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Saturday, October 31, 2009

you are lucky in a special way...

special shoutout to my dear friend, baizurah abdullah.
(in response to her latest entry)

i received this email from cik jiran sebelah yesterday morning and i guess i should share some of them with you, you and you. especially you.

Written By Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio

1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.

3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch.

5. Pay off your credit cards every month.

6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.

9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.

10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.

12. It' OK to let your children see you cry.

13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.

15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.

16. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.

17. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

18. Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

19. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else.

20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer.

21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

22. Over prepare, then go with the flow.

23. Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.

24. The most important sex organ is the brain.

25. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words 'In five years, will this matter?'

27. Always choose life.

28. Forgive everyone everything.

29. What other people think of you is none of your business.

30. Time heals almost everything. Give time time.

31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

32. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
33. Believe in miracles.

34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.

35. Don't audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.

36. Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young.

37. Your children get only one childhood.

38. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

39. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.

41. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

42. The best is yet to come.

43. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

44. Yield.

45. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.

everything happens for a reason. and it could be a blessing in disguise.
so, babe.. cheer up ok! you take care now!


good ol' jda days...


Friday, October 30, 2009

makeup junkie : magic, mirth & mischief!

the new m.a.c holiday collection 2009 is now available at the local m.a.c stores near you.

i'm gonna check 'em out later this afternoon! tapi, check je la.. heh.
won't be buying anything kot cuz my bank account say so. hahahaa..

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

last weekend woot woot!

attended an event last saturday with my colleague & cousin. it was funny cuz we didn't get the chance to fully enjoy the whole event but instead we were camwhoring with every single celebs we could stop. since i am too poor to own a digital compact camera (even lil zaes owns a compact camera you know..), i was relying on my colleague to do the snappings & clickings.

bumped into jaja (anuar). she was my junior during varsity years and so happened that she's working at one of the most glamourous local magazine, err.. glam as a writer. she was there to support the other magazine yang organised the event (eh! & glam is under one roof). owh. had my hair trimmed & treated that afternoon. tu yang nampak rambut sangat behave.. heh.

apart from waiting for all the celebs to enter the club, sipping pepsi, inhaling tobacco-polluted air & camwhoring, we didn't give much attention to the happenings at the stage (except when them celebs were being tortured by the emcees to dance with the lucky readers) as the event started an hour late. i guess they were waiting for the celebs to filled up the vip section dulu kot.. (hell yeah! some of the celebs were VERY late.. agaknya that's normal kot..)

my cousin & i decided to called it a nite at around 9-ish (the event or should i rephrase that, party, sepatutnya habis at 10 but looking at the whole situation, i doubt that it's going to end that early.. and sebab perut agak lapar pon ye. kenyang sangat la minum pepsi satu gelas tu..) you see, i can never stand a club scene. itupon rasa macam lama sangat kat dalam tu. memang bukan clubber la gua ni.. heh.

malas nak tulis panjang-panjang lagi, just enjoy them piccas ok.

miya & i, camwhoring @the photo wall.

the 3 of us. (i'm just not good when it comes to posing..)

and i always wear the same smile.. haha.

actually miya's top wasn't that sheer. bila kena flash from the camera je yang nampak macam tu...

kesian. amik gambar sendiri. haha.

it's black.. it's white.. hahaha!

they're fans of her.. =)

she was friendly and pregnant.

the emcees of the nite. they're from suria fm, the co-organiser.

she's a BIG fan of this classic lady.

the young & talented big-haired fashion designer, nik erwan roseli. all these while, i just communicated with him thru smses and phone for wardrobe sponsors for our model shoot and that nite, when i met him for the first time, he was so friendly and stopped when i called him, eventho i didn't introduce myself yet. i was awed.

it's time to torture the celebs & their fans!

tengku azura & i. another friendly, down-to-earth supermodel. and she's like, supertall! i looked like a midget.. (nampak macam i was leaning against her you-know-what, but i wasn't ok! we were hugging each other at that time. maybe because of the obvious height difference hence the outcome of this photo.. LOL!)

and i admit, i memang poyo, selenga, jakun dan semua yang sama waktu dengannya apabila bergambar dengan para celebs. sila kutuk jika mahu dan i akan redha. tapi i masih sedar diri yang i ni dah ada hubby & ingat anak kat rumah lantas pulang awal sambil memanjat kesyukuran kerana mister mama baik hati untuk menjaga ek ek & incek suami membenarkan i keluar bersosial dalam keadaan berhemah, untuk seketika. itu yang penting.

will be back with another cameo appearance on another event. (sila menyampah!)

ciao bella!


Monday, October 26, 2009

special announcement: azyze' music meme + book contest!

here's a quick special announcement for my readers.

cik jiran sebelah is currently having a music meme + book contest and it's open for everyone to participate! it's really simple, all you have to do is to guess the title of the songs & artists from the first liners from each song (there are 20 first liners to guess) & suggest one (1) mtv/videoclip that you love or has impacted you in some way. and tell her why, too. it doesn't have to be from a popular artiste, it could be an unknown, so long as it means something to you.

but hey, no cheating ya! no using the google or any other internet-aided search engines!
be honest and you'll be on your way to win great prizes!

for more infos, please click cik jiran sebelah NOW!
closing date: 2 november 2009.
announcement of winner: 4 november 2009

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Friday, October 23, 2009

28 to 30.

apa kejadahnya upgrading segala bagai ni?

i teruja nak upgrade blog template i ni, but bila tengok if nak upgrade template baru ni banyak sangat hassle, tambah pulak susahnya i nak start all over again, last-last i go back to my old template.

