak-otak
(fish with coconut katanya..)

my mobile went dead the moment sampai jeti. and to my surprise, ada power point kat situ so i took the opportunity to charged my mobile la la la... halo abdul wahub! hallllooooo!!

the trip was a good one despite the adventurous bus/boat rides we had. didn't buy much tho as i was too lazy to do so (sebenarnya dah perabih byk duit sbb makeup sale kan... haha) during the snorkelling trip lak, siap nampak baby shark lagi tu! seram gak la.. kang tetiba kena ngap.. tak pasal2 je kan.. but the mencandat trip was the most unforgettable moment for me.. bukan sebab 1st time nak mencandat, tapi 1st time i go wekkk! wekkk! kat tengah laut! imagine la kan.. the boat was slowing down bila sampai kat tengah laut tu.. dah la pitch dark masa tu.. only God knows how i felt ok! alhamdulillah tak jadi apa-apa yang tak best la kan.. only the muntah part yang letih sket.. masa pregnant pon i wasn't muntah-muntah like that tau.

oh. happy getting married to all yang took the opportunity to make 08.08.08 as their historical day
.. my best friend's sister, sara; my old skoolmates, siti rohani & nurida... may God bless your day and may you (& partner) live happily ever after...

alritey! will be back with more updates later. sekarang nak concentrate on the big event yang the company for women nak organise, this sunday.

and don't forget to drop by b's webbie & flickr page. dah update dah..