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Friday, December 31, 2004

goodbye 2004...

let us strive for the best this coming 2005.

leave the past behind and let's start a new chapter.

another unexpected year coming your way. do your bit by doing whatever necessary and think of your loved ones. it's time for all of us to stay unite and appreciate every single seconds in our life.

welcome 2005.


tsunami survivor in sri lanka.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

tsunami and new year.

hi. nothing much i can write today 'cept that the death tolls for the tsunami disaster have reach a shocking 100,000 peeps, 4 days after it occured. kat acheh alone, dah almost 50,000 yg mati. well.. it was sad to hear. kat malaysia pon.. eventho sikit je.. but still... sekolah pon dah nak bukak.. kesian kat budak2 tu.. their school stuff all damage, baru beli pulak tu! they suffered big time lost, man...

so, when our beloved pm, pak lah announced the cancellation of new year's celebration ystrdy on television, i support his notion all the way! it's the best decision ever and i think what we can do instead is, perform the solat hajat or hold a kenduri doa selamat for the nation's safety and victims & their family as well.

speaking of which, my family has decided to mellow down our celebration on new year's eve by having some doa selamat and small kenduri, in order to respect the unfortunate ones... the least we can do, eh?

to all you guys out there, jez do whatever you think necessary and no matter what, we're all human and jez about anything can happen to us. maybe today is not our day, but it's the thought that matters.


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

happy birthdays!

i would like to dedicate today's entry to my youngest sister, nabilla for this is the day she turns 19.

happy 19th birthday, dear sis! may Allah bless you and the peeps around you!
have a great birthday of all time before you turn to the big 20, next year.

still studying in muadzam shah, doing finance to be exact, she's a one helluva-pain-in-the-ass, if you must ask! i mean.. she came into my life after six years of having fun as the youngest in the sibling, wrecking up my whole life when i have to share the room with her and whole loads of other stuff that you can't imagine her doing!

everything is about her nowadays...
"eh.. billa needs money for her apartment's rental..."
"eh, billa takde duit belanja..."
"eh, billa nak beli buku.."
"eh.. billa nak top MNG.."


look at her.. sheesh..

there were times that we can't even face each other and there were times we were so close to each other. being the youngest, she has all the freedom in the world! she even takes control on what to eat for dinner the day she comes back from muadzam. enuff said!

but being me, the best sister in the whole wide world, nabilla is my best buddy and also enemy. i can still remember bringing her along to hang out with my friends during varsity years, till wee hours. lepaking at mamak or my friend's jamming studio and they all love her to the bone.. including my best friend in uitm, sabariah aka dbab, who happens to share her birthday with nabilla... oh, yeah.. i almost forgot.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO, DBAB!

dat's dbab, in the middle. this oh-so-old pic was taken way back to the year of 2000.

so.. that's a bits and pieces of nabilla, my ever adorable heart-breaker of all time (according to my other best guy buddy..).
believe me.. being a heart-breaker, i know she didn't mean it..

oklah.. if you read this, sis.. HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY TO YOU! you know i love you.
this is jez a formality of seeing the nasty side of your sister, condemning you.

happy, happy! joy, joy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

23,000 and counting...

today, i would like to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to all the victims of the tsunami catastrophe and their family members, in all affected area in asia. yes, it was a shock to hear it happened in malaysia, but the world is coming to an end and that is one of His promise to His ummah, a sign for The Day.

as one of His humble ummah, i felt sorry and small.


Monday, December 27, 2004

done and over with.

i need not say any further. full stop.

made my decision and i chose to leave and open a new chapter in my life.
i passed the letter and cc's to the right person.

so, i'm counting my days here in JDA.

i've received mixed reaction on my decision. some peeps are happy with it and see it as my opportunity to build up my career in order to become someone whom i always wanted to be.

some are not.. in a negative way. heck.. the hell with them. it's my life and i'm gonna live with it.

i'm moving on to the next chapter in my life, soon.
and i'm hoping it'll be more exciting and at the same time, promising than anything i could ever wish for.

i thank Allah for making things easy for me.
thanks a lot.