memang teringin nak buat template sendiri. malangnya waktu membataskan segalanya. takde masa gua nak explore sume ni. mau tak tido semalaman if asyik dok membelek html codes and what not. * i nak serve food kat sarip dol tak sampai 10 minit pon ada yang dah tunjuk muka tak puas hati.. ahahaha.. *

it's time i got myself that thing i've been longing for. at the same time, if i got myself that, i can consider a lot of thing in my life. i can blog regularly (alasan bangang ni), i can help my other half with his work, i can manage my sarip dol effectively.. eh.

can this be considered as my upcoming birthday wish list? ngahahaa..


speaking of gifts, i'm not that kind of person who always expect to get anything for my birthday. maybe sebab dari kecik mister mama & papa tak penah amalkan amalan memberi hadiah ketika tibanya hari ulangtahun kot. like mister papa, pada dia, birthday itu cukuplah sekadar bersyukur kepada Allah yang kita masih bernafas untuk menikmati kehidupan.

unlike mister mama, walaupon dia tak amalkan jugak, tapi she's the type of person yang suka memberi and terima hadiah. walaupon mister papa jarang shower her with gifts, tapi mister mama adalah sempoi. lagipon, she knows how to earn her own pocket money. so bila dia ada duit dari hasil titik peluh dia sendiri, dia beli la apa yang dia suka. tak susahkan sesiapa. and i think sebab tu la anak-anak dia pon ikut macam dia. satisfaction to the max!

pernah dulu, at that time i just received my upsr result. sebab result yang bagus, i dapat penghulu segala huruf, sama untuk setiap 5 subjek ketika itu (read: 5As. saja taknak bangga. eh. dah tertulis pon. heh.). sebelum tu, ada beberapa individu (sedara-mara la ni) yang dah verbally promised dengan i, if i dapat straight As, i'd get a bike la, i'd get rm10 for each A laa.. so when the day i brought that lil slip home, i showed to everyone but didn't mention anything about getting present la sebab, like i said earlier, tak pernah diajar untuk mintak itu ini walaupon i remembered about the promise. and seperti yang dijangka, janji tinggal janji aka harapan palsu jela yang dorang berikan sebab masing-masing buat macam tak pernah janji apa-apa dengan i la.

tapi, being me, i kept my cool and told myself not to think too much about it. until the next few days, i received a package from mister mama. she said the present was from her eldest sister, my auntie bibah. when i opened it, it was a walkman! mind you, having a walkman at that time was the in thing for the teenagers in my era *rasa macam tua sangat la pulak. padahal it was bloody 1991.* eventho it was not a sony, aiwa was the next best brand one could ever have! i jumped in joy and asked mister mama to thank her on my behalf. and at that time, i know i couldn't count on verbal promises. surprises beat promises big time! betul? i was bragging about my walkman each time orang tanya mana dapat.. hahaha.

and tah macamana tah, few years after that, i found out that the walkman wasn't actually a gift from my auntie. it was mister mama who bought it sebab dia kesian kat i sebab orang lain janji bagi present but i never got any. oh boy, i was angry to the max when mister mama revealed her darkest secret! *dangg! i thought i recognised the handwriting on the lil card!*
since then, i never bother to think about any rewards or gifts at all. ada, adalah.. takde takpe.

but the most memorable birthday gift i could ever think of so far was, a home made chocolate cake baked by mister mama YANG arwah opah suruh buat pada setiap 1 muharram. few days before satu muharram mesti arwah opah would remind her to bake the cake and when the day came, arwah opah akan bagi kek tu together with rm10 as my islamic-calendar birthday gift (i was born on 1st muharram 1400, that's where my name came about). goshh.. i missed my arwah opah!

anyway, of course la i appreciate every single presents that i've ever received in my whole 29 years of living! jangan kecik hati pulak if i didn't mention it here.

the best gift ever.
(candidly taken by billa)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

29 to 30.

it's hard to commit yourself to something and in my case, updating the blog regularly.

since billa is away for some business trip till this sunday, i had no choice but to drive the car to the office. usually, she'd be the driver and would send me to the office first due to some route issues. bukan apa, when she got her hands on her driving license couple of years ago, she'd be so eager to drive each time and since i own a car, i don't mind to share the car with her (bayar instalment pon share.. hehe) & practise the car pooling system to the office. but never bother to drive each time la, unless she's really really, like, really tired from her futsal late nites, then only i consider. ye. i'm a cruel sister but hey, you nak sangat drive, sila drive sampai lebam la ok.. heh.

so, whenever she's out of town, i had no choice la kan. tapi since dah melemak sangat ada driver selama ini, i never bother to renew my 8-months-already-expired driving license. phew.. there you go, i've confessed! tapi masih selamba juga memandu.

and sebabkan i dah terlampau biasa menjadi penumpang, i dah terbiasa menjadi penumpang yang kuat tido. tak kira la if it's only a 10 minutes journey, mesti nak lelap. ye. agak kronik sekali penyakit tido dalam kereta itu. sampai terbawa-bawa ketika memandu. banyak kali pulak tu. owh..

seperti yang berlaku dalam perjalanan pulang dari studio setelah seharian mengaturkan lingerie shoot.. tadi. eventho i was driving dalam kadar kelajuan maksima (paling hebat adalah 160km/s, suatu ketika dulu, sekarang 140 bole la kot.. tu pon dah bergegar2 dah myvi kesayangan gua tu), mata turut sama terbuai-buai ditambah pulak dengan lagu jiwang karat terluka berkumandang di radio, lagilah makin terasa seperti kepala tengah rest kat bantal empuk kat katil dalam bilik.. sempoi betol. tapi berbahaya. ahaha..

lucky thing, i didn't let myself to indulge in that situation. if ikut jugak, nescaya...

but fret not dear readers, i'll renew my license as soon and never forget to recite the qursi before leaving my house just so i'd be in the protection of The Almighty. insyaAllah.

