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Monday, May 31, 2010

imma rockstar makeup artist yo!

hi there people-who-just-click-on-my-link-from-thevvip's,

just so you know, yes, i offered makeup services, be it for your wedding day, engagement day or any occasions at all. and since i'm still working on a new blog which displays only my makeup skills and what not, please keep in touch via email at should you need to see my portfolio or to inquire about my fees.

meanwhile, please click here, here, here and here to view some folios.

special thanks to my cousin, thevvip for the special announcement made at her blog (walaupon mula-mula dia cerita pasal benda lain.. hahaha)!

oh yes! i'm allergic to taylor swift too. and justin bieber jugak! huwarrggghhhhhhh!
*type nama dorang pon dah naik bintik-bintik merah kat jari i ngahahaha..*


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

happy birthday lovelies!

hey baby, happy 31st birthday!
may Allah bless your journey in life, dunia and akhirat.
i'll always ❤ you, ☂ or ☀! *muacks*

and happy birthday to my cousin ati who shared the same date as incek suami. and this time i'd like to welcome her to club 30's - happening woo kelab ni!! hahaha.. :)

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ini baby ek ek la, bukan iron man...

zaes was excited to keluar jalan-jalan last week when his daddy told him that he wanted to get him an iron man figurine. oh yes, zaes has been very obsessed dengan mr tony stark aka iron man after he watched the iron man 2.

so, we went to toys r us at the empire shopping gallery sambil-sambil nak check out that new mall. eventho banyak kedai tak bukak lagi, tapi the place tu quite impressive la jugak. they have lots of tempat makan and of course, they have chili's there! so lepas ni takyah la susah-susah nak pegi as far as mid valley to satisfy our cravings for a bite of that oldtimer burger or b's favourite, the southwestern grilled lamb! tapi it wasn't open yet masa kitorang pegi tu so b was a lil frustrated when the signage says "opening on 26 may 2010" which conveniently falls on his birthday! *oh. terima kasih la encik chili's for giving the idea of where to celebrate his birthday.. closer to home pulak tu. haha..* ;p

lepas beli zaes punya iron man, we had our lunch kat kenny roger's and then singgah sunway pyramid sekejap sebab nak beli more of that tank top from cotton on kids yang harga cuma rm15 each since they look pretty neat on zaes. *yup! that black tank top, as seen in these photos.*

zaes & mr morrison the puppet monkey.
his current pet toy aka bantal busuk.

haa.. kan smart je pakai tank top!

nak baju koboi! nak baju koboi!
haha.. expression je macam tu but he actually wants...

... THIS! no wayyyy la kan! gila apa?? dah la besar gedabak, mahal pulak tu. rm179.90 satu. nanti daddy dia yang over kang..

"okay mommey.. ek ek amik yang ni je..."
good boy!

"can i get this sweater for mr tony stark?"

"mommey, i want this ball. arsenal only! no man u..."
hey, what about liverpool zaes? tsk. tsk.

let's play fotogedik with mommey!

this is the kid's corner @cotton on kids.
sampai-sampai je, zaes terus lepak kat situ.

eh? nak jadi iron man ke?

dah penat jalan, duduk dalam stroller. iron man kat tangan kanan, morrison kat tangan kiri. tapi pacifier jangan lupa.. tsk. tsk.

pastu, tertido with his 2 favourite toys..


Monday, May 24, 2010

cotton-on-kids-labeled fairies in wonderland.

it's been a while since i last blab about these adorable nieces of mine.

qistina is now turning 7 in few months' time and ya.. dia sudah besar sekarang! suka pergi sekolah (both normal and religious school) and very kakak-kakak type! dan suka melawan jugak, she rebels everytime her mom asked her to hang her school uniforms or made her eat lunch cepat-cepat (sebab tak nak lambat pergi sekolah kebangsaan). and she's also very good in her studies, i must say!

