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Monday, March 23, 2009


some weekend we had.

but b had a blast shooting for mrmanager on saturday during the 2nd AF concert. well, you might wanna put an 's' at the end of the word concert in few weeks to come. heh.

go have a peek @mrmanager's.

pic uploaded by mrmanager @mrmanagerdotblogspotdotcom,
and was shot by b.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

wipe those tears away, will ya..?

please.. please.. enjoy these random pix while i.. ehem.. fixed those emotions and what not.
hopefully, i'll be back with more energy and sunshine.

*no. i'm not pregnant. i'm just being melancholic and agitated at the same time. thanks for your concern. and your continuous support for reading my crappy blog.*

zaes: once upon a time...
(pic was taken by billa)

zaes: bolos saja dinding ituuuuu!
(zaes' current favourite tv game show, bolos @ch4 astro.)
(pic was taken by billa)

some may have said... like father like son.
(candidly snapped while they're enjoying a weekend afternoon nap.
a long nap that was.. mmmhmmm... er. pardon the bedsheet graphics ey.)

an mms of lil aydan syaza, received few days back from his ibu, miss red dragon. big boy you are now, lil botak head!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i'm feeling somber.
atrocious at times.
and pathetic.

and i really hate it.

you can kiss my spritzer's ass!
(pic was taken by cik jiran sebelah not too long ago)


Monday, March 16, 2009

one helluva trashing you guys!

this pic, ladies and gentlemen, is pure ecstasy and orgasm beyond infinity y'all! muahahahaa... (pic credit: google images)

the barclays premier league title might not be within liverpool's reach, but hey, witnessing the red devils being annihilated home ground was simply euphoric for the merseysiders' fanatics!

4 freaking goals la weh.. their second bloody important game in a week and they superbly performed!

i rest my case. *wink*wink*

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

crappy update.

my friendly-neighbourhood-next-to-my-cubicle-officemate forced me to update regularly.

tu dia la tu.. tengah buat keja lagi mlm2 ni. =p
(baru je amik gambar ni tadi..)

and i on the other hand, takde idea mahupon bahan untuk menulis.
(nope! i'm not gonna blog about you-know-who ok babe! never!)

could it be writer's block? my arse(nal). =p
macam bagus jela kan nak claim i have a writer's block?
and i'm not even a writer, be it by profession or by nature.
sebab i write craps. total craps yang orang tak pedulik sangat pon.

ha. kan dah merajuk.

ok babe. aku dah update. let's read yours.

this was taken using my beloved mobile phone yang hilang (sob! sob!) not too long ago.. december 08 la kot. it was this lil angel's birthday, dania. she was so excited to see the birthday cake that she took (or rather licked) the top off first rite after the birthday song.. cute la she.. (i was going to blog about her birthday celebration back then, but takde chance. luckily sempat transfer some of the pix kat my office's mac pro)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hey kitty.. kitty...

remember the limited edition hello kitty-m.a.c collabro i was whining about, hundreds of thousands of winks ago? heh. presenting...

*i reckon that this entry might provoke someone's inner emotion so i shall make this a quick one and it'll end just before you know it.. ok. that part mungkin tak benar.*

anyway gurlies, coincidently i was on leave masa dapat sms from m.a.c about their new arrivals (the launching was on wednesday, only for the pros & celebs, khamis dah open to public) so, tanpa berlengah lagi, i went about and checked out the hello kitty collection with my ma and zaes on tow. itu pon masa pegi dah almost 3, rite after our lunch with b kat ikan bakar incek fend (pronounce as fendi sebenarnya) kat kj yang sedap gila, sampai sekarang pon kalau burp, bole rasa keenakannya.. muahahaha! ok. ok. back to the topic.

the moment i entered mid valley, i can see tis whole gigantic black display kat tengah2 concourse area tu, as always, m.a.c signature look and i must say, they did pretty well with this one sebab hello kitty nye outline drawing and the black-pink-white balloons tu sangatlah cute ok! i'm not a fan of hello kitty tapi, being a person yang naturally involved in displays, graphics and what not, suddenly la i'm a fan kan.. haha!

the entrance to the display area.

another side of the entrance.

the kodak corner...

the balloons yang dorang akan bagi during Q&As session, of which yang dorang hanya buat during the weekend. macamla rajin nak pegi balik kan?

masa tu, terus approached one of the makeup artist and asked her about the hello kitty items and to my dismay, banyak yang dah habis.. (tapi eyeshadow palettes macam banyak lagi but i dont need eyeshadows sebab yang ada ni pon tak terpakai..) luckily masa tanya tu, the limited edition brush set tu tinggal last set je (itupon ada orang reserved tapi tak jadi nak beli!) apa lagi... *please fill in the blank. tq.*

and since to get the tote bag (the one in the first picture) tu you have to purchase rm350 and above and the brush set was rm220 (for a set of 3 brushes and a brush holder), tiba-tiba la ada je benda lain yang i need to get (my eye cream and skin refined thingey pon dah almost nak habis), so dapatla tote bag tu.. so much so for a non-hello kitty fan eh?

isn't this lil thing the cutest? this pic was captured from m.a.c's website. nanti la i'll do an entry dedicated to my whole m.a.c collection.. tengokla camne.. heh.

and since saya adalah seorang yang jujur dan tak pandai nak sorok-sorok, dengan baik hatinya saya telah memberitahu incek suami tentang pembelian saya pada hari itu, dengan harapan bahawa kejujuran adalah polisi insurans yang terbaik sekali (wtf honesty is the best policy) akan tetapi, incek suami telah dengan serta merta menghentikan segala bentuk komunikasi dengan saya pada hari tersebut (read: silent treatment) dan seterusnya membuatkan saya rasa bersalah gila lah...


zaes: i told you already la mommey....

haih. lagi.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

201. and counting..

haha. silly me for not noticing..
the last entry was my 200th post! yay!

happy 200th post roxychick's!

anyway, i'm still very much alive and kicking.
but hey, due to the same you-know-what routine ive to go thru, all blogging activities kena put on hold. a lot of things happened, nak blog but to no avail.

ni pon singgah sekejap after i notice about my 200th post tu..


... hang in there lil happy feet!