there you go. i've updated.
crappy ones. but it's all good, innit?

chao bella.

kesian si kenit ni. i just scolded him, like REALLY scolded him for being so naughty! (he broke the sliding door lock and now our sliding door can't be locked cuz the hook is broken!) i raised my voice * i think the neighbours heard me * and pinched his ears until he cried, as if i've beat him with the hanger or something..tu baru marah je. cubit telinga pon tak la cubit betul-betul.. hmm.. maybe he never saw me angry like that la kot... soon after, i regretted that i lost my temper and hugged & kissed him like there's no tomorrow. i can still see those sad teary eyes... mommey is very sorry, lil angel... mommey loves you zaes sayang!=)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

30 to 30.


this is not a countdown, but instead some precious moments (or sour ones) i'd like to share.
itupon if i could breathe each day before the big 3 0. God's will, insyaAllah. but if Allah has another plan for me, seperti: mati before i turn 30, nothing that i could do melainkan redha je. tapi mestilah semua orang pon mengharapkan that we'll live longer kan..

ok. sad notes aside.

if most of us rasa takut dengan angka 3 kat depan umur dorang when the time comes, in this case, i'm excluded. i like the fact that i'm turning 30. it is such a wonderful number (coincidentally i ♥ the number 3) and i really think that one shouldn't be ashamed of turning 30.

ada someone in my life (no names mention) yang suka takut-takutkan or rather bila cakap pasal umur je, mesti cakap, "oh noo.. you're turning 30 soon! isk. isk." masa tu of course la i keep my cool eventho dalam hati ni rasa pelik sket kenapa dia nak kena cakap camtu? what is so scary about turning 30? aren't you going to turn 30, one fine day? and then she (selalunya memang perempuan la yang kecoh sangat pasal numbers ni) would go on and on about it. then i'd answer that i'm ok with it and bersyukur when the time comes. pastu she'd give me this are-you-in-denial-buat-buat-cool-tapi-sebenarnya-tak-suka-kan look. sorry, i'm not in denial nor buat-buat konon ok tapi tak, ok! seriously, i think age is just a number! no matter how old are you, tapi perangai macam rumah tak siap je, pon takleh pakai jugak kan.

age is created only to remind us that we have to be at par of where we're at and what we should be doing. to focus in life, spiritually & logically. and i'm not ashamed of my age.

*actually, kebanyakan manusia (normally perempuan) tak suka nak dedahkan umur sebab takut dengan kedut-kedut and kendur-kendur sana sini. tu yang ada yang sibuk nak botox tang sini, cucuk tang situ. tapi kalau dah banyak sangat botox, muka pon dah jadi macam kucing pencen, lagi la orang takut nak tengok muka yang penuh dengan cosmetic procedures tu kan. i want to age gracefully, therefore insyaAllah, i hope i won't be doing these kind of cosmetic surgeries in the near future.*

so, to all my readers, no matter how old you are, please don't be afraid to tell the world your age. be proud of it.

this picture was taken when i was 3.. kot. tah.
mister mama couldn't remember.


birthday shoutout!

happy birthday to my favourite illustrated/photographic bloggers....

kak emil, (pic credit)


incek saharil (pic credit)

for today is their birthday!

semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki!
may Allah bless your journey, dunia akhirat. insyaAllah.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

blog4ft competition : special dedication to &

i'll be back as soon as i finish my job.

meanwhile, kindly visit kak emil's & encik rotan's weblog and vote for their participation in the blog4ft competition organised by the ministry of federal territories, malaysia in order to encourage the public to blog about the federal territories of kuala lumpur, putrajaya and labuan. in other words, nak promote federal territories la ni.. hehe. well.. a good effort by the government i must say now that they have recognised the power of blogosphere!

kudos to the government of malaysia!

their entries (kak emil & incek rotan) are so informative, colourful, creative & fun! i hope they'll win one of the prizes offered. *berdoa pada Yang Maha Esa*

*i was thinking of participating too but after visits to their weblogs, i'd rather be a voter than a participant. sebab i sedar diri i ni tak bagus mana nak susun ayat let alone nak illustrate or photograph ft in a creative way, ended up nanti mesti kalah. maybe not even dapat masuk top 100 pon. ahahahaa..*

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

raining with a chance of nasi lemak ayam goreng rempah.

it's raining... with a chance of nasi lemak ayam goreng rempah, outside.
haha. how i wish that happen! don't we all?

anyway, a friend just gave me 3 tickets to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs special screening this saturday, october 17th 2009 at gsc tropicana mall and the movie starts at 11 in the morning. ow well, good chance that i might not be going due to some excuses and one of them excuse is that b will be on wedding job again (yup. again. another you're-on-your-own weekend for me!) and the fact that i've planned out my weekend, the week before, to do the laundry, to clean the bathroom and few other chores to get my calories burning.. haha. konon jela.

pic credit:

now that i got the tickets, i might change my mind and perhaps, re-plan my plans. hmm.. maybe i'd do the laundry on friday nite and take a rain check on cleaning up the bathroom... la-di-da...

let's watch the trailer first, shall we?

delish! i hope zaes would enjoy the food storm.. err. i mean.. movie.

ok. ok. we'll see how...

meanwhile, have you vote?
thanks lovelies! *wink! wink!*

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Monday, October 12, 2009

huggies® baby photo contest, in collaboration with giant.

i received a notification via email from huggies about this contest, some weeks ago and baru sekarang la i got the time to enroll zaes' best pic for a chance of winning 6 months supply of diaper.

therefore dear readers and friends and family, if you have a lil time to spare, please click here and vote for lil zaes by entering the key word: meor mirzaeskandar, and then click vote, once the image of zaes appears on the screen to increase his chance of winning the 6 months supply of huggies diaper!

a lil note on huggies diaper, zaes has been using the brand since he was born and so far huggies has been a great diaper and didn't cause much problems as it provides great protection against leaks at the legs, an all-over breathable, soft, cloth-like cover, keeping baby’s skin feeling fresh & dry and that extra softness for that extra care on your baby's delicate skin.

