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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

blast from the past

time sure has fly... sigh...

counting down to zaes' 2nd birthday!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

tribute to yasmin ahmad (thanks to II

apparently, this video was recorded on the 21st of july 2009, 4 days before she passed away. these people are just so lucky to be one of the few to interview her... thanks again,

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hoh! ignorant nak mampus la korang!!

ok! now i'm bloody upset!

i was browsing my fb yesterday when i saw read this one message from the group i joined in memory of yasmin ahmad. it's about this one article kat kosmo yang agak mengaibkan arwah and her family was published, front page some more, just 2 days after she passed away!


double bangang!

actually, when i came back from the office semalam, mama dah sibuk-sibuk tanya about it. well, i just answered few things i know ajelah sebab tengok mama dah macam histerical je bila cakap pasal benda tu. but i managed to cool her down la.. heh.

anyway, i still think that these ignorant bastards didn't have the right to do so no matter how true the stories were! i mean, eventho satu malaysia (mungkin) dah tau pasal ni, tapi apa yang dorang cerita kat atas tu, macam tak mengesahkan apa-apa pon, apart from testimonials from her former classmates or even her grandmom. macam jiran sebelah gua ni cakap la.. takde byline and all innuendos!

as a fan and as a human being, i think it's appropriate for the tabloid to apologise to her husband, family and to every single person yang mengagumi dia. come on la.. dorang tu tak habis berkabung lagi ok! we all know how close she was to her parents and siblings, these kind of things shouldn't happen la kosmo!

i am no journalist but one thing for sure...
kosmo memang bangang to the max!


Monday, July 27, 2009

tribute to yasmin ahmad (thanks to

*followed by a lengthy-down-the-memory-lane story of my encounter with yasmin ahmad...*

found these on the net. the first video made me cry. i just love the slides and the interview. it felt as if she's still alive. she's alive indeed.. in our heart.
*sorry. seemed that the first video has been removed by . not sure why tho.*

she'll be greatly missed. al fatihah...

*videos credit to:*

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

we were left undone...

the great thinker. my idol.
(pic credit to mstar.)

i knew i'd be hearing bad news sooner.. or later.

after a sumptuous nasi lemak antarabangsa supper with my uncle & his family at my place, we had a brief chat about yasmin's latest deteriorated condition and having to depend on a life support, he thought that chances are for her to survive is very slim. and as i can recalled, it was at 12am he had said those.

and minutes later, they left our house, i went upstairs and tucked cranky lil zaes in on his bed and quickly unsleep the computer, again, eagerly to google yasmin's latest update.

as i logged in my facebook account, the first status i noticed was from this one indie films groupie called 15malaysia wrote, "a bright star has left us. yasmin passed tonight."

my heart thumped furiously and tab opened other news websites for confirmation. utusan online reported the same thing followed by the malaysian insider and bernama. among the earliest to report her death.

a bright star has indeed left us. yasmin ahmad, my idol in the advertising industry has left us all after a 3-day quest to survive an unforeseen tragedy.

some may wonder,

what's the big deal? why should i be upset or why should i even be bothered by her demise?

she's just another human being whose call is up. she's not even related to you or whatsoever... she's just your idol. and she doesn't even know you...

i too had my share of encounter with yasmin ahmad, you know. and it's not something that was by the roadside or brushing shoulders kinda, but what i had with her was a wonderful experience that came upon God's will and it was one helluva chance!

ever since i studied graphic design, i always know i wanted to be in the advertising line. i always loved the creative petronas tvcs and i always wanted to be like the person who wrote them. and that's how i know about my idols, yasmin ahmad, ali mohamed and the agency they're working for, leo burnett kl.

and so, when i was in my 3rd year, our advertising lecturer had asked us to do a team project, and our team came up with this idea of organising an advertising talk for the benefit of all. to cut a long story short, we managed to squeezed our 2-hour-long event in her tight schedule, we collected money to prepare the whole thing, including the refreshment (my mom cooked a special dish for that occasion) and when the day finally came, we were all so excited!

it was raining that day, and she was a little late. with a headscarf and her signature floral cotton baju kurung, she walked into our auditorium, looking ordinary yet outstanding. after my welcome address, i nervously invited her to the rostrum. her presence had gauged almost 2/3 of the small fssr auditorium, from the seniors and juniors to some envy-looking lecturers..

she spoke everything she knew about advertising to us - the hungry ADs, copywriters and graphic designers-to-be. there were q & a's and she'd happily answered each and everyone of them (eventho the seniors hardly opened their gold-mounted mouth because the juniors - ehem. that's us.. - were more aggressive than they were)

after a good 2-hour talk, it was almost 6pm-ish (when it was supposed to end earlier than that) and we thought she'd leave immediately without having the chance to savour my mom's special dish but we were wrong. instead, she rushed to the nearest ladies and whispered "i need coke.. somebody get me coca cola please.." when a team mate asked if there's anything else we could helped her with.

when she came out of the loo, she came straight to the dining table we had decorated earlier at the left corner of the lobby and sat.

