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Friday, May 29, 2009

mayday! mayday!

hey ho. it's friday-o..

nothing much i can talk about 'cept that i'm in a midst of finishing my pending office job diselang-seli pula dengan head & backache due to the stress and sebab tengok komputer lama sangat. pon ye jugak... sighh.. sangat penat!

the month of may is coming to an end soon and before you know it, we're in the middle of 2009 already.. that's half a year of fast flying i-don't-know-what-else-can-i-do-with-my life time! cepat sungguh masa berlalu!

a good friend is getting married in june. seen here with incek hubby masa dorang buat pre-wed shoot dorang kat colmar tropicale. more of that soon.

and zaes (aka ek ek) is turning 2 in 3 months time. dah besar pon dia. sorry? what's that? when's the 2nd baby coming? err...

ok peeps! gotta run!
have a great weekend ahead!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a blast it was...

yesterday nite i celebrated incek suami's birthday at this place called kokopelli travellers bistro, situated somewhere in section 14/46, pj. it was a surprise birthday dinner i planned few days earlier despite my hectic schedule (shooting the diva again for 2 straight days, sampai malam pulak tu and another shoot, for products only, pon sampai malam.. really tiring!) with sis#3. at first i wanted to make it a small gathering, you know just the usual suspect, the son, the mom and the sis.. but suddenly i got this idea, to invite mrmanager along since berx sendiri pon tak jumpa mrmanager since konsert #7 af7 (berx was there alone for 3 consecutive weeks, mrmanager kena buat his main job, managing his artists that is.. but actually they met during erra fazira's daughter's cukur jambul last saturday, mrmanager sendiri yang invite berx to shoot lil engku aleesya)

so, i messaged him in fb (dah terpikir that maybe he can't make it.. artiste manager.. busy maa...) and to my honour, he accepted it! haha.. when it comes to thing like this, i memang cepat nervous! i don't usually into this kinda nak gila glamour ke apa ke, but thinking that i really wanted to meet him personally, some more berx pon dah kenal dia, so i give it a go.

and so, when yesterday came, i told b that i wanted to treat him dinner, and only the 2 of us and of course, i'm such a good actor, he was thinking that we were really going to have dinner berdua saja (sampai cakap kesiann zaes sebab dia takde..). and the best part was, i never been to this place and we ended up sesat barat and dah ke mana2 tah sampai i have to call my cousin (miya & jai joined the dinner too! er.. to other family members, esp my 2 elder sisters, nieces and bro-in-law jangan la kecik hati ok. nanti i shall organise another one at the same place...) and asked for directions! b was furious mad - "apsal susah sangat nak pegi tempat ni? why cant we eat somewhere else? yadda yadaa.." - but, again, being a good actor i am, try to be patient and looked for the place sampai jumpa! and yang paling kelakar tu, tempat tu is like a familiar place and i don't know why i lost my way there.. (read: tak reti baca map laaa i ni..)

dengan muka yang lapar, we went inside the place, i've reserved the private room beforehand, just enough for the 9+1 of us, and bila masuk into the room (siap tutup lampu lagi), i saw the usual suspects dah ready with desert as a birthday cake. berx was blurred when they shouted "surprise!!!" and hell yeah he was very surprised to see the usual suspects. especially zaes laa.. his beloved son. oh, at this time around, mrmanager blom sampai lagi sebab dia pon sesat barat! sorry! my bad!

berx was grinning ear-to-ear sebab dia memang betul2 surprised. then, while waiting for the food to be served (oh! food was fabulous and the place, the waiters/waitresses and even the owner were superb!) mrmanager stepped in. clad in a white jm (i believed it's jovian mandagie la kot) diamantes (or was it swarovski crystals?) studded top (very bling-bling ok) and khaki coloured pants, with his signature gucci bag on his other hand, he smiled and greeted us. again, i shouted "surprise!!" and berx had this eh..-oh..-mrmanager-is-here-to-makan-here-issit? look at his face. yup. again, he didnt expect mrmanager to joined us. and no i didn't forget, sweet nikki (yes nikki the singer)and mrmanager's best buddy, ismail were there too to celebrate berx' birthday! yay! (and suddenly i became all bubbly and nervous and what not to see them around.. live! haha..)