Friday, December 24, 2004

little wing left in the middle: part II.

@approximately 14:13 this afternoon, i took a deep breath, reciting Qursi silently and finally made my way to his office. i brought along some visuals on my right hand, and the letter on the other. in his office, i could see that he was busy typing, on his titanium powerbook.

'hi, dato.. i'd like to show the marketing folder's cover visuals..'
as i handed over the printed A3 papers.
he looked at it thoroughly.

"you still want to use this colour, eh? why orange? same goes with the presentation jez now....."
and bla. bla. bla...

"ok. good job." he remarked and focused back to his powerbook.
i looked at him once again, and was about to leave the room..

'er, dato. there's one more thing.. i'm tendering my resignation and here's the letter.'
my oh my.. was i nervous. he looked right at my face.

"why?" and bla. bla. bla.. with some advice in between.

to my surprise, he rejected my letter. i don't know whether he was just trying to be nice or what but he wanted me to thought about it over the weekend (sounds familiar ain't it?!) and that he saw my potentials, growing with this firm (and why do i keep on hearing these stuff about me being the next advertising icon? why?!) and that he really appreciates new blood like me and all that bull!

i'm not pissed or anything, but i think this is the right time for me to actually broaden my horizon and expand my advertising knowledge by venturing out to new environment or else i'd be stuck here forever with the same peeps and attitude.

"take that away and give it a thought over the weekend.." (macamla surat tu ada anthrax or something!)

so.. i took the letter and left.

there goes me.. down the drain.
why am i so fcuking weak?


little wing left in the middle.

didn't turn in the letter as expected. he was absent yesterday.
but he's in today. he's in a good mood during our brainstorming session on the NORTHPORT campaign we're doing now.
and he even complimented me on one of my ideas for the ad series.
brilliant. jez great.

i don't have the heart to ruin his mood. i jez don't.
after all he's a fine old man. very nice indeed.

i jez don't...

oh, well..
not that i celebrate christmas but merry christmas y'all.

merry christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

guilty feet has got no rhythm.

went to you-know-where, yesterday. and it's official. i'm leaving this place where i'm sitting now, in a month's time.
i took the offer @avon and may Allah bless my doings.

there're mixed feelings inside me. nervous, afraid and happy at the same time. and sometimes i've got goosebumps too. i donno why but somehow i feel sad to leave this design firm i've been working for the past 3 yrs and 3 mths, right after my graduation pulak tu. 1st job kan.. i know i'm gonna miss certain people here in JDA. and i'm gonna miss lots of things happening in kl as well.

there'll be no more
"eh.. jom lunch kat sungei wang.."
"i'm going to klcc after office. ada sesapa nak join?"
"lot 10 ari ni sale.. MNG mesti ramai org.."

and i'll be saying this in the near future
"those were the days laa.."

but, come to think of it, it's my future we're talking about, eh?

i think i'm about to make a mistake..

well.. wat happen was.. this colleague of mine, eda made me think again about my decision. she suddenly reminded me of that o&m guy i was supposed to called some few weeks back. you see.. even b4 i went for these interviews, i was referred to him by my cousin for a vacancy there @o&m (that's ogilvy & mathers advertising).

i did call him some time ago. he's a senior malay copywriter @o&m. he knew that i'm creative design base but at the same time i said to him that i'm interested in copywriting as well. so, he offered me to do a freelance job @o&m for a duration of 2 weeks while he's away to perform the haj next mth. and at the same time.. i kinda put my current job at stake when i agree to it. that guy pon ckp, when he's back from mecca, he'll review my job and see wat happen from there, la.. don't quit my current job jez yet.. well.. i agreed to it sbb i can always ask for 10days leave kat JDA. tu utk next year laa..

so, as days passed me by, i was thinking dat i can't do this to my career.. yela.. kata org tua2, yg dikejar tak dpt, yg dikendong berciciran... nnt jadi mcm anjing dgn bayang2.. dat's y i jez went to those interviews and finally got my hands on avon.

and now since, thanx to eda, brought up this matter.. i kinda gv myself a 2nd thought..

so.. i gave that guy a call.. and i kinda agree to meet him up next week @o&m.

