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Friday, January 28, 2005

of being here@jda for the last time part I.

january 28th 2005 finally arrives. it's here.
my last day in johan design associates.

as i was riding in my aunt's fiat punto this morning, i didn't feel awkward nor happy nor anything.
the feeeling is jez the same. sama macam nothing would happen after this.
but, i'd still be leaving this shitty hole, no matter what.

or maybe the saddest of all feeling would come later this afternoon kot. entah.
i wouldn't know.

yesterday, eda, bavani, fai and baizurah, colleagues of mine, (or sometimes they were my partners-in-crime@jda) gave me a joss stone live in new york city imported original dvd, as a farewell gift. man.. was i touched! i mean.. i least expected these kind of gestures given to me, but heck! yeah.. they did dat to me... i don't care even if it's a pirated dvd or some petaling street frank muller watches, but their thoughts and friendship towards me is more important than anything else. oh, guys.. i've been here for only a short period of time.. i don't think i deserve to be showered with gifts, lunches and all. i'm here to work and leave because i need to fulfill my ambitions and to further develop my capabilities in this field.

hey, i talk too much eh? i thank Allah for having such colleagues in my life. so thoughtful of them..

monorails, traffic jams in kl, lot 10, o'brien's sandwiches, my aunt's fiat punto, walking along jln sultan ismail to menara promet from hsbc, klcc, nasi goreng kampung 5th floor, nasi ayam@boustead.. oh goodness! too much of my gonna-miss list.. har! har! har! but these are the few things i'd be missing after my departure today...

aww, aunt mua.. jgn la sedih sgt..

to be continued...

Thursday, January 27, 2005

of being absent and having mixed thoughts...

january 14th 2005, huh? that was my last entry.. hmm.. almost 2 weeks of keeping myself to myself.

disappointment leads me to being all quiet but not down and sad, these few days. trying to composed myself, see myself from other point of view, try not to melatah so much. try to control my anger and frustration towards certain issues.

but i'm ok.

so.. i guess today is my 2nd last day here in jda. time sure has fly. with a blink of my eyes, here i am, getting ready for another world of hypocrisy, stress-bound and werking around-the-clock, non stop. again, i'm not complaining it's jez dat i'm sure gonna missed few things here in kl and i'm not pretty sure if kl misses me too.

the past few days saw one of the corrupted allies of my gay art director, the account director, gave me a farewell gift:
a perlini's silver chain with fish-shaped pendant and a card, for which according to her, fish in chinese means abundance, therefore she wished me abundant, lots and lots of luck and wealth with my new job in that new place. and oh! she even treated me lunch at one of the worst diners in kl, aero, situated jez around the corner of menara promet, before the lodge hotel. i tell you, the food there suck big time! i don't know why she loves the place so much... (i'm not complaining tho! yela.. orang dah nak belanja, kan...)

today, i'm due for another lunch date with another colleague of mine. i don't know what are we having but come to think of it, i think it wudn't matter as much. it's the thought dat counts, ait?

fancy a bite of my cake, anyone?

Friday, January 14, 2005

of nothing at all.

got nothing to blahs about really...

i think i need to rejuvenate and unwind but i hv
nothing in mind.

and no more quids to spend as well.

happy weekend.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

of being all bluesy and melancholic...

i'm in the no-mood-with-some-chronic-blues mode these days.

yes.DJ's behaviour has affected me somehow!that bloody old man! the nerve!

yes. i know i shudn't let him take control of my life!

that i shudn't let him treated me like some garbage!

yes. i know.
and i'm jez human with the most fragile feelings of all kind, sensitivity. extremely sensitive!

but, hey! i know i'd overcome the feeling in few days time. i know i'll get over it. i know i can get over it!

and to whom it may concern, sorry for the tantrum i created yesterday. i needed some of your precious attention, i guess.

so much for some attention, eh?

and do you think i like to be melancholic, depressed and all? do you think i enjoyed it?

i loathe the feeling of being depressed, exhausted, lonely and keeping myself quite. i know i bit my tongue last friday and you said it's for my own good cuz i talked too much, but do you think you can live with it? do you think so?

oh.. well. better started packing already.
i ain't gonna leave my good books and valuables here in this corrupted place!

i ain't!!

Monday, January 10, 2005

of pathetic boss and being humiliated!

yes, i'm leaving the bloody company! u've got my letter and it was all done in a proper manner, without me hiding anything or ran from the place jez like dat! i did it according to the law. the labour law and what stated in my appointment letter. i gave you a month's notice upon leaving.

but dat doesn't mean you can treat me like some piece of shit!

but dat doesn't mean you can treat me as if i never contribute anything to the company!

but dat doesn't mean you can ignore me jez like dat!

