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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

according to din beramboi, i ni muka tak malu...

i'm totally down right now after i heard that my favourite comedian, din beramboi is in critical condition and was in induced coma. his internal organs have stop functioning and doctor gave him 24-48 hours to respond to medication. this was all due to rats pee virus aka leptospirosis. he might have caught this deadly virus during the shoot he was doing at the zoo negara days ago. the rats pee might have contaminate his food/drinks or his blood stream...

he is now under doctors' observation at the selayang hospital, the same hospital i went to last dec 5th 2009. and news had it that they need as much type O blood as possible for his recovery.


dear beloved readers, please pray for his speedy recovery insyaAllah....

i am so depressed right now... :(


Monday, March 29, 2010

congratulations kak emil!!!

remember this entry?

now that the winners have been announced, lemme tell you who the grand prize winner is! none other than my favourite kak emil from! yay!!

when i saw her status on fb few minutes ago, saying that she has won something, i quickly click on to her weblog and was excited to read this entry:

yassin looked so excited! well, of course la kena excited kan??
HIS MOM JUST WON A CAR YO! a peugeot 308 vti some more!

congrats again kak emil!! seemed that her rezeki is so murah and mencurah-curah tahun ni! during the monthly round pon, she won some other great monthly prizes and rupanya that was an indication that a bigger prize is on the way! alhamdulillah, all of her hard work was being recognised tremendously with this big win.

itu lah.. kan i dah cakap, kalau kak emil yang masuk contest ni, mesti sapu habis punya... hehehe..

congratulations again kak emil! woo hoo!
*sambil melompat-lompat dan bergolek-golek kat sofa kat lobi the company for women macam yassin buat masa dia datang jumpa i tahun lepas tu.. hehe..*


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

all of a sudden...

i'd like to express my condolences to cik jiran sebelah & family for the loss of their beloved cousin/nephew (who is the same age as she is), yesterday. Allah loves him more and may his soul rest in peace. amin. alfatihah...

anyway, sebenarnya, i tak tau nak bebel apa ni. kerja ofis tak pernah surut, ni pon tengah take a break kejap from my campaign job. and yang ada kat department ni sekarang cuma kak r & i je. cik jiran sebelah took the emergency leave sebab nak pergi funeral cousin dia tu (tiba-tiba teringat kat arwah alfy...) and the rest, dah selamat balik. thought of leaving after solat maghrib. hmm.. tengoklah macamana... (as i typed this, it's almost 7.45pm..)

i'm not in a good mood these few days. probably the hormone kicks in. there are a lot of issues linger on my mind now.

hmmm.. laundry weekend ahead! baju menimbun tak tau la if i can survive basuh baju tu nanti. mesti 4 or 5 loads tu... and a visit to ranjit is a must! and chico, the hairstylist. yes, i'm gonna cut my hair soon! very soon! sebab dah tak larat nak jaga. at times, rupa gua dah macam orang hilang akal dah!
and i MUST bring zaes out this saturday! MESTI!

this was taken couple of months ago. i had to brought him to the office this one saturday sebab nak siapkan kerja. he fell asleep on my lap (i was doing my work masa tu) and when i'm almost done, i carefully placed him on the chair and snapped this. then, i carried him all the way to the car right after that. and he was still asleep. penat betol tunggu mommey siapkan kerja yeh... :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

more buns in the oven...

agaknya musim mengawan kot tahun ni.

news had it that sis#2 is pregnant too. she just found out about it on friday. itupon when i asked her on thursday about her best friend, only then she realised that it has been absent for a week. aiseh.. blur sungguh.. oh. lupa. orang baru memang camtu. heh.

so, this year, again, mister mama & mister papa will be receiving another double of bundle of joy! insyaAllah, sis#1 will be delivering her 4th somewhere in late sept/early oct and sis#2, somewhere in nov.

i am so happy for her and i hope she'll get through it smoothly.

happy monday everyone! (no matter how bad your weekends were...)

Friday, March 19, 2010

entry untuk si pemakan kuey teow tegar.

eh, kejap...
gambar ni khas untuk cik jiran sebelah.






















cencaru sumbat dengan pak choy oyster bertauhu.
tapi kena makan dengan nasi la babe! baru smackelicious!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

another bun in the oven... but not mine! heh.

received a very surprising but great news this morning via email.
it was from my best buddy, ika.

she happily announced that she's 12 weeks pregnant, for the second time after giving birth to lil ayra approximately 7months ago! i was so happy when i read the email!

so, yes puan naga yang berada di sanun! our lil petite friend is pregnant again! same case la korang berdua ni, waiting for few years to get the 1st, and bila dah dapat, cannot stop, dapat sorang lagi! alhamdulillah.. and insyaAllah, Allah will listen to your prayers (to have a boy pulak this time yeh ika)!

inilah lil ayra zafreen, si pipi labuh yang akan jadi big sis this coming september!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

yes i've gotta have faith...

oh oh oh...
seems that he has made up his mind.

comes july, the challenge will take charge.

do you think i could face it?
do you think i could get through it?

because i can be weak at times you know.

ya Allah, i need to be strong.