btw, i'm turning in my resignation letter today...

oh, God bless me!

do i look like a confused person?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

klcc & my nasi goreng kampung...

i am having my nasi goreng kampung lunch while typing this. damn good la! this makcik from the 5th floor of menara promet make a sure-fire nasi goreng kampung, the best i've ever tasted! after ordering my nasi an hour and a half earlier, as i took the elevator up.. i suddenly realised... i'm gonna missed her nasi goreng and all her other goreng2 stuff.. in like 2 months time.. why? bcuz i decided to unofficially take the offer finally ... hmmm..

that person from dat agency in d'sara intan called me up ystrdy.. well.. she's offering me the job. but i hv to come over this thursday.. to discuss the salary.... salary? waddaya mean discuss the salary?! i asked for a small sum of salary and she wanted to negotiate? ello!! sheesh.. teruk laa... i mean.. how low can u go compared to the figure i expected? bangang la dorg ni.. well.. eventho' i'm pissed.. but for the time being, i agree to come for the negotiation while waiting for the other party to officially offers the job to me.. and dat wud be b4 thursday.... i supposed? i hope so..

wat took them so long, anyway..?


Monday, December 20, 2004


weekends over and they were totally weak!
to my dismay, i went thru few bad moments with b and i didn't even think about the job being offered to me. sad!

as my aunt said to me ystrdy..
"so.. weekend je awak perintah berkurung la, eh?"

perintah berkurung. yela.. my sister yang beranak, aku pulak yg kena buat keja.
is that normal or it ain't? you tell them la!

i was helping out my ma with all the house chores.. and that includes cooking, ait! cooked some cencaru sumbat and ikan kurau kering and it didn't disappoint (at least) me at all.. boley la makan..

not jez that, i also helped babysat qis, and my! was she a handful of misery!? but, 'ts ok cuz i kinda enjoying it. after all, she's smart. i like taking care of smart babies.. they're jez a wee bit naughty and i still can cope. she needs the attention anyway cuz her mother's went to the lil baby sister of hers, dania..

"mariessa nak ribena..."
"tutup langsir tu boleh tak?"
"muharra.. amik makanan dia ni naik atas..!"
"bawak baby naik atas.."

those lines make their comeback after 2 yrs! (the 1st one was when she gave birth to qis) and this time around, i was the only one yg boleh diharap kat rumah tu. billa is already in muadzam shah and i doubt it she'd willingly help out if she's around bcuz she's a brat! (sorry sis, but it's true to the skin!;-p) lulu pulak.. she's on night shift mode every single day and it's either she's werking or out having fun! she ain't a brat. it's who she really is! and who am i to complain?

but somehow, i think, i kinda enjoyed it sbb that helps me to experience lots of things in life. and maybe later, i'm prepared to do this and that if need be. it looks like i'm complaining but actually i'm not.. i'm enjoying it!

as for today, nothing much happen and the progress meeting went on quickly and everyone came out unhurt.
so.. cheers to everyone.

and it's only good for a short period of time.

Friday, December 17, 2004

choosing a door...

those interviews, the new arrival of a member of the clan, some financial crisis and some conflicts occured in the office and also back at home, somehow complete my hectic 53rd week of the year 2004! i am all burnt out!

my interview went on.. jez ok la.. nuthing much i could conclude here. yeah.. i do hope i'll get any one of the job. only God knows.. leave it to Him.

susah sangat ke nak dapat keja baru ni? u might ask..

well.. it depends! in my case.. i hv to really work my brain out to get these peeps hire me bcuz in my line of work.. it ain't simple! i gotta hv strong portfolios (a compilation of my art works in my current firm i'm working with), pleasant persona (keep 'em coming..), confidence and of course, communication skills... READ: good command of english! they look at these qualities before they want to hire you, ok?!

