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Thursday, May 24, 2007

ode to liverpool!

they lost to ac milan this morning.. a mere 2-1 result that cud've end up a tie that shud've brought them back to the 2005 final. but deja vu won't happen this time around...

i wasted my gud nite sleep to watch this game and at the same time can feel my baby kicking hastily.. marah la kot sbb kacau dia tgh tido jugak kot.. hahaha.. but the kops ended up losing to the they-don't-deserve-to-win-team, ac milan. i mean, they played well but not as good as the reds, with lotsa opportunity missed by capn' stevie g and his allies.

i must say that the referee pon agak bias and suka hati dia je nak bagi yellow card when clearly la carragher tak buat apa2 pon...

i can feel their disappointment in the quest to prove to the world, specifically to the other shithead teams in epl like.. you-know-who.. that they are not a small and weak team... but even so, they had played well and deserve to be credited ok! at least we all know that liverpool is among the best of the best in the european circle.

some might say that they'll never walk again, but the hell with them cause they'll never walk alone and will come back stronger next season!

i salute you lah liverpool!

my favourite kop of the month, mr. jermaine pennant. he rocks!

owh.. btw, pregnancy's good. getting exhausted everyday but still enjoying it every minute.
i officially gained a whopping 10kg (when i last went for my monthly check-up) from my original weight and a lil worried as my tummy baru 6 months masa tu... whereas my other colleagues yg penah pregnant cite they gained only in between 10-12kg je thruout pregnancy....

oh! oh! this is a good one...
come saturday, may 26th, when i'm 27 weeks pregnant, b is reaching his 28th year of living on earth.. best kan...? koool! i don't have any idea of what to get for him as a gift... baru beli kad je utk dia. and my expectant mom-cousin ati pon is celebrating her 27th birthday on the same day... happy birthday to the both of you mom and dad-t0-be... =D

i shall stop. keja! keja!


Friday, May 18, 2007

most anticipated wedding of the decade!

today's post is specially dedicated to the royal couple of the decade, The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, and his strikingly resplendent looking beloved wife, Zara Salim Davidson.

the ceremony was held yesterday and it was a simple, humble yet
nonetheless steeped in Perak royal custom wedding.

i am so proud that i'm part of the perak people (both my mom and dad were hailed from perak, that is.. =D) with his royal highness humbleness, i'm sure the royal couple will be blessed by the Almighty till the final days of their lives.



Friday, May 04, 2007

it's official!

i told you! it's gonna be liverpool vs ac milan again for the champions league 2007 finale...
tula.. degil. konfiden sangat man united is playing in final.. in my dream laaa!!! HAH!

i was enlightened by the fact that manchester united and chelsea didn't have the chance to play the finals. yelaa.. they claimed that they are the better team, deserved to be the champ and that liverpool is a weak and no quality, tapi bole cakap je laa.. c'mon.. prove it, FOR ONCE!

whatever it is, m really looking forward for it and i do hope the reds would still hold on to their spirit and passion and determination to win, no matter how huge their opponent is! i mean, yup.. ac milan is a great team, but m sure liverpool could give a good fight like they did back in 2005.

and of course ac milan is looking for a revenge cuz they can still feel the pain from their past damage. and it's gonna be one helluva game, i bet!

good luck to both teams ok!

btw, pregnancy has been so far so good... today is my 24th week already. i think i'm happy to have to carry this bloated tummy. seriously. maybe penat sket laa.. the other day, i went for the anomaly scan.. alhamdullillah.. all's well and normal. masa scan tu, my baby moved actively and i got to see h** nose and mouth. haha.. the feeling was.. i don't know! it was amazing actually.. knowing that insyaAllah, God's will, i got to see h** face in few months time. and rite now, i'm still thinking what to name the h**... takde idea laa...

oh.. jez finished my presentation for the latest brochure. sume ok la.. thank God! dat's why i got time to write.. and i'm going back in 3 minutes time. yay!

oh.. terlupa lak.. congrats to a colleague of mine, watie for her marriage last week! here's a peek of si boyot.... =D

si boyot, seen here with other colleagues:
from right, els, ac, ting tong and jimbo's lovely wife, sabrine.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

athens, here they come! woohoo!

hey. jez a quick one..

heartiest congratulations to the kops for making it to the final of champions league 2007... again for the 2nd time in 3 consecutive seasons and 7th in uefa champs league history! winning on penalty kicks were really sumthin' after the equalizer by agger in minute 22 (chelsea scored in the 1st leg earlier last week @stamford bridge), as they showed passion and determination to play in the final. and we shall find out who's the other team, tomorrow morning and i am hoping for the 2005 final replay, when the merseysiders played off ac milan in a miracle win over them italians. sorry! m no MU fan y'all...

pepe reina was the hero of the nite, dudes!

seeing the sight of the dejected-but-handsome face of jose mourinho was the best thing ever this morning. berlagak sangat! still in denial, he insisted that his team deserved to be in the finals and claiming that they were the better team!oww... come on mr. mour.. football is round! hey, liverpool gave a pretty good fight too when it comes to euro challenges ok!! bongok la ko. nasib hensem... =p

so.. come may 23rd, 2007 athens will be splashed with the reds fan... can't wait!

oh, and i shall i update my pregnancy progress in few days time, ye.
sekarang tgh byk keja la kat ofis. in fact i've been werking my brain off in weekends and few public hols like today... sigh!