"sorry. i went smoking and i need a coke fix badly. i mean the drink."
she looked around us and smiled widely. we laughed nervously.

at that moment, our friend came running with cans of chilled coca cola and passed them to her.
she drank the coca cola like nobody's business.

we introduced ourselves (the team who initiated the talk) to her and we chatted while eating my mom's special dish (of which soon after she complimented). oh, btw, it was the spaghetti soup. it may sounds ordinary, but trust me, it's my mom's special dish.

after presenting her with our small gift as a gesture of appreciation (can't afford to pay with the dough and she didn't care about it. at all.), she called it a day and left with her metallic silver bmw 3-series. everyone was happy, including the lecturers for the job well done! and it was a moving experience for me, that i wanted more of her.

and so, in my 4th year in the faculty, i was hopeful to do my internship with leo burnett kl so that i could get the chance to work with these great people especially these 2 soul partners (as claimed by yasmin), yasmin ahmad herself & ali mohamed. when we were told to give our preferences, i wrote only one agency, yup! you've guessed it! so did my best friend, the baby collector, who was also keen to do the internship at leo burnett. but at that time, we didn't have to worry about anything because the agency usually would offer 2 spots for interns from our campus and we were excited to start our internship together...

but again, this time around, i was wrong! at the very last minute, they called up the lecturer-in-charged and told her that they can only offer 1 student from our campus as the other spot had already been granted to another student from the melaka campus. (rumour has it that the other student was ali's nephew.. err..)

and the lecturer-in-charged called us in and had asked us to compromise. i was hesitant at first. then devastated! i mean, i really need this chance man!! and of course, since the other person in line is my best friend, i had no choice but.. yup! to let go and gave it to her as she lived nearer to the agency's location compared to me, who lived in some ulu side of subang jaya..

i just don't know what's got into me, but hey! i believed, if we love some thing, we have to learn to let go. if it wasn't meant for us, it will never be. it was maybe a blessing in disguise, the time has yet to bestow upon me. i settled for a nearer location, a small (but i learnt a lot from them) advertising agency. and all i heard from my best friend who got the shot, was just everything wonderful. nothing but the best ever experience of working with the best people in the advertising industry! i'm jealous! =)

after graduating, i didn't give up hope and started job-hunting. while waiting for interviews, i worked part-time in the bookstore (where i used to worked at, after spm & during semester hols) and i can never forget this one priceless moment when i was assigned to be the cashier on that day.

a fine looking wise man handed over a coffee table interior design book and his charge card to me and when i saw the name printed on the card, i knew i had to looked up and i almost shouted when i said, "hey! i know you.. you're ali mohamed!"

he looked at me with a smile and replied, "that's what it says on the charge card!"

i shook my head. i felt foolish.

"i mean, i know you.. you're the ceo of leo burnett. and owh.. my super duper shcmuper senior in fssr, uitm." this time he laughed while i worked on his purchase.

"so, have you graduated?" i nodded again at his question.

"i'm still looking for a proper job, i've sent out resumes and waiting for interviews. i can't sit still, so i work here part time.." i had this stray-cats-left-in-the-rain look on my face, when i answered that. oh-so-pathetic. yes.

"oh.." he stopped when i passed him his book and the bill for him to signed on.

when he returned the pen and the bill back to me, he gave me his name card and had asked me to called up the studio manager to arranged for an interview. i thought i was dreaming but i wasn't. i thanked him profusely and he went.

and, to cut a long story short, i never land any job in leo burnett. i did call the studio manager. i met her (the studio manager) and showed her my folio. but, i'm not good enough i guess! ow well..

i never regret anything in my life. i'm glad i let go the chance and most importantly, it didn't stop me from getting the inspiration from these 2 beautiful souls.

throughout the years, (in 2002 to be exact) yasmin ahmad added another milestone in her life by presenting her first film, rabun, to malaysians. it was well-accepted and of course, what's a great director without a bunch of knuckle-heads who awefully critic her job ey? and i need not to mention her other movies she directed as she is already well-known, locally and internationally.

unexpectedly, Allah the almighty has finally drew the curtain of the life of one yasmin ahmad we all know. she has left us on this very day, 25th of july 2009 at 11.25pm.

i am saddened. i am in grieve. i therefore mourning for the lost of the great thinker, the great soul of yasmin ahmad. may Allah rest your soul at the best place in heaven.


yasmin ahmad (1958 - 2009).
(pic credit to mstar.)

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Friday, July 24, 2009

i eagerly waiting for...

... the latest updates on my idol in the advertising industry, the great yasmin ahmad.

as everyone knows by now, she's in the icu at the damansara specialist centre, after having a stroke (as reported by her brother-in-law doctor) while pitching for a potential tv commercial to the media prima group at sri pentas tv3.

she was revived on the way to the hospital by the paramedics and went on for an emergency surgery to eased the swelling in her brain by removing blood clots.

(credit pic to: bernama & mstar online)

she's on a life support and medications now and her condition was reported as stable.

i am saddened upon hearing this news as she was my idol back in the varsity years and still is!

please pray for her speedy recovery, my dear readers.
insya Allah... (credit pic to: bernama & mstar online)

please click here for the latest update.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

you ni selekeh, mana boleh beli designer handbag...

i like to blog-hop. because i like to read blogs. either my friends' blogs or some strangers' blogs.

yela. menambah knowledge itu perlu.
by doing so, masa tu jugaklah idea untuk menulis mencurah-curah.

like now. macam sekarang ni lah.
*kenapa kena buat sentence tu dalam dwibahasa?*

after reading this one blog, i terpanggil (uish!) untuk menceritakan mengenai my one experience ni. the other day, while tengah sangap rushing my job, i decided to feast my eyes by surfing the net and i pon pegi la visit this one particular designer bags' webby (nama brand terpaksa dirahsiakan atas sebab tak mau memalukan sesiapa)..