dania, the model type. just recently, the company for women was looking for girl model to be featured in our upcoming hari raya campaign, so i suggested dania & qistina. both caught my hod's attention but i chose dania instead sebab the shoot was on a monday and it's ok for dania to ponteng kindergarten and secondly sebab dania was more camera-friendly. she was so excited about it, she called me almost everyday before the shooting day. bila kena makeup by the makeup artist, lagi la sangat excited! she even demanded from the m.u.a to add here and there! very the diva!

and finally, myia sarah (bila turn dia mesti nak sebut nama penuh, donno why...), the manja type. very attached to her parents especially her mother. attention seeker jugak and dia tak boleh tengok if orang lain pegang something or makan or minum, mesti dia pon nak jugak. walaupun manja, she's a big bully! mungkin sebab badan dia lebih gebu and fleshy, gelaran big bully memang sesuai untuk dia! and most of the time, if she comes to our house and stays for few days, siaplah zaes jadi mangsa buli! hahaha.. what to do? eventho zaes is a boy, tapi sebab he's small maka terpaksa la dia menyerahkan apa sahaja in his possession whenever myia sarah is around... hehehe.. but she's the most adorable among all, tu tak boleh dinafikan.

but come september/october, all attention will be diverted sebab my sis#1 is currently (almost kot?) 6 months pregnant. and so, we shall see what happen then aite?

here are some recent piccas of the fairies, in cotton on kids from head-to-toe, wandering around at the newly opened empire shopping gallery, subang jaya.

myia sarah - mungkin dah kurus sikit la kot..

the 3 fairies with bills the bilis.
(omg, this is a rare sight!)

"what?? the boys are in town?"

"let's see if we could sprinkle some love here..."

"gotta take a break now.. ooo look at those bread.."

the model sisters.

"mummy says i can only model during school hols. gotta catch up on my studies now!"

"what about me then? i can do this face..."

"... and this, the double chin face..."

"owh.. this one too, the i-maybe-cute-but-don't-mess-with-me face!"
(these semi paparazzi-like images were captured by: bills the bilis)

they're my entertainers and rascals at the same time. ❤❤❤

p/s: should you have interest to hire them as talents/models (print, tvc, or whatever but NOT illegal ones ok!) please drop a comment with your contact details yah! ;)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

happy birthday azyze!

yesterday was her birthday but she took leave to have girlies day out with her sisters. so, tadi, we, the office makciks clan, celebrated her birthday @ kokopelli during lunch.

mestilah best! tapi birthday girl makan lite-lite je..
takpelah.. sopan budak ni. hehe..

here are some piccies:
(atau dalam erti kata lain, update jangan tak update!)

eh, wait! sebelom tu, baca doa makan dulu...

that was mister mama's voice, she scolded me sebab the camera ada flash.
dia takut mata zaes nanti rosak sebab tengok flash tu lama-lama...

tapi i takde dalam gambar sebab sibuk ambik gambar orang lain and teruja tengok my feveret drink, traffic(rm8.90) dalam tall glass. sebelom ni gelas dia pendek tapi gemok, so memang rasa macam tak habis-habis air tu.. tapi dah tukar rupa pon, perasaan tak habis-habis tu masih ada.. yay!

member of the office makciks clan, kak L with the birthday girl yang anonymous.. hehe.. (macam penjenayah la pulak kena pixelate kan muka.. lol)

another office makciks clan, kak N & kak R.

kak W enjoying traffic.
(jangan marah sebab i terpaksa declare kita office makciks clan.. hehe)

ni lah meal ordered by besday girl. beef soup noodles (rm10.90)
lebih sedap dari the one yang kat secret recipe! seriously!!

makanan diet versi kak N, potato skin with beef and cheese (rm 12.90)

cantonese yee mee (rm10.90) ordered by kak R. portion besar gila! sedap jugak!

french fries (rm6.90)...