the CD of avon wants me to really, really think about it before he decides to give me the job. i hv the whole weekend to actually sit and think.. is this what i want? yela.. ACCORDING TO (the Creative Director of avon), i got what it takes in the advertising world. i have the vibes, the aura, the eagerness to explore more in advertising and ambitious. i can't get enough of one thing and would go to the limit in order to bring the best out of me! ALL THAT.. is according to him.. bukan nak puji diri sendiri tau.. ;-p

but... BUT.. he said it's a waste if i land myself in avon.. cuz he's afraid that i might get tired and bored with the only client i'd be handling.. that is AVON! doing the same beauty products, intimate lines and household gadgets over and over again, everyday, till the day i die!

hmm... i hv what it takes but he's not pretty sure whether i'm fit to stay in avon for at least a year or 2 or not, due to the unvariety of client i'd be working with....? is that it?

i mean.. i wanted to get out of this place so bad that i would take whatever opportunities coming my way. but then again.. is that what i really want? is that it?

THAT.. i have to ask myself...

and i don't think i hv the answer to it, right now...

have a great weekend ahead, folks...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

dead and bloated...

.ribuan hari aku menunggumu
.jutaan lagu tercipta untukmu
.apakah kau akan terus begini
.masih adakah cela dihatimu
.yang masih bisa aku tuk singgahi
.cobalah aku kapan engkau mahu

.tahukah lagu yang kau suka
.tahukah bintang yang kau sapa
.tahukah rumah yang kau tuju
.itu aku...

.tahukah lagu yang kau suka
.tahukah bintang yang kau sapa
.tahukah rumah yang kau tuju
.itu aku...

.coba keluar di malam badai
.nyanyikan lagu yang kau suka
.bakar kesejukan yang kau rasa
.coba keluar diterik siang
.ingatlah bintang yang kau sapa
.bakar kehangatan yang kau rasa

.tahukah lagu yang kau suka
.tahukah bintang yang kau sapa
.tahukah rumah yang kau tuju
.itu aku...

.tahukah lagu yang kau suka
.tahukah bintang yang kau sapa
.tahukah rumah yang kau tuju
.itu aku...

.percayalah itu aku...
.percayalah itu aku...

above, is the lyrics from the song 'itu aku...' by sheila on 7, one of my favourite indonesian bands. for those who haven't listen to that particular song, please do cuz it has the most wonderful melody and the lyrics are so damn poetic in its own way. for a band like sheila on 7, it's quite amazing sbb the writer, eross chandra (the lead guitarist), is only 20-something, but can come up with something as beautiful as 'itu aku...'

anyway... i'm due for a 2nd interview with avon tomorrow morning. shucks! another lame excuse to finish off my annual leave yg dah tinggal half a day pon... whatever...

butterflies would only start to fill my stomach tomorrow morning. wish i could get it done and over with.. like.. now?!

too ambitious, like to be recognised and can't accept negative feedbacks.
am i all that?


this is the much awaited baby sister of qistina, puteri aishah dania.
chubby eh?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

i'm a lost soul swimming in the fish bowl.

another life was born and it was of my sis'. she delivered a healthy 3.98kg baby girl @ 08.27 am ystrdy - december 13th, 2004 - 1 zulkaedah 1425h @sjmc. so.. another pricess in her life and ours too.

i was all exhausted and tired the entire day, yesterday. and that wud be because i rushed like mad to one scene and another for my 2 bloody interviews! i was mad because that bloody MD of the advertising co in damansara intan was fcuking late for the interview! my interview was supposed to be conducted @2.30pm and i was there 15 mins earlier. her secretary told me that her MD wud be 20 mins late due to the appointment she had earlier on, which she ended up having lunch with the client. 20 minutes and 3 candidates (we were all waiting at the so-called conference table) later, there was still no sign of her!