AND DAT doesn't mean you can simply throw me out of the meeting on a pretext of "er.. you're leaving soon.." in front of the whole staff!!


i'm pissed off rite now cuz to date, i'm still doing some job, i'm still helping some art director AND i'm still part of the company!!!

why was i being treated like dis??!!

i didn't do anything wrong!
i didn't steal the company's property or money!
heck.. i didn't make the company gone bankcrupt pon..!!!

why the treatment??!! i don't deserve it!

some modern malay you are, DJ! i always thot you're not like other typical malays.. but malays wud always be malays! there's no doubt bout dat! i mean i'm malay.. but i still have a heart to care about other people's feeling and obviously you don't have the qualities!

i wish you all the best, DJ!

all the best with this company of yours after you hand it over to your ass-fcuking-hole-gay nephew and his contaminated allies!

and i'm not gonna waste anymore tears for this stupid incident!

no more!

shove it up your ass DJ and have a gud nite sleep!

Friday, January 07, 2005

of being stood up and discovering something new!

i was supposed to have lunch with this friend of mine, but she had to cancel it last minute bcuz she was so damn busy!
well.. heck! no i wasn't angry. it's jez dat now i donno what to eat for lunch.. and i'm stuck here, hungry..

and yay! thx to cik daoh diggler yg murah hati kerana telah mengajar saya bagaimanakah cara nak letak link blogpage org lain to my ever-so-minimalist blogpage of mine nih..

terima kasih daun tembakau,
jumpa nnt bolehlah belanja pau..

err.. ;-/

so.. i'm starting to learn the art of html language.. bit by bit.
err.. am i correct or am i jez being stupid?
correct me if i'm wrong, eh?

to b,
no. i'm not angry at you for not driving your car to klcc.
it's ok if you ada kat sana for a short while je and that explains why you tak drive.
but if you hv to stay sampai mlm.. tak ke menyusahkan diri sendiri namanye tu?

i'm okay.

my stomach started to play the blues...
it's time to go food hunting.

pic taken by one shaliza mokhtar, a talented future-pro photographer.
hell she's good! do check out her works by clicking the link on my rockin' peeps list.
i don't know her tho' but been admiring her shots for some time now.

slamat weekend.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

of credit cards, debts and all.

finally, the much-awaited letter came in yesterday and am i all glad to open it! i was smiling from ear-to-ear when i saw the ****** but it dropped the moment i remembered that it wasn't meant to be ***** joyously!

heck.. u must've wondered, what the hell was it and why i put lotsa *** to some words...

hehe.. actually, it was a cheque of some amount of dough and it's on loan. see.. i applied for this loan some time ago, and it was meant to paid all my credit cards debts bcuz i decided to actually close all (well.. maybe some of it..) my credit card accounts and get on with my life.

sure.. credit card is root to all evil!! damn! but, dat was during my heydays, tgh lupa diri.. and finally it came to my sense that i have to stop spending like a queen with all these cards and yup! start saving for my future or in other words.. to my donno-when-will-that-happen marriage. err.. not so soon tho'.. i was jez thinking ahead.. it's not wrong ain't it? ;-D

so, i've decided. it's for my own good pon.. after this there'll be no more MNGs, MNGs, MNGs... hmm.. is that the only clothing brand in my closet? eh.. yelah.. oh! there're some of SEEDs and ROXYs and ESPRITs.. not that fancy, eh?

i don't know but sometimes i think my spending habit is terrible! bad! not good! sometimes, i even tend to buy something unwanted in my list. bought it jez for the fun of scribbling my signature on the carbonised paper. teruklah!

well.. guess that's gonna be the end of it. it is also part of my resolution for the year 2005. and i hope it'll succeed!
once the cheque is cleared, i'm gonna do what i've gotta do...


not so smart, eh?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

of me, myself and mua.

all i whined about in my blog, if u hadn't notice, mostly revolved daily news, whether it's gud or bad. never about myself. if it was, it'd only involved around my werk. werk. and more werk.

it's not dat i don't want to reveal myself.
i guess it's too private and there are certain things needed to be kept as it is.

don't you think so?

well.. or maybe i'm jez not a gud storyteller.
tah.. i don't know.

