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Friday, January 29, 2010

gua tempurung lutut.

dua tiga menjak ni, ada je lu nak sakitkan hati gua kan?
apa masalah lu dengan gua?

come on la.. gua tau la kita kawan dah lama tapi lu tak terpikir ke apa yang lu cakap kat gua tu ok ke tak ok? yang lu sentap lebih kenapa? adatlah tu, manusia ni kan hidupnya tak sempurna. takkan lah gua nak pikirkan lu all the time? apa? lu ingat gua takde keja lain ke? gua pon ada life ok. gua pon ada gua punya set of problem. serious gua tak tau apa masalah lu nak perli-perli gua camtu...

please la.. enough of the sarcasm. lu ingat lu nak gurau camtu gua amik je apa yang lu cakap la? gurau ada had weh. jangan nanti gua sampai satu tahap gua langsung delete lu dari life gua.

happy friday everyone.

sorry but i've got serious friendship issues now.

later bebeh.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad? lelaki mana boleh pakai Pad...

he's done it again!

lepas satu-satu benda dia keluarkan. buat gua sakit hati je weh.

tak sempat nak own yang satu ni, dia introduce yang satu tu pulak. lepas tu yang sinun pulak. gua tertekan babe! gua tertekan! lu memang la dol...

ah! korang tengok je lah kat bawah ni. pictures speak louder than crappy lengthy paragraphs.

i want one too! tapi.. apakah...? uhuhuuu..

apple ipad oh apple ipad. abang steve oh abang steve... ~sigh~

kau memang !@#$%^&* abang steve!

for more infos sebab gua malas nak meroyan lebih-lebih, click here and here.
(pics were nicked from here)

just forget about its pros and cons yah sebab whatever gadgets came from this bloody jobs selalunya akan buat orang impress macam nak mati dulu and went ooohhh and aaahhhh.

oh yes, gua tiba-tiba menyampah pulak kat lalats yang cakap ipad tu tak best la apa laa... nanti-nanti kan tengok la.. bila dah ada kat sini esok, lalats ni la yang paling sibuk nak beli! sama dengan iphone dulu.. beriya condemn gila khinzir *ha sopan sikit* iphone tak best la, mengarut la apa la.. tengok-tengok dorang la yang paling terhegeh-hegeh beli. huh bunyi macam bengang campur jealous but that's the truth!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"scuse me, 3 tickets for avatal pilis?" kata zaes.

after few attempts of persuading me to watch avatar, finally, yesterday night, b's attempt was a success. but of course, we brought along lil guy and mister mama since it's been a while since we last watch any movies at any cinemas.

so, after maghrib, off we went to gsc ioi puchong mall. with his pyjamas and denim jacket, zaes was excited after purchasing the tickets and popcorn and mineral water (mommey, ek ek nak air suam je.. no coke nanti batuk was his exact words. good boy!)

when we reached the cinema hall, we already missed the 1st 10 minutes of the movie. but luckily it was not full, so, we were free to looked for our desired seats. and of course, zaes was a lil noisy upon seeing the avatar. dahla nak duduk on his own seat, sibuk dengan popcorn lagi..

bila dia nampak je avatar tu (the scene where jake sully baru kena tukar jadi avatar), tak berkelip mata dia! but he wasn't scared or tiba-tiba menjerit or menangis la.. (thank God for that!) only that mulut dia tak berhenti bertanya. automatically, b suruh dia diam-diam by signaling the be quiet sign. so, dia pon diam and continue watching while munching his popcorn.

few minutes later, b nak tanya something from me, immediately zaes looked at his dad and showed him the be quiet sign! hahaha!! kan dah terkena balik.. nasib baik dalam cinema, kalau tidak mesti gua dah gelak besar!

and of course, zaes punya attention span when it comes to watching movie memang tak lama. tak habis-habis dia cakap, "haa.. dah habisss.. jom jalan mommey, jom.." lepas tu dia restless then i let him walked along the seats not too far from us since tak ramai orang. but there were times he watched the movie and laughed hysterically especially upon hearing the conversation amongst the avatars.. maybe sebab the words sounded funny la kot..

surprisingly, he didn't fall asleep during the movie eventho there were times he sat quietly on my lap. and finally, bila movie dah habis, cepat-cepat he jumped out of my lap and clapped his hands.. zaes.. zaes..

macam orang tua la awak ni ek ek.

and... another one for the album. and for the first time ever, zaes tak sibuk-sibuk nak minum his daddy's coke.

