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Friday, November 30, 2007

heavy machine.

i weigh myself again this morning.

holy shit.

seriously kena exercise. and maybe diet sket.
or even puasa. anything. anything at all to keep em from coming.


now where is that 2-month fitness home membership voucher again?


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

milky ways...

the last time i weigh myself, i was 54.5kg. itu cerita 3, 4 minggu lepas. tak tau la berapa pulak this week. from the latest figure, i have to at least shed off another 4 or 5 kilos to come back to my weight before i got pregnant. do you think i can do it? hmm... i don't believe in dieting tho. exercise yes, it's just that tak tau la bila nak mula exercise la ni.. malas tul. b gave me this 2-month fitness home membership voucher he won recently from this paintball tournament held 3 weeks ago and i have yet to use it. benda free memang la best, tapi bila dah dapat, malas lak nak pegi nanti. tu la... malas. an evil word.

my zaes (or mirza..sometimes i like to call him zaes gak..) is progressing well in his 3rd month. yesterday nite, papa managed to make him laugh while peek-a-booing with him. cute sangat! as for now, he's the adorable lil ones i like to cuddle with every nite. eventho he wakes up 2 or 3 times at wee hours evryday, i never feel irritated by it. i enjoyed feeding him and looking at his dewy face and smelling his sweet milky breath and pinching his puffy cheeks. owh... he makes me appreciate life more than anything and i thank God for the best gift He has given to me.

keja kat ofis macam biasa. jap lagi ada 3 hours training dengan finance people. boring betul. my department is a lil quite this week sebab ramai yang amik cuti sebab sekarang pon cuti sekolah kan. bosses yang lain tak habis2 meeting.

as for b, he's busy werking round the clock these few days. ada event coming up. like yesterday, he came back at around 4am. kesian zaes! tak jumpa daddy dia selalu. but usually he compensate the time with zaes in the morning sebab dia masuk keja selalu lambat. itupon if masa dia nak pegi keja, si kecik tu dah bangun...

oh.. last saturday, for the first time ever, we managed to smuggled zaes into the cinema.. haha! we were in klcc that saturday nite to have dinner with a and his gf, z. masa takde anak dulu, we'd usually watch a movie after makan-makan. so, that nite, knowing that a & z wud go watch a movie after that, b suggested that we went straight home sebab ada baby kan. tapi sebab dah lama takde nite out and dah lama gak tak watch movie, we finally agreed to do a try & error thingey with zaes. the movie was hitman... haha! memang kelakar sebab hitman was an action movie, tapi thru out the whole movie, zaes slept soundlessly after i fed him (dah gelap, takpe la nak breast feed.. bukannye nampak pon. tapi kena tutup telinga dia sket la cuz the sound was very loud for a 3-month old kan...) eventho ada scene tembak-tembak, bombing yang dahsyat sume.. relax je dia. such good boy.

***to be continued...***

jez came back from the training with the finance peeps. my God! so boring! i almost die from boredom!! if it's not bcuz of some of my colleagues buat lawak bodoh, mesti dah mati dah.. isk.

ok lah.. it's almost 5 now. time for me to pump out my breast milk. *-*
stok untuk esok weh...

one of zaes' first mumbles.. seen here with his cousin dania.

later dudettes.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy 100th post.

it's november. a month full of celebrations.

ketika ini, saya sedang menulis entry blog yang ke-100. and today also, i am celebrating my 28th year living on earth. pada umur ini, telah genap setahun 3 hari saya menjadi isteri kepada b dan 3 bulan 3 hari saya bergelar mommey kepada si kecik mirzaeskandar yang sangat-sangat saya sayangi. so.. do you think i have achieve everything in life? entah.. i can't really answer this one question... betul.

when i reached the office, ada package atas meja. it was from miss azyze. a yogurt drink, justea kaler biru and oreo kukis. bestnye! dpt breakfast as a present. then came in kak w, pon dapat breakfast present, pau kari ayam tanjung malim. haha! masa lunch, they treat me kat secret recipe (they as in, kak r, miss azyze, kak w, miss awynn and abam wawa). siap ada nyanyi2 lagu befday, tiup2 lilin.. customers kat secret recipe tu pon ala-ala join skali tepuk tangan.. ohh..

i oso received endless sms'es from friends and family but unfortunately takleh nak reply semua sebab kredit fon pon light-light je..

pangkor trip was fun. took a lot of pix and i went snorkeling for the first time and it ain't bad at all.. the fishes were beautiful! balik from there, b celebrated our 1st anniversary with a brownie walnut cake from secret recipe and he gave me a chick lit by lucy diamond...