and so they say, the rest is history.. we had great fun, we ate, we talked, we discussed (can you believe it, i gave breastfeeding tips to mrmanager for some reason.. heh adala..) and nikki had real food! steak! yay! (poor nikki, she was early but at the wrong place, some more kena jalan far from where she parked her car..) and oh! she was totally different from what you'd normally see her on tv or internet, minus the makeup, she looked glowing and small.. like yeah.. really small and very sweet-demure-girl-next-door looking... she's getting married kan, can't hide the happiness eh? (dahla aku selamba je cakap dia 25 when she's 24.. heh sorry!)

aiyah.. so much to tell, so little time. gotta stop now. and i'll let the pic tell the story la ok!
and for those who didnt know, mrmanager dah tutup his mrmanager's blog and open a new one called v. please update your link if you haven't do so.. i know i haven't.. muahahahaaa..

and once again, terima kasih to those who joined! ah.. such great place to dine-in also. i recommend you to go there, fusion of local and western. 100% halal and tak jual liquor jugak. price wise, affordable. they also open for lunch and once again it's kokopelli travellers bistro, situated at #4, jalan ss14/46, section 14, pj.

i love you all!
(there were some pics taken by billa, and i have yet to get it from her. once i got them, i'll upload them la ok! nak tengok pics taken by mrmanager, please click here.)

the not-so-newly-weds... jai + miya.

the usual suspects.

zaes aka ek ek, that's how he called himself since he cant pronouce zaes properly.

the ice cream dessert cum 'birthday cake'.

one of the appertisers.. chicken rissoles with hot tomato sambal.

oven baked mussels ordered by b.

the best fresh fruit juice concoction i've ever had!
a combi 3fruits: orange, green apple and.. err.. tak ingat la apa lagi satu tu..
and it's called traffic. a must have!

rolled beef lasagna. mama had this.

miya + billa = guitar hero. muahahahaa..

billa with the linguine carbonara. i had seafood aglio olio, but lupa nak amik gambar. it was fantabulopus! (intended. not typo error)

grilled nz lamb chop. b's fav! 3 slabs of lamb chop slices. big portion ok!

ismail was very proper when eating. classy!
(ismail yang duduk hujung tu.. the one clad in black-red shirt)

mama's enjoying the desert.

nyooomm.. nyooomm.. one more for the album..

hey, that's the owner, mr. ariff awaluddin.
(zaes takut tengok dia, whenever he came in the room, zaes would go berserk.. haha.. must be his hair kot laa... jangan marah ok!)

the many faces of the birthday boy.

zaes: ala. mommey ni sibuk borak.. suap makan sendiri jelah..
(sorry sayang mommey!)

is that devil's horns on top of that letter 'A'??

the many faces of the birthday boy's son.

see, i told ya.. ismail memang proper and ever ready to strike a pose.

one for the album guys!

zaes: what is she doing with daddy's camera?

zaes: err.. what is she doing?
(haha... ek ek.. ek ek... tiba-tiba pulak zaes susah nak tengok camera. but he behaved himself that nite, i was surprised. only bubbly lebih. like mommey like son.. ahahahaa...)

and a gift from the fab 3, a pic of b shot by a famous indonesia fashion photographer, taufiq dasaad and autographed by nikki.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

born and celebrated: pat pat siku lipat!

hari ni 30th birthday incek suami...
(err.. yang lelaki tu la kan..

and 29th birthday of my cousin, ati...
(perempuan tu la, obviously..)

i love you both so much and may Allah bless korang!
have a blast you guys!!!
(sorry sebab tak sempat nak arrange double celebration for the both of you like last year.. busy macam kuli... muahahahaa)

pics courtesy of: &

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Friday, May 08, 2009

my mother(s).

before i start the day with my out-of-hand office job, lemme tell a story about my mother, since mother's day pon is just around the corner la kan.. (eh? bukan tadi baru post lagu pasal mak dendangan yusuf islam & the kids ke? ceh. konon-konon la kau nih..).

last week, masa labour day, i started the day as early as i can sebab baju-baju kotor dah melimpah ruah dari laundry basket, disamping rasa terharu dengan kata-kata indah dari incek suami yang selalu memuji-muji betapa wanginya stokin yang dia pakai ke ofis tiap2 hari walaupon direcycle 2, 3 kali itu. haha.