like this morning, there's nothing much happen. all i did was, finishing the task given by the AD and read dis crappy novel by dis gay author. well.. i hate to admit it, but sometimes i enjoyed reading crappy novel written by dis particular gay ass author. guess i wanna know their part of the world and believe me! the way he wrote it, it'll make u feel like throwing up almost immediately!! i cudn't see any pleasure of reading there.. some author he is..

if u must know, i read it jez to kill the time. sometimes i needed the break after long hours of staring at the monitor, doing some design werk. there's nothing more than that.


speaking of which.. i do need a break. i wanted to go for a vacation soooo badly!!!!
but i don't think it'll happen anytime sooner. wanna know why?
1. got no budget for it.
2. got no budget for it.
3. got no budget for it.
and the list wud go on and on with the same phrase...


oh.. man...
am i exhausted or am i exhausted?

do i look like one......?? HAH!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

of weekend, annoying relatives and dejected malaysian soccer team.

jez came back from my don't-know-what-to-eat-for-lunch trip and i ended up buying myself the same nasi goreng kampung from 5th floor. takpelah.. lepas ni dah susah nak carik nasi goreng sedap nih..

neeways, new year was mellow but ok.
on saturday, all of us went out to klcc. bought some things and my God! MNG was on sale and the place was so damn packed with peeps.. mcm org jual ikan gamaknya! i stood there for few minutes.. pastu dah tak tahan. ramai nak mampus! there were some stuff which is worth getting... i got myself a jacket for half price..

attended my uncle's kenduri pegi haji last sunday too. met up with some of my snobby relatives (of which i really hate to get myself into). malas nak layan je. if it was not bcoz of my uncle, i wudn't even lay my eyes on them. it was really sickening to see such people! nak belagak tu nape tah?? mcm bagus je! yela.. berselisih bahu pon, tak reti la nak senyum, eventho they are much younger than i am.. i mean, i don't care, really! but please respect the elderly laa.. i.e: my mom? my bf dah bengang-bengang sbb i dragged him to kinda come along.. sorry la b... but you went for the sake of uncle yet, aite?

dahla... tak kuasa nak ckp psl org2 bangang like some relatives of mine tu...

nothing much of yesterday, tho'.
today, the ADs, AE's and Dato' Johan himself went out for a presentation in NORTHPORT. i guess it's gonna take up almost half a day there. JDA was awarded the whole advertising account from NORTHPORT after they sacked the previous agency for not doing a good job. and guess which agency i'm talking about? leo burnett. yup! yup! the highly-rated leo burnett. i donno what exactly happen.. but dato' was very happy! sape tak happy? it's a 3millionRM job, man.. they over shadowed PETRONAS now and serve as JDA's biggest client. well.. well..

it's january 4th now and i hv got approximately 20 days of employment here in JDA. sapa2 nak anta resume kat sini tu.. be my guess! u can get the add from the malaysian advertising directory (MAD). kalu tak jumpa.. lemme know if u want it. i'm not sure if they are hiring before i depart, tho'.. tak dengar ape2 pon.. tak recommend la.. but you can give it a try..

malaysia lost yesterday's 2nd leg semi final of the tiger cup @bukit jalil and i tell you.. i'd rather watch my 12yr-old cousin playing soccer than watching the malaysian team! that was the worst performance ever! takde semangat langsung and they kinda took the game for granted.. after khalid j scored the 1st goal! dah hebat sgt la tu! masuk je 2nd half.. the indonesians mengamuk and the stupid malaysian keeper conceded 4 damn goals! it was disappointing but, hey! somebody's gotta lose, eh?

kudos to the indons tho', for their highly spirited awe-inspiring performance!

to the malaysian team, please try again. thank you.

here's an excerp from today's article in harian metro..
"MALAM yang tidak wajar ditangisi kira-kira 60,000 penyokong Malaysia di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil dan ribuan lagi yang menyaksikan sajian anak-anak Malaysia di depan kaca televisyen. Tidak perlu juga menarik nafas panjang dan menggelengkan kepala. Apa yang berlaku di depan mata itulah bola sepak Malaysia. Faktor beraksi di gelanggang sendiri bukan lagi jaminan kemenangan.

Sayang sekali, skuad negara terlalu gemar mempermain-mainkan hati dan perasaan bangsanya sendiri.

Mereka sudah menyahut seruan untuk menyayangi skuad kebangsaan tetapi sekali lagi mereka tertipu.

Betapa lemah dan longlainya mental dan tahap kecergasan Rosdi Talib serta rakan-rakan apabila membiarkan Indonesia merampas tiket ke final Piala Tiger dalam tempoh 31 minit."

kelakar kan..

the dejected ones...