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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


oh yes.
it's been a while.

i'm so sorry for not being able to update and i know i owe you few other stories. but again, time has been a challenge to me. with the workload. stress.

while others sibuk menghabiskan sisa cuti, my colleagues and i bergelut dengan kerja. mana tak stress.

to those who might wonder what was my last entry all about, don't worry ok? it was only incek emosi on a roller coaster ride. orang baru keluar hospital kan memang macam tu. tak boleh sakit sikit, emosi saja. hah.

my health has been so so after the surgery. so so sebab muka sedikit bengkak di sebelah kanan, tiba-tiba sakit kepala bila nak bangun pagi sampai kena tido balik dalam sejam dua, baru bangun balik (paling pelik sebab benda ni jadi during the weekend je)

but tremendous difference lah when it comes to my breathing sebab now sans bunyi-bunyian ketika tidur. bills the bilis pon tak perlu malu seperti selalu sebab sebelum ni on the way pergi kerja, without fail, i akan tido sambil mulut ternganga, tapi sekarang tidak lagi semenjak hidung aset kompeni ini telah di repair...

err.. hidung aset kompeni?
hahaha.. i've got a story on that.
tapi itu kena hold dulu sampai tahun depan yeh.
ala... berapa hari je pon lagi tahun depan tu T_T

oklah sweetness yang masih lagi sudi jengok blog cabuk ni.
seriously, i'll try to put up few promised posts soonest.
cuba. ok?

oh, hari ni birthday budak gedik ni. gedik sebab orang nak wish kat fb, tiba-tiba dia deactivate fb dia. ceh. nervous la tu sebab she's celebrating big 3 0 hari ni. happy birthday hot mama! may Allah bless your year ahead :)
this pic was nicked from her blog, seen here with her 5-month-old pride & joy, emir.

Friday, December 10, 2010

it's okay dear heart.

it's okay dear heart.

bleed till you can't bleed no more,
by the time you're healing,
the cycle will come once again,
and take you back to square one.

it's okay dear heart.

it hurts, yes it does,
cause when it doesn't,
you'll be neglectful,
thus forget the Almighty.

it's okay dear heart.

for once in a while,
you gotta learn,
all that is well,
wouldn't necessary ends well.

it's okay dear heart.

for once in a while,
you gotta learn,
to take care of,
your own dear, dear, heart.

it's okay dear heart.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

hey, that was fast!

alhamdulillah, all went well. thanks to all well-wishes received be it from the comment box or my fb account. i truly appreciate them all.

the surgery ended at 10.30am (shortest 2-hr operation sebab rasa macam lepas je passed out tiba-tiba dah terjaga and it's done!) and i regained consciousness at the recovery bay almost half an hour after that. but then my head felt very heavy and i barely awake. then the nurses brought me to my room and to my surprise, i slept from 11am to 5pm! ada la jugak terjaga when they came in to get my temp and blood pressure tapi setakat terjaga tak boleh bukak mata pastu main angguk-angguk je. haha.

this time around, the general anaesthetic really really knocked me out man!

oh, i have viewed the dvd of my surgery which they had recorded during the procedures. do you want to watch 'em?


can you see the blood dalam lubang hidung tu? tak boleh bangun otherwise it'll drip down like a broken fawcett eh itu farrah fawcett, i mean faucet. click the picture for better view. heh.

take care and salam maal hijrah 1432 everyone.

Monday, December 06, 2010

will be back, shortly. or so i hope.

hi babes!

i am currently blogging live from the hospital while nervously thinking about tomorrow morning's surgery. to snip off some swollen polyps that has been blocking my nasal path for so long and suck those dirty sinus off from both my cheek bones and what not. these procedures were called turbinectomy and balloon sinuplasty, respectively.

i look up on the net about turbinectomy and it turned out to be somewhat scary! of course, i had second thought bout it but after consulting the otorhinolaryngologist (aka ENT), he said he wouldn't take the turbinates off completely, more like snip off where necessary je, just so i can breathe better. but of course he said, i'd still encounter extra dryness jugak. hmm.. hopefully takdelah teruk sangat. sigh.

i took these steps pon because i couldn't stand visiting the clinic twice a month for the past 4 months, spraying those nasal spray and taking those antihistamines but still suffering from the same thing over and over again. so, do i have a choice? double sigh.

anyway, sorry for not being able to update often since my schedule is so tight. semuanya sebab nak siapkan everything before go on medical leave for this surgery. but by the end of the day, kerja tak siap jugak... triple sigh.

trying to act cool memandangkan tak boleh nak lelap lagi.
dalam hati, God knows!

jumpa lagi yeh. insyaAllah.