Monday, January 25, 2010

saba(r) itu separuh daripada lamb kabsah... muahahaha...

last saturday i had the chance to visit cyberjaya for the.. heh.. first time. seriously. if it wasn't because of termimpi-mimpikan lamb kabsah from saba restaurant, mesti takkan jejak tanah cyberjaya tu. ahahahaaa..

the first time i tasted the lamb kabsah was 2 sundays ago. masa tu kitorang nak distribute my sis#2 punya wedding card to my mom's relative, so bila sampai kat rumah my cousin tu (kat taman permata), her mom suggested saba restaurant kat jelatek branch for lunch. and since then (sebab makan tak puas since orang belanja kan.. takkan nak cakap tak cukup kot) the succulent lamb kabsah was on my mind day and nite and knowing incek suami suka lamb, so, that saturday noon, i dragged him there, together with lil zaes and mister mama.

walaupon sesat-sesat cari saba restaurant kat cyberjaya, finally jumpa jugak. and owh, since first time kat cyberjaya, maka gua telah menjadi jakun melihat architecture kat situ.. boleh tak, this one office building, architecture nya sama macam resort percutian? wah.. mesti less stress sesiapa yang bekerja di situ..

sampai kat saba, we were surprised to see the lambakan manusia yang memenuhi ruang saba restaurant. they were in a midst of renovation, i guess tu yang customers ada kat ceruk tu, ada kat ceruk ni. berbeza dengan branch jelatek, which was more proper and organised and cozier ambience too, the one in cyberjaya resembles a mamak place. the 1st 5 minutes memang takde tempat duduk kat dalam (kat luar panas terik tu yang tok se tu..) sampai the waiter tu suruh duduk kat tepi pintu stor (boleh?) tapi berkat kesabaran lamb kabsah, finally dapat gak a table.

mula-mula dapat menu, muka b macam apayangbestsangatmakanankatsini. so i took the menu and ordered one large lamb kabsah + rice, the taboulah (salad-like dish) and the hummus (mashed chick-peas makan dengan thin pita bread). and when the food arrived (perasaan masih teruja sebab ingat b pon akan turut sama teruja) we shared the rice (4 of us) and the lamb was.. aaaahhh!! ooh la laaa! juicy and succulent and lembut and smackelicious! tapi, bila tengok muka b, tak excited sangat sebab he's not too fond of nasi beriyani actually. (tapi tu bukan beriyani la b, it's nasi arab..) cuma he likes the lamb je. tapi dia memang puas hati la sebab for that 1 large lamb kabsah, share 4 orang, memang jimat and worth it. owh.. besides lamb, they also served chicken. and the nasi pon ada 2 types, one is the kabsah, meat was tender and almost fall off the bone soft. another one, hanith. yang hanith ni, the lamb or chicken was wrapped in foil and looked like roasted-type. like i said, LOOKED like roasted tapi tak tau la kan.. we didn't order pon and lupa pulak nak tanya the difference between these 2.. (note to self: jangan lupa tanya difference kepada terma kabsah dan hanith bila pergi sana sekali lagi.. sekali lagi?? bilakah?) the kabsah priced at rm15 for regular size and rm20 for the large size while the hanith price at rm17 (r) and rm22 for large size. the hummus at rm5, tabulah at rm7 and the barbican rm3.

and because of too excited nak belasah the lamb kabsah and the steamy soft arab rice, i didn't take the pics of the food sangat.. sila keciwa..

the open kitchen and the chef.

the drinks. quite disappointed sket sebab they can't serve fruit juices that day sebab dorang tengah buat renovation so they were short on power supply. iced lemon tea (teh o limau ais was more like it) for mister mama & i and that pineapple flavoured barbican drink for b. and teh o for lil zaes. ye. ek ek memang macam orang tua sebab suka minum teh o.

the portion from zaes' plate. he tasted lamb for the second time and i got the feeling that he'll follow b's footsteps, suka makan lamb.

hahaha.. tu diaa.. pinggan licin. orang tu takyah basuh pon..

while waiting for b yang tengah buat air pollution kat luar kedai after finishing our meal, i saw this family pon just finished their lunch. at that time, the waiters were cleaning up their table and to my dismay, dia dok scraped off nasi from each plates. like A LOT of rice when you kumpul them together, you can feed another 2 families! serious! no kidding!! must be their first time datang makan la tu.. salah order ended up tak habis makan sebab the portion was really huge! then before bayar, b cakap masa dia tengah mencemar udara, ada group of guys ni buat muka terkulat-kulat bila orders dorang sampai.. could be another case of terkejut tengok portion nasi yang besar tu la.. haha..

we also ordered a takeaway for my cousin, miya & jai. and nasib baik sempat amik gambar masa dorang nak makan tu..
the lamb kabsah + rice! serious sedap!

and the sambal to be eaten with the kabsah.. macam salsa pon ye, only pedas. but not so pedas... err.. macam tu la..

miya & jai makan sampai lebam.. itupon still have some portion of the rice. lamb dorang habiskan sampai licin as both of them are lamb lovers.

here's the address and contact number:

for the jelatek branch, sila carik sendiri.. muahahahahahaa...

all and all, 2 thumbs up for the food! i forgive the ambience (sebab masih kelam kabut buat renovation maybe?) and i hope the quality stays. sila consider a branch kat putra heights ok?