recently, they've launched their new collection and i had my eyes on this one bag lepas ternampak kat dalam magazine the day before. when i saw the bag, some more they have 3 different colours, and some more i like the design of the bag, lagi la teruja! suddenly rasa macam nak tau berapa la agaknya the price kat their boutique in malaysia sebab kat website tu memang murah, i think, tak silap la dalam 198 ringgit ha! mimpila lu!! USD ok! USD198!

so, i made an effort to call one of the boutique in pavilion kl. dan berikut adalah (lebih kurang la) conversation between yours truly and the sales assistant, (SA) a malay girl:

SA: guk moning, beeppp! pavilion.
r: hi morning. i'd like to know the price of your latest collection of beeppp! the beeppp! bag..
SA: aa? sori? which wan?
r: the beeppp! the beeppp! bag.. how much is the price ya?
SA: aaa.. oh. dat wan.. ermm.. wait. i have to check first. wait aaa..

after long pause, she's back on the phone:

SA: errmm. dat wan we don hef. but we hef other wan, de beeppp! bag.. it oso from de same beeppp! collection.. de wan yu wan, is not arrive yet. next month only got.
*err.. bukan aku nak tau pasal beg yang satu tu je ke?*

r: but yesterday i saw the beeppp! bag being featured in one of the local magazine, beeppp!..
SA: oh. issit? no. we don hef here. different butik different.
r: are you saying that you haven't receive the beeppp! bag yet or you won't be receiving any at all?
SA: next month maybe. (wtf??)

lepas cakap babai, i hung up the phone. dan sekadar mampu menggeleng kepala.

paham tak apa gua nak cerita kat sini?

ok. perihal beg yang gua nak tau berapa harganya tu satu, perihal SA yang english macam hazab ni pulak, MAJOR ok! tsk. tsk. bukan ke you're working in a fine, designer bag boutique yang sangat international tu? tapi kenapa english lebih teruk dari broken?? bukanla nak mengutuk ke apa because i know that my english pon masih berterabur jugak, tapi takkan la sampai grammar sume lintang pukang? let alone her pronounciations! menanah telinga!!

sebab i tak puas hati (sebab still tak dapat tau the price of the bag), i called the other boutique kat the gardens, midvalley pulak.

SA: guk moning, beeppp! the gardens.
*eh! cam sama? tapi kali ni suara jantan yang keluar..*

r: hi morning. i'd like to know the price of your latest collection of beeppp! the beeppp! bag..
*masih dialog yang sama tapi suara i tak jantan laa..*

SA: haa? err.. can holdon plis..
*dengar suara SA lelaki memanggil SA lain sebab dia tak tau nak jawab apa.. ~sigh..~*

SA: hi. how may i help you?
*perempuan, english tahap tingkatan 5*

and so, the conversation masih berkisar seperti di atas, tetapi kali ini, english si SA perempuan ni boleh maaf la, sebab ada basic in grammar. and the best part was, the bag that i wanted to know how much sangat tu, sebenarnya memang dah ada kat sume boutique2 beeppp!. memang dah sampai, cuma they only carry 1 colour instead of 3. if kat US, USD198, kat sini harga dia dalam RM1k ++ la jugak! fuh! memang gila!

so, camne? dahla english out, product knowledge sangat low!

pastu, bila orang macam gua masuk boutique dorang, saja la nak tengok-tengok (nak tengok reaction the SAs pon ye) *sila sedar diri, siapalah aku ini..* hmmphh.. jangan harap la dorang nak pandang if you don't have any designers' handbag, dangling at your arm or wrist ala ala mak datin bawak beg tu laa... these SAs ni dah la perasan cantik, sombong pulak tu. dah la sombong, buat tak layan pulak! seriously! they always have this "do-you-have-enough-money-to-buy-these-lavish-designers-bags?" look ok! duhh!

camne ni dol? nak buat muka camtu pon, at least kenalah pandai cakap english jugak. korang ni memang buat malu beeppp! je.

sebab tu la pssmi (pengajaran dan penbelajaran sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris) tu penting if dikekalkan aje! biar budak-budak sume start to learn their english while they're still young. nanti bila besar, dorang nak keja kat kedai mamak sekalipon, they would still know how to converse properly in english if they bumped into a foreigner.

ha. kan dah marah sangat ni!

seen here is a raoul. *the bag, not the lady in red..* it's the second designer bag that i owned. i bought it during last year's fj benjamin's warehouse sale at bangsar village II. *laa.. beli kat warehouse sale je rupanya...? ye. warehouse sale la. why? got problem is it?* it's a bargain jugak la! tapi jarang pakai sebab i didn't really know how to appreciate handbag. pakai bila ada special event je. *my 1st designer bag was one of the gifts on my hantaran trays, a purple suede leather lulu guinness.. see. punyala tak gila bag, special name for the bag pon i don't know.. haha!*


Monday, July 20, 2009

the wonkiest weekend i must say...


psiko sebab mulakan entry dengan gelak ketawa.

anyways, just nak inform awal2, i won't be posting any pics of my purchases from the you-know-what sale. saja la. come to think of it, tak pernah or maybe jarang la nak tunjuk gambar stok membeli-belah dengan tegarnya kat blog ni. tah. i'm just like that. hari tu promise nak tunjuk my makeup collection pon, tak sempat nak buat lagi. tah. either i malas or saja la malas nak (eh. malas jugak yang keluar) post. ok. muktamad. i memang pemalas.