luckily for me, while doing my laundry, lil zaes was well behaved, so, everything went smoothly. sampai pukul 2 jugakla baru habis membasuh. ye. sila percaya dan bayangkan berapa round washing machine itu bergelek. then, we decided to go out (incek suami nak pegi main snooker dgn incek cousin punya husband and sis#2 actually and mama pon nak pegi carik apple cider vinegar dia) jalan-jalan kat sunway pyramid.

while preparing to go out, i've already set in my mind, not to forget to angkat kain jemuran kat belakang rumah nye portion (kalau dah melimpah ruah baju dari laundry basket, masa menjemur pon, habis satu rumah depan belakang gua conquer). dah la portion kat belakang tu sume our jeans, pants & one denim jacket pelbagai brands (tapi takdela anything expensive gila).. and masa tu la pulak lil zaes kena change diapers la apa la because he just woke up from his afternoon nap. and before going out lak, prepare his milk sume.

and then off we go without realising that i've forgotten to pick up the jemuran kat belakang. and please note that the back alley kat belakang rumah gua tu bebas je orang jalan-jalan, and mind you, my kain jemuran memang within reach if ada orang nak curik ke apa ke..

after jalan-jalan kat pyramid, dah nak dekat maghrib tu, incek suami and his snooker team still tak habis main snooker lagi (sebab the one kat pyramid tak allow orang main snooker pakai bermuda. since incek suami pakai bermuda, so they moved to other snooker centre), so mama, zaes, my cousin and i pon nak balik, with the anticipation of tak sabar-sabar nak tengok one in a million 3 finale on that nite.

masa nak dekat-dekat sampai rumah, when i drove passed thru the lorong sebelah rumah, i suddenly remembered about the kain jemuran belakang rumah. i immediately screamed "alamak! baju! baju belakang rumah lupa nak angkat!!! habislaaa!!!"

everybody in the car terkejut and dah sampai depan rumah, while opening the front gate, mama asked me to walked to the back alley just to see whether baju sume ada tak but i refused sebab takkan nak tinggalkan kereta kat tengah-tengah jalan and while praying in my heart that my baju are all there, i reversed parked (ceh nak cakap gak, takleh ke tulis park je, instead of reversed parked) the car masuk porch, i quickly went out, leaving my cousin and zaes in the car, lari pegi kat dapur, and when i switched on the kitchen light, to my horror all the garments kat fence belakang rumah tu dah takde kat situ!!

i can't believe my eyes mannn.. habis all the jeans and pants and jacket that i have, hilang! my body was shaking at that time, i jumped and thumped like a little girl and almost cried! then i asked mama whether she already picked them up but she said no. i asked again sebab bila tengok muka dia nampak calm semacam je, but she said she didnt and kali ni i asked her to swear in the name of God (muahaha. gila brutal sebab dah panic sangat dah ni)

masa tu she stumbled and immediately burst into laughter..

mama: ha.. tula.. lupa semua. tu ha.. ada kat tangga tu! takkan sebelum keluar petang tadi awak tak nampak mama letak kat sofa? buta la awak ni...

i went to the stairs and saw the pile there. mau tak lega!! huih! (bole jadi gila if hilang sume tu..)

roxy: yela.. tadi petang dah ingat dah.. isk. mama ni buat orang panik je! memang buat lawak seram tol.. isk!

muahaha. tu la dia. mama gua buat lawak seriau kat anak dia yang forgetful nih. nasib baik i don't have any heart condition. seems that before we went out, mama dah angkat sume portion jemuran kat belakang rumah tu, then letak kat sofa but on the way out tu i didnt notice anything at all. so, masa balik, when i suddenly remembered about it, mama cepat-cepat angkat portion tu campak and sorok kat tangga, so that i'll became menggelabah and she could laugh about it. and yes, mama berjaya buat anak dia menggelabah gila! (patutla beriya-iya mama suruh gua pegi jalan tengok dari lorong belakang sebab dia takut tak sempat nak sorok baju-baju tu. tsk.)

and so. what i'm trying to say here is, being a mother of 4, gua memang salute habis kat mama sebab sentiasa ambil berat about her daughters and son-in-laws and grandchildren's affair eventho it is not her responsible to do so. she attends to our needs, never complaints if she has to take care of my son sampai ke malam (sebab mommey zaes ni tak siap2 keja dia sampai ke sudah) or her other granddaughters and macam-macam lagilah..

nak cakap pasal mama, sampai esok pon i won't start my outta-hand office job nih. so, to my beloved mama, i'll always love you till the end of my life, and please forgive me for my wrongdoings, be it directly or indirectly. love you, love you, love you, mama!

and not to forget, my mother in law too.