3.30pm, i walked up to the sec's table.
ermm.. hey, miss secretary.. may i know where is she at this moment?
"oh.. i jez called her. she was about to leave the place. are u in a hurry?"


oh, yeah. my sister is giving birth.. (eh..? hehehehh..) i said that i'm gonna be there @4.
"oh.. in that case, i'll reschedule ur interview to another day.."
oh.. no please! i don't hvanymore annual leave. i can come back later this evening.. say 5?
"oh.. u can? ok... i'll let u know if she's ok with it.."
ok.. thx! i'm so sorry but i really hv to go.
"ok.. sure. no problem.."

i drove the car as fast as i could. dahla i brought along my aunt and cousin, cuz i thought the interview would be a quick one and after that we cud all go to the hospital to visit my sis' newborn darling. i was apologising all the way to avon... tu la.. sapa suruh gatal ajak?

i reached avon 10 to 4. i was 1st interviewed by the HR manager and then i was brought to another floor to meet the AD, the guy who interviewed me 3 yrs ago. and the interview lasted for a long 2 and half wasted hours! the other agency kept on calling and i kinda postponed the time to 7 and luckily she's ok with it!

so, after much apologies to my aunt and cousin, i reached the agency by 6.55pm. sampai sana je, they were having meeting and she made me wait for another 15 mins or so! gila la dorg ni! i was so pissed at that moment, rasa mcm nak commit suicide je for torturing myself with all these interviews!

the interview went fine eventho muka MD tu mcm tertelan biji durian je.. tah ape yg nak marah tah?!! it's not my fault that i hv to come back, aite! mampusla! i cudn't care less!

so... i walked back to the car, feeling extremely exhausted and dizzy! laa.. patutla.. tak makan dr pagi! that's the thing with me.. if i'm nervous or hv some urgent things to be done.. i forgot about my empty stomach sampai la everything is settled!

so, went to damansara perdana to picked b up and had dinner with him, aunt n cousin!

to cousin safura and aunty yayah.. THANKS A MILLION for accompanying me to the interviews and put up with the patience! nnt saya belanja la if dapat keja baru tu.. insyaAllah.. kalau tak dpt pon, ada duit lebih saya belanja.. ok? ;-P

to b, thx for the car! sorry sbb habiskan petrol almost quater tank and sorry bout what happened yesterday.. i guess i'm like that.. all lazy and selfish..

later that night, i went to sjmc and dapat tgk my 2nd niece tu dlm nursery room je sbb dah mlm.. sob! sob!

to PUTERI AISHAH DANIA, sorry sbb aunty tak dtg to the hospital dr pagi jez like i did to ur elder sis, PUTERI NAIMI QISTINA, a year ago! but that doesn't mean i don't love you... (as if she could read this... ~chuckle!~)

i tender myself @2am, all stressed up and confused..

wish i am the one u r looking for...

Friday, December 10, 2004

what?! saturday?! werking?!!

i was told that we hafta come back to the office tomorrow cuz we gotta finish the mock model for this one particular exhibition for petronas, to be presented this monday morning. (gotta pleased those corporate brats with state-of-the-art exhibition model in order to get the job, eh? whatever...)

saturday huh? jez great!

now i gotta postpone few appointments with frenz n family members.


sorry sha... :-(

hungry and sober.

hmm.. it's nice to know that i actually hv some readers for this nothing-to-shout-about blogpage of mine... apart from pinky (ahaks!) and b. welcome, pinky's daoh diggler the pornstar... kool!

punching in the office, feeling again, tired and fuzzy! with both of my eyes turning red due to my vasomotor rhinitis or a.k.a sinus or simply weather nose, i can't really focus on what should i be doing today! it's 30 past 9 and the office, especially the studio is still empty, i can only hear the sound of the compressor! i'm freezing cold again, mad and all... rasa nak tembak je compressor keparat tu sbb sejuk sgt! nak start keja pon malas.. so i guess i'll jez go back to my cubicle and read some news lah.

dah la tak breakfast lagi. roti tu utk perhiasan ke?
(byknye benda nak pikir over the weekend..)

p/s: mr daoh, the interview for the avon post is closing today. so, they won't entertain any interviews 'cept mine which is due next monday sbb saya ni special case... awat tak habaq awai2? ;-p

i'm talking to a person whom i never even met before. only sweet and rock kapak stories from his sweetheart pinky je..

eh, i'm hungry la..