i thought nak la post a separate entry on the day itself. but.. kat rumah tu, eversince mr p1 w1max made its debut, peratus untuk duduk di hadapan imac sambil surfing the net freely adalah sangat tipis sebab incek suami selalu hog the imac. *eleh. i tau la tu imac you* hehe. takdela. he usually will work till wee hours dengan imac dia tu sebab nak siapkan pending custom albums and photo-editings for his blog lagi, some more to cope with the exhaustion from his day job lagi. memang masa tu la he'll have time to do evrything. owh well, it's a bug eats bug world out there..

and.. let's start the entry secara backward yah?

moving on, cerita hari ahad...
i visited sis elly at her parents' house in puchong. she actually stayed in johor sebab her hubby is an army, tapi sebab she's heavily pregnant with her 2nd baby, and about to due in 2 weeks time, dia pon balik la puchong, so that senang nak give birth and berpantang. and another best buddy, sis ika, pon ada sekali. memang tak sah if the 3 of us tak gather. and to make matter sweeter, she is also pregnant, first time experience for her. ye. kita bertiga adalah kawan baik dunia akhirat. the best part tu, masa i got pregnant dulu, sis elly pon pregnant kan aydan and gave birth 4 months after i delivered lil zaes. this time around, dorang berdua lak pregnant sama-sama. heh.

incek suami sent zaes & i to her place at around 3++pm. he can't join sebab nak siapkan keja dia. when i arrived, there's no sight of ika & her hubby yet. i went in and had a chat with elly with no sights of her hubby & lil aydan sebab aydan tengah tido. and as usual, zaes tak reti dok diam. i was worried sick sebab her place banyak benda fragile (vases, bunga kaca sume) so kena la alih sana sini. *weh. sorry sebab lupa nak letak balik to its original place sebelum balik semalam..*

minutes later, ika arrived. dok sebelah-sebelah dengan elly, they were all looking glowy and ehem. bloated. so we chit chatted (diselang-seli dengan scene mari mengejar budak kenit zaes yang macam lipas kudung itu) sampai la her bubbly mom invited us for a light refreshment.. yela light! she cooked up a wokful of meehoon goreng sedap kaler putih yang memang sedap giler makan dengan cili padi potong campur kicap and this roti called roti keramat, originated from terengganu! roti yang sedap dimakan ketika panas! i loved it, tapi lupa lak nak tanya camne nak buat. roti tu macam cakoi, tapi dia tak ringan macam cakoi. heavier and padat and crispy camtu. rasa dia plain with a hint of sweetness tapi bila gigit sekali, nak lagi and lagi. ha.. camtu laa..

everyone was hungry i supposed, sebab memang licin dorang makan. except for zaes, dia makan sket-sket je sebab before that, he ate nasi ayam already. masa tu aydan, and her hubby came down, muka aydan macam orang baru bangun tido... duh! dia memang baru lepas bangun tido! and he looked so different from the last pic she mms'ed me. he's all grown up and despite the 4 months age different, he's taller than my petite zaes. ahahha.. and you guessed it, when babies met, mula la masing-masing buat muka macho and konon-konon tak geng. haha. kelakar.

then sambung borak balik kat living hall, sampai ke malam la jugak. and again, her mom invited us for a light dinner, haha... light sangat la! she cooked lontong la weh! so, we had lontong.. thanks again to auntie yati yang terer masak! hi auntie!! yes. she reads my blog! *hins! hins! hidung terkembang sekejap* asyik makan je kitorang semalam! sampai naik segan pon ada. hahaa.. here are some pics from the phone. maafkan kualiti gambar2 ni:

with the 2 mak boyots. elly sebelah kiri, ika sebelah kanan. elly's perut was really huge man! seriously! owh, both are expecting girlies.. aww.. so sweet! insyaAllah..

here's another one. with zaes yang sibuk jugak nak amik gambar.. sori korang! anak i vain macam i jugak. eh. tak. he's full of drama actually! hahaa..

aydan yang mengada bila senyum muka macam sweet-sweet like girl like that...

you want to take pic or not dandan? mengada kau ye! isk. geram cubit pipi kang! *actually pipi dia dah kena cubit dengan ek ek*

we called it a nite at around 9.30pm. haii... dah habis lontong tak reti-reti nak balik? takkan nak expect supper lak? hahahaaaa! hi auntie!! =)

so, ika & hubby sent me back. nasib hubby dia cuti hari ni, kalau tak mesti i rasa bersalah. eh. tak sebab i dah bagi duit tol siap suruh keep the change untuk tol seterusnya. ala, kiranya dorang kena bayar rm3.40 je la sebab i dah chipped in rm0.40 from the balance. ahahaaa..

on another note, zaes was a handful! penat mommey jaga awak!

cerita hari sabtu. jeng! jeng! jeng! jengggggg!!!
adalah hari mari menghabiskan duit! ok. ok. bertenang. total damage sangatlah menakutkan. siap ada peristiwa kelakar lagi. sangat kelakar sampai tak bole cerita kat sini. nanti geng pukul 3 pagi belasah i. *apsal lak dorang nak belasah lu! lu tu yang patut kena belasah! hahaha!!*

went to the estee lauder companies staff sale. heck bloody crowded i tell you! but being the first ehem.. batch to go in, memang worth the while. but, fragrances were unlike last year's, the selection were so-so sebab this time around be delicious nye range tak best macam last year. tapi be delicious night banyak gila but don't like the smell at all! a lot of sean john's gift set at a very reasonable price! tommy 10 from tommy hillfiger pon banyak.. hmm.. a lot of stuff, but my tired body can't really seemed to carry all the madness. aku insan yang lemah. hanya mampu berserah.. *eh, rohana jalil enter frame pulak! hahahahahaaa!*

tengok gambar dulu:

muka-muka teruja yang mandi di dinihari sebelum datang ke mari.