*eventho tak mungkin both mama & mak baca blog ni kan.. tapi takpe..*

happy mother's day mama & mak!
(gambar taken by adinang during my nikah day. top pic: mister mama, 2nd pic: mak and my sis-in-law - probably the only pic of mak that i have)


mother of all songs.

Your Mother - Yusuf Islam

Who should I give my love to?
My respect and my honor to
Who should I pay good mind to?
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and clothe you
Who used to feed you?
And always be with you
When you were sick
Stay up all night
Holding you tight
That's right no other
Your mother (My mother)

Who should I take good care of?
Giving all my love
Who should I think most of?
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk
Who used to hold you?
Before you could walk
And when you fell who'd picked you up
Clean your cut
No one but your mother
My mother

Who should I stay right close to?
Listen most to
Never say no to
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes
Comb your hair
And blow your nose
And when you cry
Who'd wiped your tears?
Knows your fears
Who really cares?
My mother

Say Alhamdulillah
Thank you Allah
Thank you Allah
For my mother

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

to whom it may concern...

i was minding my own business when i heard some hysterical laughs at the other side of the office, just now. no. not hantu, like spiritual ghost or anything, but some blardy psychotic hantu office yang tak habis2 lagi nak menggedik tak tentu hala. some sore losers yang mengaku winner paling best dalam dunia. like, whatever!

mula-mula malas nak layan but when one of them called me and mimicked my performance (during the dinner masa our company trip to malacca some 2 fridays ago), i was seriously nak burst my sarcasm to the max! tapi, sebab malas nak drag the whole issue again, i decided to reserved my sarcastic remarks.

dorang ni kan.. dahla menipu to win the telematch and buat pakatan nak jatuhkan my team masa trip tu, pastu masa buat performance pon, bole ke tak paham apa yang kitorang performed? pastu sampai sekarang ni, dah over two weeks pon, still nak teased and kutuk mengutuk! so childish la. seriously! get a life la wei!

tapi bila dah tahap nak kutuk performance gua, ini sudah lebih la kan? kalau gua menyanyi suara katak puru yang keluar, bole la korang nak kutuk sampai 2010 sekalipon. ini choral speaking la dowh! korang ingat senang ke nak hafal?? haa?? and we didn't even fumble ok!

pegila balikkkk!

oh. rumah kuning memang best pon! i'm sorry sebab rumah merah, biru and hijau tak best giler macam rumah kuning!

huh. macam budak-budak!

stop it will ya??

bandung 2008 : random pics p1 :

here are 2 random pics during our trip to bandung, indonesia last year.
(in these pics: zaes, my 2 sisters and naughty nieces)

zaes, the thorn among the roses. tersepit lak tu.

tadi tersepit, now almost tripped lak.
zaes tu memang lightweight category la.. what to do...

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Monday, May 04, 2009

samala macam doktor ayam.

a quick one.
sila teliti gambar di bawah.

ya. ini adalah gambar seekor ikan yang di snappy snap snap menggunakan camera phone ketika saya & keluarga membuat lawatan sambil belajar ke aquaria klcc (yang entrance fee nya free untuk zaes tapi tidak untuk ahli keluarga yang lain) ikan ini memang kool, hip & happening.

now here's another snapshot of the exhibit name of the abovesaid fish.

now fellas, the question is:
is this a fish or an ayam or perhaps, a lion?
(ok. this is stupid question.)

or could it be a typo error from the management of aquaria klcc?
(literally, if lion fish is being translated to bahasa melayu, it means ikan singa, but instead it was labeled as ikan ayam for local name and in english, it means chicken fish..)

but... when i googled ikan ayam, this is what i got:

serupa kah rupa ikan ayam ini dengan lion fish di atas? sama kah?

and when i googled ikan singa, this is what i got:

more or less the same kan rupa dia dengan the pic i took?

muahaha.. mungkin sebenarnya saya yang ignorant sbb tak tau nama2 ikan ni sume. tapi. saja la.. nak buang masa. pastu jadi terbodoh. jap. (err.. wtf la oih)

*a quick one. indeed. T_T*
(i'm taking a break from my office work la.. tu yang cuckoo sket tu, sangap.)