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Thursday, November 25, 2004

bunny funny!

what the hell was i thinking?
i suddenly realised that makcik pink stiletto was the only person yg interested to read my blog every now and then... kan?

b? will only be back in his office next monday. cuti byk sgt. tu pon ada 6 days of leave lagi tu.. if i'm not mistaken.

well, takpelah. i won't be going around telling peeps bout this roxy gal! lgpon, i jez started blogging. chill out eh!

good news is, this morning i stopped by the 7-11 near my office, to get my spritzer mineral water and breakfast. all of a sudden i hv this crave for a cup of vegetarian flavoured mamee express instant noodles, and i got that one too. when it was my turn to pay, i can't help it but overheard the 2 cashiers conversation (i was paying my grocers kat counter mamat 1):

mamat 1: eh.. ko perasan tak? (scanning my cup noodles)
mamat 2: ape dia? (there's nobody at his counter as i was the only person paying)
mamat 1: dr tadi kan.. pompuan2 yg beratur nak byr kat tpt ko sume biasa2 je.. yg cantik2 sume dtg kat aku.

(silently i snickered while searching for my rm5 polymer note! corny la budak2 berhingus nih..)

mamat 2: haa.. tu la pasal! aku pon perasan gak..
mamat 1: yela. mmg dr tadi sume lawa2! sorry la.. hehee. (i handed him the $)
mamat 2: yela.. ko tu hensem. mesti la sume pegi kat ko..

masa tu, mamat 1 gave me back my change. LOL!!! i was holding back my laughter!

mamat 1: thank you!
me: terima kasih. (and i left)

how corny can a person get? if that's his pick up lines for tackling a girl.. he's done a good job, i can say cuz i must admit that i am somehow, flattered eventho i know i didn't fall in one of the most beautiful or lawa or cantik categories. but when i come to think of.. alaa.. budak2! tah2, they've been working since 5 am in the morning, pastu kepala dah pening2 lalat and anything wud come out from their mouth. haaiiii laaa.. dat's a funny experience.

and then i realised sumthing. i didn't overheard them said that. obviously, they want ME to hear that!

i left the convenience store feeling euphoric.

budak-budak ni kan.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

makcik pink stiletto.

hey, YOU! i know YOU'll come around.. peeking on me. makcik pink stiletto, my ever penyibuk fren.
hhmm... i'll label YOU that! ~chuckle!~

right now my gay ass art director and his allies are out of the office, probably ass-wiping the peeps in petronas for another big job for the year of 2005... what a shame! begging for a job instead of working his gay ass of for it... and here i am, wasting every single seconds of it in his office, posting my latest thots instead of finishing my job. hah!

ape nak cakap tadi? oh.. okay. makcik pink stiletto was wondering what do i get for my 25th birthday from my honey bun..? hmm.. let's see.. on the eve of my birthday, *we were in seremban, and then, ayer keroh, visiting my mom's brothers (hari raya, kan..)

*we.. as in my mom, lil sis, my significant other and i. bro-in-law, eldest sis and my ever adorable a-year old niece came along after that.

after ayer keroh, sheik (bro-in-law) suggested that we toured the melaka town to kill the time as well as to enjoy ourselves there, sementelah dah ada kat sana, kan. so we when and funniest thing happened, we were so excited to sit our butts on the colourful and kampung-like trishaws, with all the kerawang2 and plastic flowers! let alone the songs screaming from the monotonous radio! despite all that, it was fun being carried around by the trishaw bros who claimed riding beca is only a part-time job ("ha.. tu abang tu.. dia tu bomba.." "yg tadi tu adik saya, tgh cuti sekolah..") and the abang yg bawak our beca said he got 4 kids when he only looked like a 20yr-old lad from masjid tanah... don't know whether i should believe that or not.

b enjoy himself to the max! me too cuz it's been awhile since our last outing (out of town) together.. actually tak penah pon jln jauh2 'cept the time nak anta his niece back to her hostel in perak. tu pon balik hari. tak sempat nak jln2 pon. so, he suggested that we will go to some other place bila2 ada time.. yelah..

macam dah out of topic nih! that's the reason i never bother to expose my mind. i tend to merepek-repek, pastu ended up cite benda lain instead of things that should be told about! how now bow wow?

on my bday, sunday nov 21st, relatives came to the house, uninvited! shucks! i hv to help my mom with the cooking and waitressing, washing and gossiping! gile! b excused himself earlier and went ahead to the sphinx (sunway pyramid daa..) obviously he doesn't want to get involved (again) with my unexpected family get together. (yela..smlm tu kan baru pegi beramah mesra with me uncles!) don't blame him tho.

sampai la pukul 3, b called me on and off, to know whether i'm ready to go or not. so, at 4pm, *we went to klcc. yup! the same group of peeps! called me tah pa pe.. but i'm used to it.. b doesn't mind pon.

to cut a long story short, he brought us out, window shopping. saw some gurly shoes, he bought it for me cuz my gurly shoes boleh kira berapa compared to my sneakers and timberlands. jalan2 lagi. wonder where to eat.. and chandeliers along federal highway (kat jln syed putra kot) was our final destination for that day. it was this restaurant bawah pokok2 besar, ada chandeliers and big screen yg tgh tunjuk rerun of the day before spanish league football game between real madrid and barcelona. (real madrid lost 3-nil to Barca.. wat a wimp ass that beckham! i jez hate him!)

the food was ok. and around 10, we were heading back to usj 2.

arghh! my gay AD baru masuk. tak kantoi la.. but i hv to finished dis ASAP!

panjang gile post ari ni.

by the way, i'm a fan of liverpool. and i hate beckham to the max!
sorry beckhamania!

to makcik pink stiletto.. i know. i know.

ni la oktomat eh.. isk! isk! i'm so lost!

paranoia wraps me in a secluded part of my medula oblongata.

it took me 2 full-of-crap weeks to actually get on my lame fingers to type out my mind.

selamat hari raya and maaaf zahir batin to all. hi there, bloggers especially YOU.. YOU know who YOU are! heh..

well, the past 2 weeks were my so-called rest days and there's nothing much for me to blab on.. 'cept there are few things like, having a simple and plain but still one-of-a-kind birthday celebration with my loved ones and the most 'joyous' eid mubaraq celebration of all time. i like to elaborate more on this but due to my close and conservative mind which is not ready to share almost everything with everyone, i must say that i have to, maybe put on hold for a lil longer. of course, there were good and bad scenes happened, but i prefer to jez leave it as it is for the time being.

lemme put a full stop here. i'll be coming around now and then...

jez be patience.

... lots of it.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

from the mind of a beginner.

blig. blog. blig. blog.
hi, there bloggers! as u can see.. i'm new here. before, i read other bloggers blog in site such as xanga. and i did open an account with xanga. but unfortunately, due to my lackness of blogging experience, i leave it dull and empty. after a friend of mine persuaded me to view her blog site every single day, i decided to give myself a chance for another blogging experience with hmmph.. not bad at all cuz i think i can handle it... for now..

ok. enuff of that. the other reason i blog is because sometimes i think i need a place to express my madness, sadness, happiness and stuff like that and i think blogging on the internet is the right base to share my thoughts. well.. i know i sound a lil bit awkward here, but i do hope i'll learn how to blog freely, spontanously and humorously. i don't know if my english sounded plain or broken or jez ridiculous.. but i know i'll get there. as long as i can convey my feelings correctly. u may not find big vocabs here in my blog site, maybe once a while, but please don't hate me for that.

can't promise u anything, aite? jez enjoy my blog.

till we meet again.