mereka pon mandi. oh. notice the empty queing up area? that's because... we're early birdies!!! jangan tanya pukul berapa. please proceed to the next pic.

minutes later, orang lain dah start datang dah...

what's a warehouse sale camp out without munchies from mcdonald's?

tu je ah gambar. lepas dah masuk tu, terus lupa diri. hahaha..

i went straight to the m.a.c area and grab my long awaited shadesticks from the sugar sweet collection, ada 4 different colours. eyeshadow memang banyak, the red collection (from last year's holiday collection) pallettes pon banyak! omg! sorry la kat korang yang kirim tu! memang tak bole nak pikir la, dengan penat, tak cukup tido.. i grabbed whatever i can. and come to think of it, the pallettes memang worth buying sebab they have beautiful colours, tapi, i managed to take 2 pallettes je sebab orang dah mula tolak-tolak dah.

then i went to estee lauder's area to get the gift set of pleasures exotic. and some other fragrances from sean john for my sis #2 punya wedding hantaran (for her fiance as well), tommy 10 - for incek suami, dreaming by tommy hilfiger - for mister mama (great smell), happy heart by clinique and pleasures exotic by estee lauder.

masa kat cashier, i sorted out my stuff, yang mana i tak nak la. tapi sekarang dah menyesal sebab baru teringat pasal orang lain yang pesan beli eyeshadow banyak-banyak so that dia boleh beli dari i.. yerp. that's you bai. sorry sangat-sangat!

lepas habis tu sume, we went for breakfast kat mamak kat pelita. then balik rumah. sampai rumah je, memang tak sempat nak lelap sebab that noon, we have to attend a cukur jambul kenduri for tya orked, the latest edition to my cousin alfy family. i sorted out the purchases to mister mama & incek suami, then rushing naik atas, siap-siap sume.

we reached alfy's sis-in-law's place kat seri kembangan (masa nak balik baru tau it was a 3-in-1 house warming, cukur jambul and birthday event) around 3++pm. orang dah start recite the ayat-ayat suci sebelum marhaban and cukur jambul and tiny tya was asleep in a lavishly decorated baby cot.

i slept thru the doa time! yes, please kutuk me for that!

we then had our hi tea outside at the tent. but i couldn't concentrate on the food sebab busy chasing lil lipas kudung zaes! and my other cousin and sis pon tolong tengok dia jugak masa i nak makan. omg.. dia memang terlebih dosage of i don't know what sebab hyper sangat tengok jalanraya! at that time i was already aching all over!

pastu i went inside for the birthday celebration of aly's 1st son, eiman rayyan and his SIL's daughter. the kids were given the party pack and zaes eagerly asked me to open them for him, which i did. then dia pon jalan-jalan happy-happy bila tengok a range of spidey's stationery inside the plastic. a while later he came back and passed me the spidey sharpener. at first i didn't suspect anything until i saw some red liquid kat his pointing-finger.. and oh yeah, it was blood! he had sharpened his lil finger la rupanya! gua pon menggelabah carik tissue sume and funny part was, he didn't cry sampai la dah bagi pakai plaster sume baru nak nangis. so, lesson learnt ya my dear ek ek.. sharpener is dangerous. no poking fingers at any er.. holes? er. owh man, that was one awkward sentence.

incek suami took a lot of pictures.. eh.. dia kan official photographer. and i managed to snapped these only:

zaes memang over la dia hari tu. owh.. ni gambar sebelum kejadian meng'sharpen' jari sendiri. notice that red sharpener kat tangan kanan dia tu? tengok gambar ni terus menyesal sebab tak perasan earlier.

lepas lompat tengok gambar. suka betul budak-budak ni!

they just love the attention!

balik rumah dah nak maghrib, but we stopped at a nearby restaurant to have our drinks. tak lapar sebab dah kenyang belasah makan kat kenduri. sampai rumah mandi, entertained my cousin yang singgah to our place sekejap. around 12++am, after bagi zaes tido, i finally found my bed and doozed off seconds later! gila tak sedar sampai subuh.. exhausted and sakit satu badan!

and that's what one warehouse sale did to me!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

*makeup junkie mode: ON!* : part 2 :

seronok buat iklan gitar fender pastu dorang advertise besar-besar kat kat gigantic billboard. ada secret admirer snapped masa dia pegi travel kat mana tah, pastu email kat i. tu yang terus buat profile pic kat fb tu. *berangan*

haha. i wrote my status on fb as " is having a cold feet." and the 1st response came from my sis billa was, "because of the sale... geeezzz..."! hahaha.. lawak.

the truth is, sebab cubicle i tu bercarpet, maka sesi membuka kasut dan berjalan bare foot adalah pemandangan yang normal di tingkat 4, hence the status. tapi takdela sampai tak pakai kasut kat depan mister boss. nak kena memo?

anyway, starting today, the management has decided that every single associates and visitors yang nak masuk ke ruang pejabat diwajibkan melalui sesi temperature screening yang akan dilakukan oleh security guard yang setia menanti anda di ruang legar lobi. due to, you know, the escalating spread of H1N1 virus in malaysia. good move i'd say.