*last year, we managed to purchased a one-year supply of huggies various product diaper - the pull-ups pants, dry, dry comfort - from the kimberly-clarks warehouse sale, due to repackaging/rebranding of their diaper products, at an out-of-this-world price... rm300++ for more than 20 over packs of diapers. seriously no kidding! (since it was on a first-come-first-serve basis, we were at the location of the warehouse sale at about 5.30 in the morning and since it happened during ramadhan, we went there straight after we had our sahur at mcdonald's.. hahaha.. madness ey?) we ran out of the normal diapers just recently, tapi pull-ups pants still ada few more packs. owh, that rm300++ tu including some cartons of kotex.. the tuala wanita (disposable pads)! gila kan?*

oh, btw, below is the pic i've put up for you to vote!

please vote for meor mirzaeskandar.
hey! that's me! please please please vote for me,
so that i can save a lil of daddy's money for 6 months.
thank you so much to you, you & you!

just so you know, you can vote as many times as you want!
what are you waiting for then?

vote now! vote now! vote now!

hahahaaa.. over.

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you shall be missed sarip dol.

macam biasa i masuk ofis hari ni, and since masuk ofis sebelum waktu kerja bermula, i took my own sweet time to browse the net and log in on to my fb account.

and since satu donia dah tau i sekarang tengah manage sarip dol cafe kat fb tu, so wajib lah i nak tengok sat mana yang patut kat cafe tu.. lepas dah click kat icon burger kat bookmark tu, tengah berdebar-debar nak tengok profit cafe hari ni.. ini yang keluar..

sarip dol cafe i dah kena block!

uhuk! uhuk! a friend of mine in IT dept dah bagitau hari tu dah, if ramai/kerap sangat masuk cafe world kat fb tu, tak lama lagi memang kena block la.. and today dah kena dah pon.

kesian sarip dol cafe. terabai. takde orang nak datang makan dah sebab takde food nak serve. pastu rating mesti drop gila-gila punya! dengki aa dorang ni.

*excuse me... stop eating blind salary can or not?
go do your work NOW! EL PRONTO!!*

ok lah. ok lah. i got it. i got it.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

metaphorically, it's savvy vs bmw.

percubaan memblog menggunakan kombinasi handphone + wi-fi di ruang tamu sebentar tadi menemui kegagalan. entah. sama ada phone gua ni memang cikai ataupon wi-fi yang macam bengong.

tapi la, i rasa phone i yang cikai. tak sehebat iphone eventho phone i ni touch screen gak. tsk. tsk. sedih bila fikir pasal iphone yang dah menemui pasaran malaysia secara rasminya tu. sebab i tak sanggup nak habiskan duit sebanyak tu. with that kinda amount, tambah sket lagi, baik i beli macbook kan. tapi masalahnya sekarang, nak mengiyakan kehadiran macbook tu pon payah gak. tak tau la bila boleh direalisasikan.

ow well.

anyway, hari ni kecoh sket. tadi masuk fb... oh. jangan risau. i takkan racun korang pasal cafe world lagi. cukup la entry semalam. nanti cik kening terkerat sebelah tu meroyan lagi kat sini. heh.

haa.. tadi masuk fb, a status of one of my friends tu, menarik minat seketika. dan agak terbeliak jugak la bijik mata bila tengok tu! cerita darah daging sendiri yang sanggup tikam dari belakang la. kesian dia. rupanya dah banyak dia berdiam diri walaupon sedara dia tu asyik mengutuk, memperlekehkan dia kat orang lain.

before i story lebih, let's label them shall we?

my friend tu, i nak panggil dia... savvy... and sedara dia tu.. kita panggil.. errmmm.. ok ok.. bmw. ha.. ada beza tak kat situ? savvy yang kerdil, local dan humble and bmw yang gah, international and a lil over the top.

suatu ketika dulu, dorang ni memang la sedara yang akrab dan sama-sama mengusahakan perniagaan menjual kacang tanah bersama-sama. memang terserlah yang antara kedua tu, bmw ada lebih sket la sebab dia suka melihat perniagaan dia dari pelbagai sudut dan cuba menjadi kreatif. dia pandai buat pr, marketing, sehingga orang yang tak suka makan kacang tanah macam i ni, pon jadi suka and berusaha untuk beli kacang tanah yang dijual oleh dorang walaupon terpaksa berbelanja lebih sket. habis jugak la duit bonus i masa tu. tah. kacang tanah lain pr & marketing tak gah macam yang dorang ni jual, tu yang i beriya sangat nak beli tu. memang rasa best sangat bila dapat beli kacang tanah yang dorang jual tu! bangga tak terkata bila ada orang puji i bila tengok kat rumah i ada kacang tanah tu...

nak dipendekkan cerita, after beberapa tahun dorang bersama, si bmw ni dah macam dagu lebih tinggi dari dahi la. yela.. konon dia sorang je yang berusaha untuk tingkatkan perniagaan dorang, orang lain tak berusaha sangat. dari keja berdua, dia dah ada pekerja yang boleh membantu, tapi masih rasa cara kerja dorang tu tak sehebat cara dia..

i pon tak tau apa yang berlaku, dengar-dengar je, si savvy membuat keputusan untuk mencari haluan sendiri setelah merasa diri dia diperlekehkan oleh sedara dia si bmw tadi tu. so, dia pon keluar secara baik walaupon si bmw ada sikit risau la if savvy memburuk-burukkan dia nanti...