*have faith*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what say you?

yesterday, si razif tu posted something kat fb status dia. so, when i saw the response, i was like, "hmm why not i do the same?" so, i posted the same thing kat my fb status and continued with my work. few hours after that, when i opened my fb account, tuuu diaaa.. bukan main lagi comments kat current status tu.. and most of them were all true!

ok, since i don't have any ideas on what to blog about, meh le kita layan benda ni.. hahaha.. and if you have anything you'd like to add on, by all means, please do.

the task:
"If you are reading this, whether we do or don't speak often, please post a comment of the 1st memory you have of me that pops into your head. When you have finished, post this paragraph on your own status; you'll be surprised what people remember about you!"

and the responses were: (please click on the image to read them. sila buat-buat faham & gelak jika mahu!)

you guys really made me smile! (and gelak besar!! LOL)

Friday, March 12, 2010

bits and pieces...


hahahaa.. been busy these few days... hahaha.. what's new eh?

update: dils' wedding invitation masih dalam proses mencapai persetujuan untuk menentukan kulit muka depan kad. ilustrasi yang dijanjikan oleh kawan dia telah menemui jalan buntu aka orang tu tak buat la kot. tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu.. satu garisan ilustrasi tak kunjung tiba. dils sangat frust. oh. tekanan yang hebat pada gua sekarang. haha.

anyway, kerja di office masih banyak macam biasa. i mean, macam luar biasa. well, takpelah. kerjalah selagi terdaya.

this week alone, i've been in and out of the studio untuk shoot, twice. selasa was the quarterly lingerie shoot (nope. i'm not that lingerie model..) and yesterday was the campaignly celeb shoot. siapa? biarlah rahsia. haha. eh.. ada kaitan pula. eh.. hahaha.

so, pagi ni bila masuk office je, incek boss terus menyuarakan hasrat untuk mengadakan sesi evaluation. sejurus selepas dia berkata begitu, terus rasa macam bukan sahaja butterfly, malah gajah, monyet serta siput babi bergomol sesama sendiri dalam perut i. ok. tipu. i was exaggerating. tapi ada sedikit gundah gulana la jugak.

so, an hour passed, i reminded him of the session and we discussed behind closed door. tak payah la nak reveal apa yang dibincangkan. walau ada berita baik, masih juga dia selitkan dengan kata-kata sentap. masa tu, memang dah malas nak pikir dah, lantas terus je gua sign evaluation paper tu and keluar. ada rezeki adalah...

i've been working for almost 9 years now. 3 years plus from the previous employer and 5 years with the current company. itu tak campur masa buat part time during school holidays, while waiting for spm result and during semester hols masa kat university dulu. after 5 years kat sini, masih pegang jawatan yang sama, level yang sama. sampai kadang-kadang tu rasa malu jugak with my friends, yang most of them tu, maybe dah secure with better position in company and better salary la kan. ~sigh~ nak mengeluh pon tak baik, tapi itu lah...

ok. let's forget about that as i don't really like to talk about office matters here.

moving on, sis#1 is now pregnant for the 4th time and i'm sure that she's hoping for a boy this time as she's blessed with 3 beautiful girls sebelum ni. of course, i'd pray for her wish to come true and nanti zaes boleh tubuhkan his own fight club.. haha. yelah.. nak bergaduh dengan his cousin sister memanglah sangat tak sesuai, silap-silap memang selamatlah zaes kena teruk dengan the girls. haha. yup. it's always the other way round, especially budak gemok-lengan-gempal si myia sarah. dia memang big bully.. but nonetheless, she's still the apple of my eyes.

oh, as for me, insyaAllah, God's will, if Dia nak bagi rezeki, i'll accept with open arm. hmmm.. ramai jugak my friends yang pregnant this year............... tiba-tiba tukar topik! hahaha..

gambar masa wedding dinner my dear friend last weekend masih tak dapat nak tengok lagi. but i can't wait for this sunday's kenduri. another dear friend is getting hitched! alhamdulillah...

take care peeps and happy weekend!

kesian kat budak gemok polkadot yang paling kanan tuu sebab tak lama lagi dia dah nak jadi kakak dah... no matter what, auntie ♥s you, myia sarah!
pic was taken during uncle mus' (grey shirt) bday celebration.

Monday, March 08, 2010

congratulations babes!

hey hey hey.
it's official now. 3 of my sisters were all engaged before they got married.
yup. except me. i didn't hold any engagement ceremony before i got married. instead, i nikah terus. so, i tak pernah merasa perasaan menjadi tunangan orang. heh.

during my time, maybe financial factor yang buatkan i malas nak buat majlis kot.... ermm well. maybe partly yes, and maybe i was just too malas to do the engagement thingey. entah. for me, bertunang or not, it is still the same. time tak bertunang pon gaduh, dah bertunang pon gaduh. dah kawen.. lagi laaaa... hahahaha...

anyway, congratulations to my baby sis, bills the bilis, for taking the first step to marriage life. she is now officially, someone's fiance. sekarang pergi mana-mana kena pakai cincin tunang ok. hehe.