sebabkan perkara ni baru nak dibuat for the first time, a colleague told me about an incident that happened this morning. the tea lady came very early and proceeded to start her job when she reached her pantry kat 2nd floor tu. tengah buat keja, suddenly she got a phone call from the lobby. it was from the security guard. she had asked her to stop whatever she's doing and get to the lobby, just so she can screen her temperature.


just because the security guard clocked in after the tea lady, dia nak jugak suruh kakak tu turun sebab company policy punya pasal.. hahaha! i mean, okayla sebab dia nak menjalankan tugas dia, tapi apa la salahnya instead of kakak tea lady turun, adik security la naik atas, kalau nak sangat check kaka eh. bukan pemain bola real madrid kaka, tapi kakak tea lady punya temperature.

patutnya kak, sebelum dia check temperature tu, tuam dahi tu dengan kain yang direndam air panas, biar masa check tu terkejut beruk budak guard tu sebab temperature akak 40˚c... haha! terlampau jakun teruja menekan-nekan temperature device tu agaknya kot. *haha apakejadah thermometer disebut temperature device!*

tak, i tak marah. a lil stress je sebab kelakar.

oklah korang. tomorrow is the D-DAY. as i type this, i had this sudden shivers/goosebumps all over me. it was probably what it was after all. cold feet.

eh. patutla. i'm still bare foot.. =p

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

*makeup junkie mode: ON!*

tangan gatal nak type something but nothing interesting nak cerita pon.

office is quiet today as most of them are busy with meetings and all.

hey, i tengah buat kerja jugak la ni while surfing the net.
*multitasking la konon.. sambil tekan new tab to checkout youtube*

eh, sarah victor dah update her vlog (video-blog?) lah.. jap. nak check them out!

will be right back! (kalau sempat)
* ek ek with morrison the puppet monkey masa makan kat nando's ioi mall. different location, different day, different month... same outfit macam entry semalam. his favourite tee la ni..*

ha. kan dah...
boss baru keluar meeting terus bambu kitorang sebab dia pon baru kena bambu..


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

restoran di alam maya...

yesterday nite we had dinner dekat dengan ofis incek suami.

at first, went there with mama & zaes to fetched incek suami from work sebab earlier on i took his car to the studio for office brochure job. sebab shoot habis cepat, and dah sangap malas nak tunggu incek suami kat area ofis dia sampai kul 7, i decided to balik rumah dulu.

after bathing zaes si notty boy, we went out around 6-ish.

when we arrived, incek suami decided to look for dinner first before going home. and he suggested this place dekat dengan office dia kat damansara perdana. the restaurant called ...

before pannaz took over, it was a kopitiam place some sort. bisnes lingkup kot kopitiam tu.

the ambience was great! very relaxing.

the people who work there semua local youngsters (semua lelaki, tak nampak perempuan pon) which is a good sign for me sebab jarang nak nampak anak-anak muda bekerja jadi waiter lagi dah.. (remember dave's deli satu ketika dulu back in the 90's? semua local kids yang keja, tapi sekarang.. rasanya they're foreigners la kot.. rasanya ok) hmm.. talking about this, no, i'm not trying to be all emo about foreigners keja kat cafes or restaurants, tapi betul tak cakap i? you can see now ramai local kids yang tak nak keja tempat-tempat camtu, pastu bila orang lain tak nak, mesti la the employer amik sapa yang nak keja and of course la these foreigners yang akan amik keja-keja tu tanpa teragak-agak.. eh. now kenapa dah merapu? nak cerita apa sebenarnya nih?


this restaurant offers western and local food (but the likes of laksa, kuey teow ke takde la.. they have limited local food i see) and oh, they have tapas too. their beverages pon ok la. ada mocktails, you know, the one you mix monin with grenadine and sprite and what not.. aiseh. lemme show you some piccies first la. cakap tulis panjang lebar pon tak guna.

this was mine. it was from the tapas menu, sauteed button mushrooms in garlic butter sauce.

dah nak habis baru teringat nak amik gambar. it was.. well, something that we can cook ourself, just a matter of try & error thingey je. for rm11, i think it's quite mahal compared to the portion i got (dahla si zaes aka ek ek makan most of the mushrooms sebab dia suka sangat dengan mushrooms) it came with slices of steamed and slightly toasted (i think) hot bun. tapi the sauce memang sedap. oh, i didn't order any main course sebab before that dah makan domino's for lunch and spaghetti with the prego-tin-biru sauce kat rumah.

and since lil zaes tu tak kuat makan when it comes to nasi, kitorang pon order fettuccine carbonara with smoked beef and button mushrooms for him. tapi, again he only makan the mushrooms and sikit je fettuccine and the smoked beef. when i tasted them, it was so so. (the one kat alexis sedap jugak. tapi rm33++ per plate la...)

again, portion nampak moderate compared to rm17 you are paying for a plate. but, sebab dia creamy, so, it's filling jugak la. ended up incek suami habiskan semua sebab zaes tak makan banyak.

wanna know why...?