lepas savvy & bmw masing2 berkahwin, perniagaan yg diusahakan bmw makin maju. maka bertambah over the top la dia.. di uar-uarkan kat official blog tentang kehebatan kacang tanah dia yang menjadi rebutan ramai, locally & internationally. i pon masih lagi mengikuti perkembangan dorang walaupon dah tak perlu beli kacang tanah dorang tu lagi sebab minat cara dorang bekerja & cara dorang mempelbagaikan aspek perniagaan. i pon heran la jugak kenapa savvy lama menyepi sebab masa tu i tak tau pon savvy dah tak kerja sama-sama dengan bmw.

bila i jumpa savvy & bmw kat fb, i pon add dorang. tiap kali if savvy online, status dia berubah-ubah. ada baur kemarahan tapi i tak pasti to whom. dengan partner dia pon, i jadi kawan jugak eventho tak penah bersua muka. status dan blog partner dia pon selalu gak la cerita berbaur yang sama. bmw lak, semakin hari bila baca kat blog or status, mesti ada yang macam melatah la, tak puas hati la.. tapi yang pasti baur riak mesti ada walau sedikit.

mula-mula i kurang percaya dengan cakap-cakap orang tentang apa yang jadi antara dorang and pasal perangai bmw yang semakin di awang-awangan tu. tapi, bila dah terjadi dekat seseorang yang rapat di hati dengan i, i pon terus la hilang respect dekat bmw ni.

sampai la hari ni, bila lava meledak kat fb savvy and selamba je mention pasal perangai busuk bmw kat status dia, tu yang terus i tanya apa yang jadi. dan as we all know, sedara darah daging dia si bmw ni, dah pegi fitnahkan savvy & partner dia kat ramai orang. termasuklah future client savvy. ala. bmw ni sudah paranoid la.. ingat savvy akan buruk-burukkan dia padahal orang tu dok diam je buat keja sendiri jaga kehidupan sendiri yang bakal diserikan dengan kehadiran cahaya mata tak lama lagi.

tapi bila dah over the limit, sapa boleh tahankan? memang la bila dia kenangkan sedara darah daging, taknak la dia burukkan lagi keadaan. tapi kalau sampai dah bab-bab hantar email ugut segala bagai... memang dah lebih la.. aiseh...

dengarnya sekarang bmw dah putuskan hubungan kekeluargaan dengan savvy, siap warning, tak bagi dorang contact partner atau anak dia sekali pon...

hmm.. tu la pelik kan. i pon tak paham dengan orang camni. kenapa la dia sanggup buat camtu kat darah daging sendiri? just because you're on top, patutnya jangan la riak lebih sampai sanggup putus sedara. dah la kehidupan savvy tu sederhana je, tak riak, tak susahkan orang. si bmw yang sah-sah la memang kaya-raya, mewah, kawen pon dengan anak vvip ni patutnya tak yah la kacau kehidupan sedara dia yang jauh beza tu. dok diam-diam sudah...

dek kerana nak mengaburi mata fanatics kacang tanah dia tu, bmw ni ada gak la dok cerita kat blog pasal dia ada sponsor satu rumah kebajikan tu. tiap kali mention pasal amal yang dia buat. tapi tak guna jugak la kan beramal jariah segala if dengan sedara darah daging u sendiri u buat macam sampah, pahala sume tak sampai kat you ok?!

not my intention to menjatuhkan sesiapa but i nak korang, my readers yang budiman, ambil cerita ni sebagai iktibar. jangan riak sangat dalam melakukan or mengusahakan sesuatu perkara. Allah tu maha adil. Dia sentiasa nak duga kita and in bmw's case, dia diduga oleh harta kekayaan dunia. sekejap Dia bagi, sekejap jugak la Dia tarik balik nanti.

cerita ni pon sebagai iktibar untuk i. and a lil note for incek suami jugak. yela. dia kan ada side business. and alhamdulillah, makin lama dia makin diterima. pujian pon ada la seketul dua. i selalu berdoa kat Allah yang dia dihindari dari perkara-perkara riak, takbur, sombong & bongkak and jangan la dia leka diulit pujian yang takat kat celah gigi, guna toothpick je dah hilang dah... ehem.

oklah. i guess sume orang pon lalui perkara-perkara camni dalam hidup mereka. and i pon tak dikecualikan. i always pray that Allah akan sentiasa lindungi i, family i dari perkara-perkara yang tak baik camni.

siapakah? siapakah..?
*takyah la korang nak tanya sapa savvy & bmw tu yeh...*


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

eating blind salary again ah?

haha. semua orang kat fb ligat jealous dengan i sebab tengah makan gaji buta.

the actual situation was, i've done with my work and waktu bersenggang adalah surprisingly sangat lama pula kali ni sebab selalunya mesti ada new job untuk dilaksanakan sebelum sempat pon nak menghela nafas lega. so, i occupied myself with, haha.. cafe world kat fb!

ever since cafe world di introduce kan oleh billa, i dah tercangkuk (i've been hooked!?) dan kelekaan pon ye. maklumla... realitinya i bukanlah tukang masak yang hebat. nak sampai kat huruf M (for masak lah..) tu pon tak tau la bila... so i took the opportunity to entertain myself with the cafe world, how to cook, how to manage your cafe effectively, so that you'll gain points, gain respect.. haha. chewah!

presenting the sarip dol cafe!

seronok tau tengok orang datang makan at your cafe, pastu bersabar je tunggu nak masak, ada dish yang sampai dua hari baru siap, ada yang 5 minit je.. but the most important thing is, you've gotta keep your food stocked up at the counter so that your friends will keep on coming and you'll gain profit from there.

the decorative items.

once duit dah banyak, macam-macam you can do with the money! you can renovate & decorate your cafe. pastu if naik level, ada certain level tu, allows you to buy additional stove la, dapat amik new waiter la.. haha! macam-macam! as of now, i've passed the buying additional stove stage and now, i'm allowed to hire another waiter.

part of the menus.

and as for food yang we can cook, dah sampai boleh buat jumbo shrimp cocktail. the menu memang sedap-sedap... hahaha macam real la gua!

tapi sekarang ni gua tengah nak tau if we can control our operation hour. anybody knows? gila! sekarang cafe sarip dol beroperasi selama 24 jam woh.