Thursday, December 09, 2004

freezing cold and grumpy me!

i worked my ass up last nite till 3 in the wee hour! arrived home at about 4, had my kurma ayam and peria masak cili dinner while watching philly on channel 70 and some champions league matches on tv3 and channel 82. (both liverpool and real madrid won their matches respectively.. eventho' i jez watched the first 20 mins or so..) ole!

tried to shut my eyes after cleaning up myself but to no avail. so, i looked at myself in the mirror and tried to pick on my invisible zits (?) got tired of looking for one, i switched off the light and forced myself to get some sleep. finally, around 5 am (i think..) i sank into the wonderland.

i woke up to the sond of my everyday cellphone alarm @ around 6.50am. while trying to remember wat day is today, i called up b on his cell.

what time do you plan to go to your office?
"9 something.. i pon tido lambat jugak.." he sounded pissed.
can send me tak? i tak larat la.. need another hour or so..
"y do u hv to go in now when u jez came back like few hours ago?"
ada keja lagi.. can or not?
"mmphh.. okla. 9.30 i sampai.."
eh, it's ok if u don't want to.
"eh, u ni kan.. ape-apela.. ishh!"
ok lah.. oklah... 9.30 eh..

i threw my cell next to my pillow, looking up the ceiling. arghh! takpelah.. it's better for me to suffer now than later. so, i decided to actually get up and headed to the bathroom.

i sms-ed b on the way to the ofice, apologising for the trouble and that i had change of mind. luckily, aunt timah had some topics for us to discuss and i didn't fell asleep along the way to kl. kalu tak, sian dia. dahla drive me to work, if i fell asleep, lagi la boring takde sape to talk to...

8.20 am dah sampai ofis. terus tertido! masa terjaga around 9.20 am, nobody was around yet (the creative ppl. they all came in at about 10.30 am). at that time, this particular client called and had some urgent changes on the artwork that need to be amended ASAP. i was quite pissed off cuz that was the 100th time the client amended the artwork and it seemed that it was not our fault. feeling grumpy and all... i swear i'll burn his ass off!


by noon, i found out my period was early and here i am.... feeling heavy, tired and sick in this freezing cold office. my cramp was the worst ever! after my beehoon soto lunch, i sat quietly at my place with my head on the desk. i fell asleep again, trying to forget the painful cramp, but woke up with more pain than ever. but now, dah ok sket la..

5.10pm. it's already dark out there. take the bus or call up b? tah...

stomach cramp, not enough sleep and my sinus is about to attack my nasal flow.

that avon guy called me up again.
he's expecting me to be there, with a top of the world portfolios.
and i think i'm a dead meat by monday evening!

1 message received.
muharra, ur blogpage is fantastic!

thanx a lot fatimah dear. but are you ready for more hype and swears and frustations?

i'm gonna be dead.

i swear i am!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

i'm in a middle of a carrefour... or was it carretwo?

my interview last monday was ok.

but today, i'm a confused person. the gurl from the place i went for last monday, called me an hour ago saying that i hv to come for a second interview next monday @2.30pm (not again? wat's my excuse?). this time around, i hv to meet the MD. is that good or bad? can't see why i'm confused?

well... i'm confused because an hour and 5 minutes ago, the creative director from avon called me and seriously asking me to come for an interview, next week. the best part was, i didn't send in my resume pon.. but he got my number from a friend of mine. and the bestest part was.. he interviewed me 3 yrs ago, masa tu i was bz looking for a job. at that time, obviously, i wasn't prepared to be part of the avon creative team because according to him, i was lack of experience. he quickly recognised me when i flashback our meeting back then. and this time he really wanted me to come for the interview...

am i confused or am i not?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

a slacker i am!

all u need is another slacker like me. oh, please. i'm beginning to hate me.

sorry folks for the gaps i leave these few days. i've been very busy n try to post some thoughts but i failed. dn hv the time here in the office, the only place i can use the internet freely as i don't hv internet connection at home. zilch!

oklah. my weekend was great. went to an ex-mate wedding, muzzan shazmin imra kat dewan merak kayangan in jln semarak and met up with old friends there. imagine la.. my primary skoolmate from ssj tau! ada yg lama gile tak jumpa..

haa... yg kawin tu,yg tgh senyum2 with thick-framed glasses tu. sebelah dia mariam, makcik pink stiletto, fatimah and gaudy-looking moi! hahahaa.. LOL! it was taken back in 1991, std 6 ssj. masa ni we were at fatimah's open hse.. raya la..