Thursday, January 21, 2010

jangan menjawab nanti ek ek cakap...

yesterday morning, my hubby and i were on our way to the hospital (bawak zaes jumpa his paed for his immunisation) when an argument broke the silence. it was a silly one, really, but i, being the hard-headed one, always like to answer back eventho i know by doing so, the problem won't solve and would lead to nowhere.

so, whenever he said something that seemed annoying to me, i'd say something back. it went on and on but whenever it was my turn (or not) to say (read: nag) something, my lil zaes would surely say this, "mommey... mommey..." it was as if he wanted something from me, but all he said was, "mommey... mommey.." in a very soft and coaxing tone. yah.. it was as if he was trying to coax me. well, at first i thought zaes was just being mengada, you know, he wanted me to hold him or something, but he kept on calling me whenever it was my turn to nag.

only later that evening i realised that zaes was actually trying to keep me cool and calm (read: mommey, jangan lawan cakap daddy!) when i flashback the morning incident. and that evening jugak, when my hubby came back from work, terus je dia main-main dengan zaes kat sofa, as usual.

again, being the stubborn person i am, i tried not to talk to him (sebab tak habis marah lagi) tapi mister hubby dah tak marah dah, terus je cakap-cakap dengan i macam biasa. and upon seeing this, zaes showed me the happiest, widest smile ever! he was happy to see us talking to each other again, minus the angry tone.

and zaes made me think this morning that he's no longer the baby yang tak tau apa-apa. eventho he's 2yrs++, the surrounds help him think like someone yang sudah tau pelbagai benda. be it your feeling or even what's right and what's wrong.

thank you my lil zaes for doing so.
i will remember that for the rest of my life.
mommey s you ek ek...

a pic of zaes when he was 1 year ++...
(it was taken during the nuffnang-friso kids day out 2009.
tahun ni tak sempat nak participate pon...)


Friday, January 15, 2010

masa sama-sama masa...

sorry for not being able to update this blog from time to time.
been busy with lots of thing now..

sis #2 is getting married soon...
time is crucial now, tengok dia macam banyak sangat benda belum settle..
*terus tekan panic button*

sis #4 is getting engaged soon after that...
omg! baju untuk majlis bertunang dia dah siap belom?
hello mister fashion designer... kenapa tak reply smses & our phone calls ni?
*ok. ok. relax. no need to press the panic button.. just a coupla months away...? what? now january 15th already?? ok. ok. press them buttons now! now! NOW!!!*

and another cousin is getting married few months after all of the above...
let's check her list, shall we? things need to be done by yours truly:
• to do makeup on both her nikah & wedding day - bila nak buat trial makeup ni, babe?
• invitation card design - concept dia dah brief hari tu... ok. ok.. gimme these few days to curik masa to come up with the design... like.. when? ~sigh~

zaes pulak has been the naughtiest, most curious boy in the world...
updates on my lil ek ek.. at the age of 2yrs 5mths ni, dia dah tau macam-macam like the shapes (basic ones), certain alphabets, certain colours and most impressive of all, recite the doa makan. nanti ada masa, i'll take a video of him reciting the doa yah.. alhamdulillahhh :)


office pulak macam biasa la...
biasa biasa je.....
uhhuhuhuhuuu... nak nangis keja menimbunnn....

if my life is gonna be like this for the rest of the year...
ya Allah.. mintak tabahkan hati gua yang dah naik lebam ni....

i need to get away from all these madness.
t . o . t . a . l . l . y .

nak pergi vacation... ~owh crap~

jom ek ek belanja mommey naik merry-go-round jom...

Monday, January 11, 2010

sementara itu...

i is like this couple! nampak very cute
sebab amy is shorter that his wife. heh.

and search rocked ajl 24th edition yesterday with their superb old skool performance. amy and the wig, memang natural! macam balik ke zaman dorang pulak gua rasa... lu orang ni memang kapak laaa!! (dua-dua gambar kat atas tu gua amik dari mstar online.)

apart from that, walaupun gua suka aizat, i felt that ada lagu lain yang lebih layak to be awarded best song. tapi takpe, gua reserved my comments la yeh.

nanti gua jumpa lu orang lagi... take care!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

paparazzi di zoo negara.