*billa tu pagi-pagi lepas mandi dah on komputer nak cekitdaut her sang algojo cafe.*

owh.. owh... lagi satu.. you can change your look, your style, your clothes! heh.

tapi awas gerak langkahmu woo! once hooked, there is no turning back!
go on. search for cafe world kat your facebook.

you've been warned!

*evil laugh!*

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it's too late to apologise...

i am sorry if i've hurt you in any ways.
i hope you'd forgive me.
even if it's too late.
you know who you are.

Monday, October 05, 2009

edible ringtones from cuppacakes® by +wondermilk & nokia

remember hari tu i review pasal cuppacakes® by +wondermilk?

little did i know that the person behind it was this young malay guy who is a designer by profession. only when the new nokia ad keluar, promoting their latest collabro with 3 young talented artists in conjunction with the newly launced nokia n97, barula i notice pasal benda tu..

and for his project, he came up with these cool animated ringtones & game, made all by himself. ow boy, they are so cute! check 'em out here! and don't forget to download them and share them with your friends eh! oh, btw, his name is ifzan. check him out!

click here to be a fan!
klik disini untuk menjadi sebuah kipas!
*haha. wtf! saja gatal nak translate*

the 4 animated ringtones.

the game.
(please click here! for the ringtones & game)

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may the sharks be with you.

last saturday was absurd! the traffic was absurd!!
masa tu la i menyesal memiliki kereta transmisi manual. blardy traffic jam!
apa? semua orang kat kl buat open house at the same time kah?

i slept very late the nite before after sending incek suami off (who had to cover 3 wedding jobs from morning till nite, jengka: nikah, morning - kl: chinese wedding, nite - jengka: kenduri on sunday.. phew! menaip ini je dah penat, apa lagi dia..)

that saturday morning, mister mama dah kejut awal-awal dek kerana tak mau lambat sampai ke venue annual consert my 2 nieces kat sekolah seri cahaya, somewhere in shah alam (kat ceruk lepas area ke big plate, somewhere near kampung melayu subang.. sebelah dengan jirat cina lak tu.. hui.. seriau..) memang dah plan nak pegi sebab nak tengok qistina terima scroll sebab graduate tadika.. haha.

and so, off we went to the place. we were early, the hall was freezing cold, nasib baik bagi zaes pakai long sleeves t-shirt. the 2 girls performed their dance. qistina, being the senior, menari hip hop dance. omg! she was so ligat! sangat cute tapi gambar from billa's cam, takde yang dapat capture masa dia menari. yang clear cuma masa dia amik scroll je. *ehem itupon i sangat berinisiatif untuk ke depan dan snap snap. nak harap billa.. cheh! ehem* and as for dania, surprisingly, masa berlatih kat rumah, nampak macam ada harapan nak tengok rerun last year's concert (she was very outstanding among other kids at that time!), nak-nak pulak, she was given the responsibility to introduced her troop before their performance. well, she did the intro quite well, tapi ada tersekat sana sini, maybe because tiba-tiba stage fright la kot.

that's dania, the cheongsam-wearing girly girl, performing michael jackson's black or white.

proud qistina in the middle with her graduation cert. i swore i saw this OMG-i-have-graduated! reaction, tutup mulut dengan tangan segala, on her face, masa they let off the confetti-poppers thingey on the air.. - oh so drama queen!

but all in all, we enjoyed the show! especially the 1st performance by the pre-schoolers yang below 4 years old. ada sorang budak perempuan tu, masa masuk mula-mula tu, she already started crying and i can see her mouthed, "mummy.. mummy.." tapi bila lagu dah mula, she did the dance routine, tapi masih menangis dan panggil mak dia! dahla gebu, montok and gem gem, lagi la orang geram tengok dia sambil gelak-gelak! she was crying the whole dance, tapi still menari. then bila dah habis, masa orang lain tepuk, dia pon tepuk jugak tapi menangis! how cute was that! sebab enjoy sangat tengok show budak tu, sampai tak ingat nak snap evident (read: malas nak ke depan untuk amik gambar)

then we went straight back since the next agenda was to be at my cousin's place, around 4pm. tapi sampai rumah, billa pulak siap-siap nak pegi open house kawan dia tapi nak suruh i mekap dia dulu. dah mekap-mekap tu, siap pakai bulu mata palsu yang maha berat tu (tula.. awak sibuk sangat nak pakai kan.. amik kau!), dia kata nak ikut sekali sebab she didn't know how to get to her friend's place in ampang. dah la gua sendiri pon tak well-versed dengan jalan-jalan kat kl, i told her to get there on her own since her kawan je's car was around.

tapi, being billa, the spoiled bred (saja eja camni, memang she was bred to be spoiled huh =p). dia nak jugak suruh gua hantar when she knew that i have to be in gombak by 4pm (my cousin suruh mekap dia sebab her company buat open house that nite)

and being the best sister in the whole wide world me, so i agreed to sent her. mister mama didn't want to follow due to the long winding journey before, so i have to brought along lil zaes sebab tak nak mister mama yang tengah pening tu tambah pening jaga dia.

we went out at 3, we took the highway, konon-konon bayar tol ni boleh elak traffic jam la kan. dah lepas tol jalan duta - that was rm5.20 worth of toll -, we took the infamous duke highway - another rm2.00 there - only to found ourselves queuing up from the ampang/ulu kelang exit all the way to ampang indah! and guess what? we reached ampang indah at 5pm!

