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Thursday, May 26, 2005

of being never to walk alone... YAY!

no.. i didn't get the chance to watch the match this morning as i came back late from the office yesterday.
yeah.. tight deadlines and all prevent me from watching the most anticipated match of the month!

come on.. ac milan vs liverpool.. it has been quite a while for us reds fans to see them in any finales!
so.. what i did was.. i asked my dad this morning who won the game.

pa.. sape menang? (after 4 or 5 times calling him out of the bed..)

aaa? ...... liverpool kalah....

feeling disappointed.. i asked again.
kalah? berapa? (waiting impatiently for his answer..)

first half je 3-0.. papa malas nak tunggu. 2nd half papa naik.. kalah la tu..

BOY! was i disappointed!! i sigh with disbelief and liverpool kalah was on my mind while putting some soft wax on my mane.
"why la dorg kalah...?" "ala.. boring tul ac milan tu.." " liverpool ni mmg laa..." "alahai.. byknye keja ari ni..." eh?

so.. i stepped out from the house dis morning with mixed feeling..

as usual, i was the first person to reach the office... i turned on the eMac, and while browsing the sun, i was disturbed my a phone call.. it was my AD yg tertinggal touch card and asked me to open the door for him.

i met him at the door and while walking back, he suddenly blurted..
hey.. liverpool menang!!

i thot i heard him wrongly..
HAA? bukan ke 1st half 3-0?

draw. 2nd half 3-3.. confident je ac milan menang...

my face suddenly lit up
penalty shoot out? berapa..?


KOOL!!! and was i delighted by it! and below is an excerpt from the yahoo! sport...

Ecstatic Liverpool fans erupted in uncontrolled joy on Wednesday night after their team beat AC Milan in a nail-biting penalty shootout to clinch the Champions League final.

Thousands of people danced wildly in the streets of the northern English city and leapt into each others' arms after a rollercoaster match which took them from despair to delight.

A huge roar rang out in pubs and homes around the city when Andriy Shevchenko failed Milan's final chance in the penalty shootout, handing the Merseyside team victory.

"It's a fairytale ending," said Stephen Tighe, 22, who watched the game in a central Liverpool pub.

"If you had told anyone we'd be 3-0 down and come back to win it, no one would have believed it."

Hundreds of people wearing red Liverpool shirts chanted, jumped into the air and sprayed beer over each other in celebration in the city centre.

Cars drove by, honking their horns, red scarves and flags streaming from their windows.

"I cannot explain my feelings," said 26-year-old Robert Smith. "It's the most amazing game I've ever watched."

Supporters of the English club were stunned when Milan's Paolo Maldini scored in the first minute.

By halftime they were desolate as two goals by Argentine striker Hernan Crespo gave AC Milan a 3-0 lead.

But despair turned to jubilation as they pulled back three goals in rapid succession.

Fans who only minutes before had been cradling their heads in their hands before TV screens in Liverpool pubs, leapt into the air, hugging each other and dancing for joy when Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso pulled their team back to 3-3 early in the second half.

No further goals before full time and in 30 minutes of extra play meant anxious times as the game was decided on penalties.

Concerns about public safety had led to the scrapping of plans to show the match live on a huge screen in the city centre.

But there was no holding the fans back after their team's astonishing victory.

a miracle had happened indeed. liverpool, you'll never walk alone!
i'm sooo happy!

eventually.. the merseysiders won the champions league is more important right now... when actually today's my significant other's 26th birthday... haha! silly me...

happy birthday, b! may Allah bless you and us..
(eventho i'm mad at you for all the hectic schedules you are going thru rite now..)