... sebab dia buat muka camni so incek suami terpaksa mengalah...


he had this earlier on!

yup. his favourite dish, bbq lamb chop with crunchy minted romaine salad, tomato & lemon wedge! ok. this one, for rm17.90, memang worth it! the portion was huge, ada 3 slabs of lamb chops, nicely bbq-ed and the romaine salad was indeed crunchy! as for the sauce, kena mintak baru dorang kasi. donno why like that. for lamb chop lovers like b, memang satisfying! the taste was perfect! worth every lemak of it! haha.

and as for mama, she had one of the local dish,
nyonya fried rice with grilled chicken, sunny side-up egg & fish crackers, priced at rm12.90. pon sedap and worth it. it came with side soup, home-made chilli-garlic sauce and pickled cucumber (kot) the grilled chicken remind me of the ayam bakar we had kat pak chi met ikan bakar during our bandung trip last year. nice!

mama wasn't gopoh like us. she ate the keropok first sebab dia tau i wanna take piccies.

b and zaes had the frizzy ribena longans. i think the price is somewhere rm8.90 kot. rasa ribena with a hint of syrup from the longans.. i had only warm water (the best drink in the world and space!) and mama had the nescafe tarik, rm2.

we had the fresh fruit platter to top it all off. it came with slices of watermelons, oranges, honeydews and strawberries. and a scoop of raspberry ice cream. again, too greedy to get my our hands on them fruits, lepas tu baru teringat nak amik gambar. rm7.

overall, the food there was ok! (sebab diri sendiri tak sempat order proper main course so tanak cakap best sangat la tempat tu. dengki gila! haha.) the presentation of the food was SUPERB! mister mama tak habis-habis compliment them on the food presentation. but some of the dishes tu ada yang worth every penny! so, sapa-sapa nak try, go ahead! tak rugi la senang cerita. you can find more infos, here. owh, another thing, it's halal, the chef/owner is a muslim by the name of annaz ismail and their dishes are all alcohol-free! yay!

and macam biasa, tak sah kalau tak camwhoring dengan si dia dan dia yang tercinta:

mommmey: ek ek, nyooom.. nyoomm..
(read: zaes, senyum.. senyumm..)

zaes: mommey, i think there's a mushroom behind my ears.. mm.. sedap!

fotogedik mommey and his son yang tah pape.
*masa ni one of the waiters laughed and complimented zaes sebab pandai pose.. was this even a pose? macam nak buat cover album kumpulan rock kapak mana tah sebab sorang pandang bintang, sorang pandang bulan..*

zaes: daddy, let's do the pick-the-mushrooms-behind-your-ears-and-pop-them-inside-your-mouth pose!
daddy: apa-apa la ek ek...

sekian dari saya mariah tunku sobrie untuk jalan-jalan mentekedarah!
*sambil sedut air suam dari straw besar at one shot...*

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Monday, July 13, 2009

s e z(ee) s a b c . . .

yay! finally, mempunyai kemudahan internet at home tidak pernah seindah ini! (er.. yela, tak pernah seindah macam kat ofis la i mean...)

incek suami has subscribed to p1 w1max, w1max your home with high-speed wireless broadband, with just one wi-fi enabled desktop modem! *voice over ends*

tip top i tell you! before this kitorang subscribe to maxis boredband and hell yeah the service was like... hell! connection asyik terminate je after few minutes online! we were so fed up with maxis, we didnt pay the last couple of month nye fees and when the customer service person called me up to remind me about the payment, i told her about the connection and she also agreed with it sebab currently they're having difficulties dengan our neighbourhood. (and why didn't they say anything when i called to complained about the connection before this? ni tak, asyik-asyik suruh buat the online speedometer test! ngok ngek betul!)

so, last wednesday, incek suami went to the hypermarket near our house to get the modem from the p1 booth. he took the home plus plan, with speeds (are on best effort basis - according to the footnote) of up to 1.2mbps for downloading and 500kbps for uploading and fair usage threshold of 20gb with a fee of rm99 per month. and the wi-fi enabled desktop modem is free if you keep on using (and pay for) the service for the next 24 months. what you need to get you started is rm100 as an inital deposit (refundable if you decided to terminate the service 7-days after registeration) and of course a laptop or desktop computer la kan! owh, sapa-sapa yang eksyen ada iphone, ipod touch (ehem!) or wi-fi enabled mobile phone pon bole surf internet with this new w1max wi-fi enabled modem.... eh. kalau nak buat duit pon bole, asal ada tetamu atau sedara mara datang rumah, if they want to surf the internet dengan wi-fi enabled device dorang, mintak la sorang rm5 pastu baru bagi password. tapi password tu, owner kena type sendiri so that dia takleh share dengan orang lain yang nak jimat duit. yela, kalau korang pegi starbucks or kassa corner kat putra heights seksyen 10 tu ke (hey! jangan lupa mamak ali maju kat ukay perdana pon ada wi-fi okeh!), tau pulak nak beli minuman kat situ semata-mata nak surf internet. haha. dah macam advertorial la pulak. for more insights, please click p1.

jakun gila (feel ala-ala tengah lepak kat seoul garden atau makan mcdonalds kat macd ss15 sambil baca newspaper online) check blog dari phone i sejurus selepas bangun dari tido, di atas katil, di bilik i. incek suami siap gelakkan lagi, boleh? *ah, you tau apa pasal perasaan mempunyai segala pengetahuan di hujung jari biar di mana pon anda berada..? main slide slide je tau. haha.*

zaes: mommey, pacifier ek ek ada wi-fi tak?