...and in return he didn't get anything cuz i'm too broke to buy him a gift. haha.. my lil prince turned 3 months old and he didn't even look at me when i held him masa b fetch me from the office. merajuk la tu sbb tak nampak mommey dia for 3 days..

but, whatever it is, i must thank Him for the good health and great life He has bestowed upon me, for the past 28 years. i have great friends, best mother on earth, cranky sisters; whom most of the time i fight with (thanks to my 2nd sis who never fail to buy bday present for me eventho' takde duit.. hehe) and great hubby; eventho most of the time we were at each other's throat. i know there are more to come but let me take a day at a time eh? i'm hoping to have a smooth and even better rides in life after this.

sebenarnya banyak nak tulis, but disebabkan kerja ofis yang berlambak nih.. bila ada masa yang terluang lagi nanti, i'll continue lah..

happy 28th roxychick!


Monday, November 12, 2007

baby mommey!

having the chance to deliver a baby was the bestest experience i've ever had only God knows! eventho i've heard a lot of different versions on how painful it was to get the baby out, it'll never match the one you had! seriously!

painful? YES! i was in agony while in labour! (from 2.45pm-7.30pm) tak kira la apa yang orang cerita but i think when it's time for you to experience it, mesti masa tu you're like... "kenapa dorang cakap sakit dia camni padahal sakit dia camni...?" ha.. macam tu la..

wonderful? VERY! i can't find the exact words to describe the feeling but the moment the nurse put the baby by my side, the exhaustion battling with life and death gone jez like that and they were replaced by an awkward joy and happiness and tah apa-apa lagi rainbow feelings when you get to hold the creature yang dok lepak dalam your perut for the past 9 ++ months! yup! i was happily crying as i greet my lil prince. he smelled all baby-ish and i loved it! those tiny lil fingers and his pouty lips and his shiny eyes were jez the cutest things i've ever seen! i cuddled him as much as i can before the nurse took him back and brought me to the ward.

i breastfed him for the first time at around 1 in the morning. memang weird and the baby pon macam tak reti lagi la. at that time baru la decide nama dia. his name came to me jez like that and fyi, nama tu tak penah ada in our baby names list. the next day tu, visitors came endlessly termasukla ipar duai from tk.

after discharged from the hospital, tak sabar2 rasa nak bawak baby mirza balik. dia kena jaundice sket but the level is not that critical, so his paediatrician allows me to bring him back home. kat rumah, we sunbathed him the 1st morning sun and bathed him with this chinese herbs concoction, for 3 days in a row!

relax je masa sunbathing...

as i was in confinement, hubby did all the dirty job. and i mean ALL! thank God that he took 2 weeks leave jez to take care of us both (and also baby myia and her mom) and at the same time to help mama, as my sis also berpantang sekali... memang kelakar but ada partner masa berpantang ni memang best!

nak cerita semua-semua, sampai esok pon tak habes sebenanya.. but whatever it is, having him, my mirzaeskandar, was the best thing ever happened in my life! pipi dia yg labuh tu je pon buat saya rasa nak macam nak gigit2 sampai lumat! can't believe that i'm a mother already, but yelah.. saya dah jadi seorang mak!!!

err.. where am i? alien sungguh tempat nih...

seen here with qistina, ati and her son, 4mths old aliff, myia, riess and dania. @ auntie a's shack during raya.

come nov 18th, mirzaeskandar will turn 3 months old.
come nov 18th, my marriage will reach 1 year old.
come nov 18th, i'll be in pangkor for our dept trip.




Wednesday, November 07, 2007

update la wei...

roxychick is very busy after 7 days started working.
roxychick wanted to update her life in dis blog sooo much but she didn't have the time to do it.
roxychick's lil precious is having cough and flu.
roxychick didn't get enough sleep prior to that.

roxychick is very upset.

tunggu lah.