i'll show u a pic of us masa wedding tu, all beautifully grown up, looking great and all with exception from pink stiletto cuz she wasn't there at the wedding. (psst! dia kata dia tak dpt kad pon.. aww! jgn la sedih..)

the thick-framed glasses with curly hair bride with her groom. ever sweet looking muzzan..

this one, muzzan's wedding in a nutshell. note the beautiful gurls i mentioned earlier? simply gorgeous! ~chuckle!~

need i say more?

so, we chatted like half an hour or so.. jez to catch things up with each other. am i glad to see u guys!

b and i went back to subang after a brief stop @citibank - sigh.. byr hutang la. we were taking our own sweet time by heading subang via federal hi-way, only to know that we were stuck in a massive traffic somewhere near pj @almost 12 midnite! gile betul! sampai rumah je, billa told me that my uncles n aunties jez left our hse (earlier on, my mom buat open hse for her friends..) not knowing that my uncle and aunt from gombak would come, and this time she came in complete with her daughters n only son. i've been wanting to see her daughter, my cousin ati for so long! but i missed. if only billa told me earlier...

regret, i went straight to my room and heard my lil niece's voice. tak tido dah kul 12 lebih! i peeked thru her mom's door, and there she was.. grinning mischievously at me! notty!

after much hype with qistina, i cleaned myself up and went down to hv a session of monopoly with billa, b and 2 other cousin, syikin n alin...

i'm not good with monopoly tho! i was the first person to be declared bankruptcy that day.

a slacker i am?

Friday, December 03, 2004

tribute to my fantastic friends.

obviously, i pass my appointment with the doc today. biarlah.
my gallbladder pon tak rasa sakit-sakit dah.
for now.

neeway, last night i remembered s'thing. i got this birthday card from a close friend which arrived 2 weeks ago.
i know it's only a birthday card, but this is a special one.

it was from an intan zulaikha ismail, a very close friend of mine. we knew each other since we were in form 2 and till now we remain the best of friend eventho we could hardly see each other nowadays. her family moved up to seremban 2 a year ago and since then we would only email/sms/call and sometimes she visits me and the rest of our circle of friends. what i want to say bout her ni, she never failed to forget my birthday. i mean, a phone call is more than enough for me, tapi few days after, mesti dapat card from her. and this time around, the card she sent me, touches my heart to the deepest. it may be normal to anybody, but i almost cried when i read the wordings on the card.

intan, thx for the friendship. of course we'll be friend till the final days of our lives! i love you!

you make me very happy, whenever i feel blue, and if friends were flowers.. i'd pick a bunch of you!

and to my other best friends, elly and syakira, jgn la terasa eh? u guys are the best of friends i've ever had and i'll always treasure our friendship!

to my other friends pon.. tak kira la jez close friends ke.. normal friends ke... ;-D
(makcik pink stiletto tu my partner-in-crime! haha!)

hv a great weekend, eh!
shucks! byk tul open hses n weddings to attend this weekend..

till next week. and oh! wish me luck for my upcoming job interview, eh!?
loves. hugs. kisses.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

nerve-wrecking son of a gun...

thinking is very important before u make a decision or before u decide what shud u do in certain occasions!
i seriously believe to think is very, very, important in life!

please. i really can't take it! i only organise my own life! when i tried to organise yours, u said that i'm too rigid.. always want things to be perfect, asyik membebel, i worried too much and bla! bla! bla! but what happen when i didn't? your life goes almost haywire! keep on calling me every 10 seconds..

i'm calling in sick today, tak larat laa..
"okla tu.."
er.. i think i masuk lambat sket la..
"watever suits u.."
tolong la carikkan i mock-up tu..
"i'll try.."

an hour later...
i'm reaching your office in 5, can u come down now?
i hate that paper i don't think i'll use it.
"wateva suits u..."

minutes later...
can i have the address of the supplier?
"i'll sms u the add.."
nevermind, u can gv me now..
"bla.bla.bla.. the phone # is.."
err... i don't hv a pen la. sms laa.. thx!