b has been longing to bring lil zaes to the zoo since the day he was born (ok. tipu) and finally, masa hari peninju (boxing day, 2nd day of xmas) hari tu, following an unexpected plan dengan my cousin, we decided to go there at a very last minute. itupon bergaduh-gaduh pagi tu.. sebab memang dah hampir pasti lawatan itu bakal tidak menjadi kenyataan. and on the way to UK (cheh budget best je), i called my cousin, memang macam nak surprise dia sebab malam tu dah confirm kat hubby dia yang kitorang tak boleh pegi masa tengah chat kat fb. tengok-tengok dia balik surprisekan kitorang sebab masa i call tu, she said macam malas nak pergi since kitorang cannot join. but upon hearing that we're on our way there, terus suruh kitorang tunggu kat sana.. nasib baik rumah dia dekat je dengan zoo...

when we arrived there, i think around 10am kot, orang dah mula ramai. and i think this is my 2nd or 3rd time pergi zoo negara la kot. masa tadika satu, masa umur berapa tah satu. ok. ok. here's a proof... korang nak gelak, gelak laaa..

ok. muka i memang selenga, berkeladak, berdebu, legam dan semua lah.. (ok.. what's up with the pink short and payung?? er.. kasut sekolah ke tu?? OMG!)

ok. dah cukup-cukup la gelak tu.. :p

macam malas nak taip sebab kalau taip lagi, lagi lama la entry ni akan duduk dalam draft ni sampai bersawang.. let's feast your eyes with these pix...

the entrance. fees adalah rm20 per adult yang ada mykad. yang takde mykad mahal sket, i think rm30 kot.. so sapa tak buat mykad lagi, sila pergi buat sekarang supaya dapat menikmati kemudahan diskaun khusus untuk warganegara sahaja.

zaes memang suka monyet. or any other monyet spesis. harap perangai dia tak macam monyet. *berdoa*

tak makan pon kat sini. auummm!

the cousins and their boys. my other boy kat belakang tabir amik gambar. awww...

first stop, zaes' favourite place, the monkey sanctuary.

nampak gambar monyet kat atas tu? mari ikuti conversation between zaes & i masa dia nampak monyet tu...

mommey: ek ek.. tengok monkey tu..
zaes: mommey, mommey.. monkey tu pakai make up... macam mommey.


seriously, gua tak tau nak marah ke atau nak gelak dengan statement zaes tu sebab masa dia cakap tu, you can see that he's being honest tapi sebenarnya maksud dia lain la kan..?

sama ada dia maksudkan,
"monkey tu macam pakai makeup, just like mommey suka pakai makeup"
- maybe due to the mata lebam sebab i kan suka sangat effect smokey eyes...

simply nak bagitau

"mommey kalau pakai makeup sebijik macam monkey tu"
- lebih straight forward camtu kan.. ahahahaa.. so, gua hanya mampu gelak lantas bagitau kat cousin and incek suami tentang apa yang budak kenit yang jujur and lurus tu cakap... haha... kesian i if he meant to say the 2nd statement...

sebab bengang, terus i dukung dia, tak bagi dia jalan tengok monyet lagi dah.. lepas tu i yang penat.

the paparazzi shot. ati, lil aliff rayyan and her hubby, uncle mas yang digeruni oleh zaes.

dah. amik gambar monkey sikit je sebab ek ek cakap mommey macam monkey.

before the animal show starts.

more paparazzi shots untuk si aliff aka kalip.

incek mat saleh yang suka kacau zaes. maybe sebab zaes tu berlakon adorable masa tu, tu yang incek mat saleh terpedaya tu...

parrot ni tengah buat opening act.

pastu, the sea lion.

zaes enjoying the moment.. sangat attentive. suka sangat pakai fedora hat daddy...

bukan tengah menangis, tapi dia memang suka buat muka camni..

sesi bonding antara second cousins. kalip memang lambat sket nak warm up.. lambat gila ok! adalah dekat dua jam baru dia nak senyum..

sesi memberi makanan & bergambar dengan binatang kegemaran dbab, incek gajah.

sesi bonding part 2.

sesi memberi makanan kepada incek rusa.
yang ni zaes berani pulak nak suap makanan...

half way kat zoo, zaes pon mengantuk lantas melayan mata.
he's been up since early morning, tu yang tertewas jugak tu...

posing maut menatang nih...


sesi bergambar ria bersama keluarga.
(read: dah nak balik sebab perut lapar jom pergi makan)

it was fun sebab dah lama tak keluar jalan-jalan camtu. but tiring jugaklah...
at long last, tercapai cita-cita incek suami nak visit zoo negara.

walaupon binatang-binatang kat zoo negara sekarang ni sudah tidak se gah dulu-dulu... maybe dorang dah tua kot...

fuh.. sebenarnya nak taip entri ni lagi tiring..

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