... and chicken rissoles with sambal tomato (rm9.90) as side orders! yummeh!

l to r: fly me to the moon ordered by cik jiran sebelah, leaving on a jet plane kak N punya and come fly with me kak R punya. these mocktails berharga rm7.90 each.

caesar salad with roasted chic (rm20.90) ordered by kak L.

mine, the usual linguine seafood aglio olio (rm20.90)
lepas tu mata mula merah, tekak dan telinga tiba-tiba gatal. owh, i lupa i ni penghidap sinusitis yang chronic. bagus sangat la tu kan...

and kak W order her usual food too, beehoon hailam at rm10.90! pon best!

all wiped out!

huh! lepas tu termengah-mengah kat ofis. rasa nak tido pon ada ni, tu yang cepat-cepat update untuk segarkan mata... hmph. segar sangat laa..

once again, happy 28th (umur tak rahsia kan? :p) birthday babe! semoga apa yang dihajati akan tercapai tahun ini.. eh.. salah satu dah tercapai kan?

*hahahaha.. ok. ok.. ini lawak dalaman.
sorry babe! no hard feeling k? love ya!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


below are photos proof of what happened if you vow to yourself that you won't go out unnecessarily during weekend unless if terpaksa-keluar-beli-susu-untuk-zaes atau malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je when b wasn't in town.

ok. here goes...

the terpaksa-keluar-beli-susu-untuk-zaes photo exhibit #1
hypermarket dekat dengan rumah
(zaes! kan mommey dah suruh pegang tin susu...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #1
location: fullhouse concept cafe, sunway pyramid
(WHAT?? SUNWAY PYRAMID?? jauh melencong tu...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #2
("sama tak mommey?" referring to life-size figure at the back)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #3
(nice-looking drinking glass...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #4
(forest mushroom cream soup yang so-so...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #5
(mommey, amik gambar zaes dengan tok mama...)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #6
(oven-roasted chicken chop for mama. sedap jugak! tapi portion kecik..)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #7
(spaghetti carbonara for zaes & i.
we can't finish it sebab tak sedap langsung sebab tiba-tiba ada rasa manis! the one kat italiannies & alexis punya carbonara jugak yang best!)

the malas-nak-masak-lalu-lunch-out-je photo exhibit #8
(nasib baik dessert sedap. i don't know the name of this cake tho sebab it came with the lunch sets. the topping/cream has the blueberry yogurt taste to it

the kan-dah-kata-jangan-berpeleseran-nanti-habis-duit photo exhibit #1 & 2 - eh? ni bila masa pulak i mention benda ni... *sambil buat muka puzzled*
(oh damn! i wanted to get the makeup base from shu uemura for so long now, tapi bila dah masuk kedai tu, i know i couldn't resist few other things as well! nak pulak that boutique manager tu pandai je dia recommend itu ini, just for the sake nak cukupkan minimum amount of becoming a shu fanatic...)

the kan-dah-kata-jangan-berpeleseran-nanti-habis-duit photo exhibit #3
i am now a shu fanatic! one thing i like about being a shu fanatic, apart from the points collection everytime we purchase anything, you'd also get to enjoy a host of privileges and complimentary services upon becoming new member such as eye brow trimming x2 sessions, 1 to 1 discover makeup x2 sessions and make over service x2 sessions.. best tak best!!)

the kan-dah-kata-jangan-berpeleseran-nanti-habis-duit photo exhibit #4
(mula-mula nak beli makeup base je. tiba-tiba terbeli depsea water and cleansing oil tu jugak... argghh! double damn!!

the kan-dah-kata-jangan-berpeleseran-nanti-habis-duit photo exhibit #5
(nasib baik cik boutique manager bagi few freebies...

owh.. sebelum menghancurkan wallet kat shu uemura, i dropped by cotton on kids yang baru bukak kat sunway pyramid (i heart cotton on!) and got some t-shirts for zaes, 4 rm15's and 2 two for rm50 and a robot-graphic wall art stickers to decorate his play room. he totally enjoyed his shopping at cotton on kids because they have a corner when he can sit and watch some cartoons. sometimes, he even tried on some outfit by himself.. (actually memang susah nak tengok dia enjoy shopping for clothes sebab dia jenis yang cepat boring, but hari tu he's totally the opposite! i wonder why... hehe..) tapi lupa nak amik gambar la pulak.. :p

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