seconds later...
can u transfer this much of money to my acc?
"ok...." silently a dynamite in my innerself is ready to blow off!

i'm not complaining but i guess it's about time u learn how to organise yourself. it's about time i need not tell u when to settle your bills, when to reload your cellphone, when not to waste on certain irresistable gadgets and the list would go on and on.. it's about time u learn it from me.

i was about to pull my hair off when i saw the sms from u.
sorry if i disturb u today. thanks for the help. m gonna see the paper now. thanks!

my heart melts immediately. the image of your dopey face suddenly appears...

i'm sorry too.

job tripper.

it's been a week since my last posting. well, i've been too tied up with my job and other stuff. one of it was the pic shown.
(hahaa! mcm la susah sgt nak buat tu.. what a shame to other graphic designers!)

last friday, i was on medical leave due to some problem to my gallbladder. i felt pain for a week on the right side of my stomach and everyone thought it could be appendicitis. but Alhamdulillah, i went thru the ultrasound and ended up, i had inflamation to my gallbladder. the pain that i felt was kinda heaty and sometimes pedih-pedih. it didn't trouble me much actually, but my mom insisted that i go and do the check-up. so the doc gave me a week medication to see whether it'll subside or not. otherwise, i hv to come for another appointment in a week's time... hey! that's tomorrow.. shucks! shud i or shudn't i? ~thinking~ oh, the bill was a whopping rm310! LUCKILY i can claim from the office (as dato' j signed the invoice, he murmured, "work harder..." i was like.. what the hell?! do you think i want to make another claim by attending the appointment tomorrow? ~"work harder..."?~....nahh...)

thruout the weekends, it was raining cats and dogs in subang. i went for a job interview in the morning and i was 20 minutes late. when i arrived, the guy made me wait for another 30 minutes or so... ape la.. lambat sket je, tu pon because i went to the wrong entrance. the stupid pak guard made me go one round to come back to the same place. so much for a punishment! teruk betul! why can't they jez inform me that i was coming from the wrong entrance, and forgive me instead and jez proceed with the procedures for entering a place? suka la made fool of other people! but being me, i'm pissed but jez kept quite cuz i don't want to make such big fuss! guess dat's one of my weaknesses laa.. well.. dah lepas pon. but b was very upset tho.. yela.. dia yg drive keta, kan.. ~chuckle!~

so, the interview was ok. i don't see any potential in it tho cuz the place was like.. jauh jugak la. and it was only the 1st stage. the 2nd and final one was to do some demo (can't disclose much... hehee! but not to become a singer laa..) and pass it back to him, which i did, last tuesday. so.. that was it. i didn't think too much about it.

after the interview, i went straight home, while b went over to his friends open house which he planned not to go earlier. but due to the eagerness of meeting old friends and catching up, he actually went. i was stuck in the house with mama, watching the naked chef (he's damn good cook!) and after that channel surfing sampai la terlelap on the sofa.

that evening, b and i pegi klcc to watch the incredibles with his best bud, amir and his lawyer gf, zaireen (our usual ritual on some saturdays). before the show started (11.55pm), we had our snacks @chili's cuz that's the only place yg near to tgv, yg boleh lepak sampai the show start. i know there's also coffee beans next to it, but i guess amir was on one of his big appetite days kot.. as usual, while eating, they were talking and gossiping about other friends and i was cotented with the epl game between chelsea and charlton. sempat la tgk damian duff scored the opening goal and 15 minutes after that, we're off to watch the show. and oh! it was good.. i think the best animated features movie after shrek n sharktale. sape yg tak tgk lg, pegi la.. mmg best!

well, another interview coming up this monday. this is a different one. the cute voice of the girl from the firm called jez now. hmm.. i don't know what to expect but jez pray to Allah la.. hopefully i'll get my hands on this job, and i'd be happy to leave this place i'm currently had my butt on! (i can almost hear it...."work harder..." arghh! claim sket pon leh cakap camtu ke?!!)

wish me luck. gotta prepare with some portfolio over the weekend.
take care.

aww.. look at her... isn't she adorable? ~sigh~