i continued my journey, since mrr2 dah dekat, i thot i could made my way to gombak in half an hour's time but i took the wrong exit, all the way to jalan tun razak (another rm1.50 wasted!), a lot of cars, but moving, so, i took the setapak route, dengan harapan nak guna duke again, dah masuk duke, i took the wrong way, last-last lalu jalan gombak/sentul/batu caves and again, i was stuck in this bloody traffic madness! masa tu jugak la, petrol tank yang masa mula-mula tadi 4 bars, tiba-tiba blink-blink mintak refuel. ngok!

at last, i reached her place at about 6-ish!! sampai merengkok-liuk-lentuk la jugak si zaes kat passenger's seat! kesian dia, tak habis-habis cakap, "mommey, jam ke? mommey jam eh?" dengan lapar sume.. of course we were hungry sebab the last time i checked, we ate at around 1++pm. dah la tu, makan nasi impit je.

lepas mekap my cousin, (she was rushing too sebab she was supposed there before anyone else) and after melepaskan lelah sekejap, i texted billa, telling her that i'm not gonna brave the blardy traffic again and that she had to find her way back! gua memang brutal dan kejam! muahahaha!

of course, she got mad but managed to tumpang her friends to one utama as i'll be taking the ldp and lalu belah sana pon. tapi tu la, memang traffic hari sabtu tu memang apa ke hal nya pon i don't know why, it was jammed all the way from kepong area tu sampai one utama!

and sebab bengang sangat, i decided to masuk dalam one utama and had dinner with lil zaes while waiting for billa. dahla masa nak sampai one utama tu, he was half asleep! tapi i managed to woke him up and made him walked instead of bringing along the stroller despite his sleepiness. and yang penatnya i la jugak sebab tiba-tiba dia hyper and tak jadi mengantuk. lari sana, lari sini... *sila menyesal sebab tak bawak stroller*

when billa (sans bulu mata palsu sebab telah pon dicabut the first few minutes dia masuk rumah kawan dia..) & i reunited, we went back with much exhaustion.

nasib baik pon mister mama tak ikut sekali.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

eid mubaraq anecdotes.

are you waiting for me to publish the zaes yang hot stuff entry?
or maybe you've forgotten all about it? kan usually i like to end my entry with something i promised to write for the next blog post, but akhirnya tak muncul-muncul pon cerita itu...? ha. that's the case here la. i don't think i'll be serenading you with that story sebab selain daripada cerita itu dah basi, mungkin butir-butir lain telah pon dilupai. *besides the bits and pieces of the angry feeling i still have for lil zaes for being so naughty and taknak dengar cakap mommey semalam. notty boy!*

anyway, before i terlupa mengenai anekdot hari raya 2009, lebih baik la i mula menulis mengenainya. it might not be as funny, but as and when the situation happened, memang kelakar la for me. ok. let's start, shall we?

scene 1.
mak's (b's mom) house, tanjung karang.
hari raya day one.
that first day of hari raya, we received a lot of guests of which most of them were mak's relatives. lil zaes was busy tailing his daddy when at this one point, they were separated sebab b was fast avoiding lil zaes from following him sebab nak pegi merokok (amaran kerajaan malaysia: merokok tidak baik untuk kesihatan) kat luar. so, i carried him and masa tu jugak he shouted across to his dad,

"subhi karim!! subhi karim!!"

everyone started to look around and laughed upon hearing this.

panggil incek bapa dengan nama... mat salleh la lu brader! heh.
*nak kena moral-check budak ni. biasa dia ni!*

scene 2.
bro-in-law's crib, subang jaya.
hari raya day four.
selepas puas berhari raya kat seremban & puchong with my besties, elly & ika and their newborn babies, after maghrib kitorang pegi berhari raya kat rumah my b.i.l pulak. so happened mister mama's bro & family nak datang beraya so we decided to meet them up there before inviting them to our place. so they came to my b.i.l's house with another entourage of family, which is, his in-laws. dah la anak-anak uncle min memang ramai (6 of them i think?), so bila yang masuk rumah tu ada more than 6 teenagers, rumah my b.i.l terus jadi hingar-bingar. tapi tak kisah la. orang datang beraya (read: tengah kira-kira cukup tak sampul duit raya yg masih ada content nak bagi kat dorang tu...)

so, masa time makan, my sis pon hidang la mee goreng (yang dibeli di mamak bistro berdekatan) and this fusion of drink since she's not into buying berbotol-botol carbonated drinks when festive season is here.

i was watching tv while eating the hell pedas mee mamak when one of them teenagers, let's call her miss konon-pandai *who is btw not my cousin, she was my cousin's cousin. so, no relation there ok*, comfortably made her way in front of me and suka hati tukar the channel. then i overheard a conversation among them:

my cousin: isk. sedapnya air ni. (referring to the drink made by my sis)
miss konon-pandai: a'ah.. sedap kan.
my cousin: air apa agaknya ni kan?
miss konon-pandai: oh.. ni air pink guava. (muka confident macam dia yang bancuh air tu tadi)

geram punya pasal, i pon mencelah,
"eh.. tu bukan pink guava la. tu ribena campur lemon kordial."

tiba-tiba miss konon-pandai (dengan muka yang cuak) terus buat iklan ribena,
"kelass rumah kakak!"

err..? wtf?

and it didn't end there.

when they adjourned to our place, and since dorang pon dah makan, i just made coffee and tea (but my uncle and his wife couldn't resist mister mama's leftover lunch, so they continued..) and hidangkan some's donuts which was brought by miya & jai earlier on.