*the article above serves as a PERSONAL OPINION only and not in any way endorsed by any company, any affiliates whatsoever. you may or may not agree to everything i wrote here, tapi kalau ada yang nak bagi endorsement, boleh jugak. haha! mengada.*


Thursday, July 09, 2009

wonky weekend.

last saturday, after attending kenduri kawen incek suami's nephew in serdang, i decided to mencemar duli to the awesome possum bazaar held in ss15, subang jaya. reason being, i was threatened by this perempuan to go there and buy stuff she's selling! haha.. takdela.. jangan marah babe! no, she didn't threat me or anything. i was there just to listened to local indie bands/singers doing the OMG (open mic gigs).. eh. bukan. i was there to watched syem (one of the contestants from raja lawak 3) drawing the caricature. eh. bukan. i was there just to support you la babe! (cak! kuci. kuci. kuci...) haha.

with billa's yellow baju kurung (kata mencemar duli, mestila i'm looking all royal), looking vain in makeup and with incek suami, billa, lil zaes & mister mama in tow, we walked and walked sampai ke hujung and finally nampak jugak dia.

pengkritik tetap: signage awak ni dull, tak cukup exciting nak attract orang singgah tempat awak. patutnya warna pink tu bagi striking lagi, gradient tu saya rasa tak perlu. bagi je solid stark black! barula terjojol bijik mata pelanggan yang datang.. *tak sempat habis kritik terus kena tumbuk.. DUSHH!*

she was a lil shocked to see me at first, i have to strangled her just so she remembered who am i.*tapi masih mampu tersenyum sebab ada kamera*

ok, let's strike a post babe!

so lepas posing-posing tanpa mempedulikan keadaan sekeliling yang penuh sesak (tempat agak sempit), i interrogated asked about the stuff she's selling and what not. looking around, ada tops yang menarik, ada bag yg baru & pre-loved, all at affordable price. and... my eyes were glued to this one top, yang agak sempoi untuk dipakai ke tempat keja. 'ter'beli la pulak... cpms siap bagi diskon (discount in indonesian) rm4. haha.

incek suami aka cashier of the day sempat enter frame. ye. plastic bag pon sama motif dgn background desktop macbook 'jane' air cpms. vain jugak.

jadi, kepada sesiapa yg minat nak beli pakaian best pada harga berpatutan, sila ke stylisters online sebab bazaar tu dah berakhir pon. so, takleh la nak cekik leher dia kalau dia tak bagi diskon.

and if you don't have a face mask to wear to prevent yourself from the H1N1 virus, you can always rely on your own hair, especially if you have a long hair! but if your hair is short, fret not! an almost empty mineral water plastic bottle will do!
*this is a public service reminder brought to you by roxychick & cpms*

hari isnin tu jugak aku pakai pegi ofis dan baju itu menjadi pujaan ramai. tsk. baju jelah. orang yang pakai tak dapat apa-apa pon sebab dia bukan baby adik cpms. haha. *baby tu model tetap stylisters*

roxychick, in attempt to pose like baby. kah! kah! kah!

lepas bazaar, we went to b's photographer friend's, ahmad fairus wedding in puchong. dah petang pon masih meriah dengan orang (and food!) and one could guess what would happened if photographers attended another photographer's wedding la kan. tapi, b came sans 40D. amik gambar pakai his phone. haha. kelakar! owh. ahmad fairus is one of the best photographer in malaysia and do visit his works at his website okeh.

he got married to a bandung girl. pretty bandung girl. congrats the the both of you!
pic taken from sirreh's fb photo album.

and we ended the nite having dinner kat this restoran terapung kat shah alam. sis the 2nd insisted to treat us kat situ in the event of her fiance's birthday. gambar ada but sis the 4th tak upload lagi la kot. the food there ok ok jela. nothing outrageous.

*congratulations to fizi (b's nephew) & his wife miszbeauty for their marriage too! may Allah bless your journey throughout!*

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Friday, July 03, 2009

keroncong hari jumaat...

masih tidak tahu apa yang perlu gua update kat sini.

after few attempts from an uninvited reader yang tak habis-habis nak slander gua dengan pelbagai tohmahan yang tak masuk akal, after repeatedly listened to the King's songs over the week and after kelelahan menyiapkan current task dengan jayanya (tapi masih menunggu review belah petang jap lagi), gua masih takde story yang best untuk dikongsi.

*eleh. kalau ada pon mungkin pasal si zaes aka ek ek. tapi cerita biasa seorang anak yang sedang membesar. tapi interesting la jugak. cuma bila nak bercerita sekarang, jadi paranoid orang akan pikir gua ni tak habis-habis nak cerita pasal anak, orang lain pon ada anak jugak, tapi tak kecoh pon kan...? tsk. tsk.*

anyways, owh! baru teringat.. remember this entry? not about dolah & dolly but about THE GREAT COSMETICS SALE tu lah... haha hihi.. and i am now presenting you these...

i went to this place, 2 weeks ago...

... to collect these! yay!!
*evil laugh*

don't ask me how on earth did i get my hands on them invites but...... I GOT 'EM! haha hihi.
(if you're an avid reader of sns, you would know how do i get them..) and i'll be going with my lil sis. and few other friends.

there's still another 2 more weeks to go... be there or be square! haha hihi.

gila ah!

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

waiting, singing, dancing and clinging...

gua tengah sangap tunggu lil sis to come and fetch me from the office..

*sambil menghirup udara segar di blog gua yang aman damai ini..*

eyh.. speak of the devil..
dah sampai pon dia berdasarkan missed call yang diterima.

okey peeps! happy month of july!

zaes: watcha lookin' at?