and congratulations to my dear friend, sweetha aka mrs. pravind! attended her wedding dinner same saturday (at nite) and i was surprised to see another friend, jacinta, who is now 3 months pregnant, after 2 years of marriage. so happy for her as well! tapi, i lagi terkejut bila terjumpa dengan another gf, yang dah lama hilang without any news.. none other than syakira! she came with her brother. she looked scrawny and almost takde isi like last time, but at the same time, i was relieved to see that she's well and doing fine. must be the hard work yang makan isi-isi dia la tu kot.. :)

and here are few pics from bills the bilis event. i shall upload the ones from sweetha's dinner soonest k?

bills the bilis engagement dress was designed by the same designer yang design my baju. and yup, he only managed to do 1 fitting for bills the bilis and came to deliver the dress the nite before the event... boleh ke? ~sigh~

makeup & styling by yours truly. *ehem if you're interested, please inquire within. ehem.*
thankyouverymuch! :p

photos were taken by bills the bilis' friend (who shared the same 2 1st names as bills the bilis), ikurh wafa. subhikarimdotcom was out for wedding assignments the whole weekend. dia balik rumah pon buat pit stop je. haha.

by the way, happy international women's day to all my babes! ♥♥♥

the lord of the sireh ring.

the chocolate hantaran.

si pembawa dulang. hahaha..
(bersungguh-sungguh dorang berdoa)

makeup time!

my lil assistant... haha. no. actually he was being clingy. it happened only bila orang tengah busy with something. geram!

baju designer yang susah nak pakai.
(you can tell from my kerut face)

paling susah, hairdo! haha..

little miss photographer.

my nikah shawl, saviour of the day!

bertungkus lumus...

bills the bilis and her gurlfriends...

berangan betul dia ni...

with the family...

the self-made hantarans.
a joint-venture by bills the bilis and my auntie and sisters.

the outdoor photo session.

oh, my... she's a big girl now...

Friday, March 05, 2010

yellapatiyellek betul laaaa...

yellapatiyellek tu adalah:

ayat yang dipetik dari cerita pramlee, "keluarga 69" masa pramlee tengah keluarkan nombor dari bekas macam botol tu, masa tu dia nak jerit nombor.. macam main bingo tu laa..

... of which i don't even know what does it mean tapi sebab bunyi macam perkataan tamil, so, i use this word untuk kes dera sampai mati yang seterusnya: 18 months old indian boy was stepped to death by his ex-babysitter's husband.

yenadeyyyy! lu takde keja ke wey?? dia budak kicik la!! lu takde otak ke hah????

blardy psycho punya pendera! lu takde anak sendiri pastu nak envy kat family orang lain pulak..? if lu ada anak sendiri lu sanggup ke buat camtu oi???

arrrggghhhhhhh!!! this is so devastating!!!

may God blessed this little boy soul. *cry silently*
to read further, please click here.

what a way to spoil my friday... ~sigh~

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

on another note...

so, dah penat muntah darah tengok gambar-gambar fotogediks? haha.
sorry if korang tak suka.

another 2 more events coming up this weekend. sooooo looking forward to it sebab my lil sis is getting engaged and a good friend is holding her wedding dinner at the holiday villa subang jaya. same saturday, satu lepas zohor, satu lepas maghrib. very tight weekend!

and then, the next sunday, another friend is getting hitch. that one dekat kelab darul ehsan, taman tar, ampang. can't wait cindy, yo! :p

i'm so happy for these 3 important people in my life. may Allah bless them always.

on a sad note, my best friend's dad passed away peacefully last friday morning (on maulidur rasul) due to cancer. his father was a well-known circa 1970-1990 RTM newscaster, dato' chek hashim embi. when i was little, i remembered watching him reading the news over RTM1 and would compared him with my uncle, whose face looked almost the same as arwah. when i entered the university, i became his son's (razif) friend but knew that arwah was razif's dad only in our 2nd year!

this is razif. and his 4months old baby boy, zarif.

after we finished our final year project, we (b, dbab, amir, chombi and myself together with razif) went on a vacation to razif's house in kuantan. that was when i met arwah dato' and datin/auntie mahani personally. they were very sporting, warm and humorous! a loving couple too...

...... anyway....

to razif and family, Allah loves him more and our deepest condolences for the demise of your beloved dad. may Allah bless his soul and ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman.. insyaAllah.

alfatihah to allahyarham dato' chek hashim embi.

Monday, March 01, 2010


and no. i'm not talking about this lovely lil girl here.
this is syafiah humairah. she was only 3 years old.
but she was brutally hurt to death by an evil. bloody pathetic evil bastard!

read the full story here. i am too distraught to elaborate more. i can't imagine, someone who's the same age as my lil zaes (she's older by few months), being treated like a football; she was kicked and stepped like nobody's business.

may Allah blessed her beautiful soul. alfatihah...

and to that pathetic bastard, have a great life in hell, bloody hell!

tak payah nak menangis la.. nasik dah jadi bubur.
i don't want to judge you but you suck too!