so, sorang-sorang budak-budak tu datang and grab them donuts. then, miss konon-pandai came and about to get one. bila dia dah amik tu, just before she bite them, i heard her murmuring to herself, "ooohh! i love big apple (a competitor of's)" when you can clearly see the's box, right in front of you! since it was already late and the fact that i'm gonna start working the next day and that i'm left with below zero level of energy, i just kept quiet eventho my heart was flaming and shouted "tu donuts la weyh!" profusely!

then miss konon-pandai made her way to the sofa and quickly channel surfing until she stopped at starworld when she saw the sight of barack obama being interviewed by mr letterman. dengan penuh gedik di mata dan hatinya, miss konon-pandai raised the tv volume and glued herself in front of the idiot box and pretended she was obama's no.1 fan! *pretended sebab she didn't really listened to what he has to say, just plain feasting her eyes with his looks and stuff..*

can we get rid of these wannabes soonest?

i might sound like a pathetic old lady who can't accept the fact that she's not in her era anymore (bummer!) hence couldn't really understand teenagers zaman sekarang punya style.. ow well.. maybe. maybe not. miss konon-pandai was just plain annoying, with a long scarf terlilit kat leher tapi takde la sejuk mana pon malam tu. owh.

scene 3.
our place, putra heights.
hari raya day six.
since we came back like really late from my auntie's house in gombak the nite before, niat nak bangun pagi and pegi pasar untuk membeli bahan-bahan memasak bagi merealisasikan sesi ajak-beberapa-kawan-ke-rumah-untuk-berhari-raya-sambil-menikmati-rendang-masakan-mister-mama-kesayangan-hamba terpaksa dilupakan (ye kak w. tu la sebab utama i terpaksa kensel rancangan utama hari sabtu itu.. heh.)

tapi, walaupon bangun lambat, incek suami masih ingin menikmati rendang ayam, nasi impit & kuah kacang, lalu dengan gigihnya he decided to cooked them himself. so we when to the nearby hypermarket.

roxy: no babe! no way! please let mama cook!
b: i can. i can. i can. dah. jangan sibuk.
roxy: tak yah beli banyak2 sangat ayam tu, nanti tak jadi, tak sedap, buang je. (hell yeah, those were my exact words!)
b: i kata boleh, boleh la! hish!

armed with the recipe he got from the net, since he insisted on searching for the recipe instead of using mister mama's (and of course, what's a rendang ayam without its ingredients la kan) he forbade mister mama from entering the kitchen and did everything himself from scratch.

walaupon 2 hours plus nak siapkan, but he did it! piccas comin' up!

the recipe from the net, being magnetised on the fridge door.

rendang ayam incek subhikarimdotcom.

kudos to him cuz rite after i have to stuffed my own words in my ugly face sebab semua orang makan dan siap tambah eventho masin sket.

that afternoon, i got a phone call from my childhood friend who was in the country for the past 2 months (he's working in the uk accompanying his lovely wife, afzan yang tengah buat phd, alongside their 2 beautiful sons) tapi didn't bother to call me till that day. so, terus invite dorang datang rumah and they came around 8-ish camtu (anak-anak dorang, fd & imran iskandar were the most adorable-geramnya-aku-tengok budak i've ever seen!) and we had a long chat! afzan was a soft-spoken person (just so you know, i never had a face to face conversation with her before) you could hardly heard her. tiba-tiba rasa segan sebab i was being me, loud and about! hehe.. *sorry afzan. i memang camtu. hope you tak kena culture shock!*

dahla geram tengok anak dorang tu, especially imran yang tak kisah sapa pon dukung dia. dah la muka macam pompuan! fd pulak, when i brought out the toys, punya la happy main dengan toys zaes yang tak berapa nak elok tu especially the cars.

so, while the hubbies were doing their final round of polluting the air, i asked lil imran if he wants chocolates tapi fd yang cakap nak dulu! (surprisingly fd speaks fluent malay despite being born & bred in the uk. bagus!)

so i went to the kitchen (he was tailing me all the way.. hahaha oh-so comel!) to get the hershey's kisses and reese's pieces. i gave some to fd and he ate almost immediately! rupanya dia memang chocoholic. and memandangkan chocolate tu banyak and dari buat perhiasan, i pon decide to pack some for him to eat in the car on the way back home.

roxy: ok fd, lemme give you some for you to bring back home yah?
fd: ok auntie. nanti auntie bagi farish banyak-banyak k. (with a charming innocent look on his face!)

i responded by giving him a kiss on his forehead! he is soo cute!
*can you resist not to kiss a lil boy who gave an honest, spontaneous statement like that? sigh..*

and sampai dorang nak balik baru realised we didn't take any pictures at all. takpe. afzan, mintak permission amik gambar korang from your fb k? thanks!

the couple, faizul (my childhood fenemy - friend+enemy) and his wifey, afzan.

farish danial aka fd & imran iskandar, respectively.

imran iskandar. nak jugak tunjuk gambar ni! isn't he adorable??

eh, korang. for the next few syawal weekends ni mesti banyak open house nak kena attend kan? as for me, ada few official and unofficial ones. haven't decide sebab incek suami will be busy shooting weddings starting this weekend. bukan apa, nak pegi secara berduet rather than secara trio adalah sangat memenatkan tambah pulak si zaes sudah semakin out of control. at least, if incek suami is around, takdela terasa penat sangat (read: sebenarnya nak tido dalam kereta rather than kena drive.. ye. i mengaku, tak nak jadi hipokrit. owh. owh. that reminds me to renew my dah-mati-7-bulan-lepas-driving-license soonest!!)

nak buat camne. dia mencari rezeki halal.
rezeki jangan ditolak, musuh jangan dicarik.

fret not! i'll be fine.
will try my best to attend any open houses i've been invited to ok?

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