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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

price tag? name tag? tig tag tog?

i was tagged by these 2 peeps, incek rotan & ms imran-ajmain-kononnye, bloody long time ago.. tapi malangnye, due to the heavy (again.. mesti sume dah muak nak baca kan..?) workload i've been getting these days, i have to forgo them for a while. tapi, now dat i'm a wee bit free, tiba2 rasa cam kurang rajin (read: malas) lak untuk melaksanakannya...

can arr like dat? or not? tapi, disebabkan i'd feel guilty if i didn't do it, i'd only mention bout it, without tagging others.. boleh? fair aite?

from incek rotan: (he tagged me twice)
1st tag. he had asked me to:
  • take some time to meditate about love and peace, pray for countries that are facing troubles, for those people you love and those you don’t.
    i have. i'm praying for MY OWN country... (please pak lah. do something good..)
and here's the peace illo, done by zari from beirut.

2nd tag. according to the original meme, it is the easy way and the fastest way to :
  • 1. Make your Authority Technorati explode 2. Increase your Google Page Rank. 3. Get more traffic to your blog. 4. Make more new friends.
    er.. i think i have to pass this one cuz i like to remain anonymous (eventho gambarku sudah tersebar luas.. hahaha) and the fact that i like it if a friend stumbles upon my blog thru blog-hopping or coincidently terbaca my blog. (like what happened to incek rotan, kan...) no. not that i'm an anti-social or sumthing, i'm just like dis.. my blog is nothing that i can be proud of, it's jez a piece of memento in the future for lil zaes and his siblings to read la kan..
from ms imran-ajmain-kononnye:
Top 10 Random Guilty Pleasures.
huiyohh! such a heavy topic to talk about babe! do i really have one? i think i have, but it's just too private to share them here i guess.. maybe not 10. maybe jez 1 or 2... hmm.. lessee..

1. commanding or pau duit billa
memang kesian sbb selalu sangat suruh dia buatkan itu ini when i'm at my oh-so-lazy mode tahap kritikal (most of the time!). i know she won't say no for an answer especially when it comes to anything gotta do with lil zaes. and nowadays i like to ask her to drive rite from the house to my office. (cuz last time it was the other way round) pasal pau duit tu, sebab dia dah keja (and she works in the best self-funding statutory body in malaysia. banyak duit woo!) so, dia dah ada duit sendiri. when she has her own money, all of a sudden my money is very little and kalau setakat nak beli canned drinks or mcdonalds tu, i'll make this "i'll-pay-you-back-later" face and sure it works punyalah! haha. (i know she'll be reading this.. but what the heck!)

2. reading my colleague's blog (and telling her i never knew she has a blog)
haha! and it happened to...... ms imran-ajmain-kononnye (the person who tagged me this meme)!!! she's my jiran in the office now. before she became my jiran, (time to make a lil confession) she sat quite far from me. when the 1st time she joined the dept, she was this quiet gurl with weird hairdos and clothing styles. tapi, budak-budak muda memang begitu. and since she has this quite a unique family name, (azyze, pronounced as: a-zai-z. not a-zi-zi nor a-ziz nor a-zai-zi) i googled her and i found her blog. (yela.. i was soo curious to know what's in her mind and what kinda person she is, cuz in the office she's so occupied and had this "mampus-kaulah" punya look sampaikan orang lain ingat dia ni anti sosial kah?)
so, when i started reading her blog, only then i know dat she's a really good writer (more than writing copy or headlines for brochures ok) and ada great sense of humor. dalam masa 1 year plus tu, i read and read her blog without her knowing and there was this one day, she even tak percaya when i said i never knew she had a blog and when i asked for the address, she refused to give cuz she wanted to keep it personal. (haha! dlm hati nak tergelak2 but i felt guilty cuz i was being dishonest - read: tipu - kat dia) so, when this one fine day - she found out that i actually been reading her blog secretly - terus dah tak rasa pape la.. you know how she found out dat i knew? she came to my place and about to reveal her blog to me by telling me the add, and when i typed it out, baru type a je, the rest of the add appeared automatically kat address bar tu! (nampak sgt selalu drop by her blog kan..) was i panic or what??? memang muka dah blushing hell fool (saja eja camtu, to show how foolish i am) of embarrassment!! imagine la! mesti dlm hati dia kata, "cheh! penipu besar! tah apa lagi dia tipu aku nih..?" haha! sori babe!

3. taking advantage on my hubby
haha. who doesn't?

4. surfing the net while telling others that i have lots of things to be done
actually, i DO have a lot of things to be done. but sometimes, i need a break from all that see? like if i didn't take time off, i won't be updating my blog innit? (if i have internet connection at home lain cerita laa.. er.. used to have but due to the lack of usage, i decided to terminate the service)

5. ignoring tags from dear bloggers and requests from fellow facebookers
heh. tapi disebabkan saya seorang budak yg tak sampai hati nak menghampakan perasaan orang lain, saya buat jugak la tag-tag nih (eventho lite-lite je...) and as for the requests from fellow facebookers, masa mula2 berkecimpung dalam facebook tu, bole la nak follow. sekarang agak lesu sket laa... =p

there. cukuplah. ada gak lagi yang too personal to share here. takpe kan...?

(ala. nama pon a place to whine and be frank. almost.)

i leave you guys wif my gorgeous lil one...

zaes: ow, mommey! dats too much infos awritey?
(foto captured by: b retouching by: roxychick)

Friday, March 21, 2008


i was surprised to received this, this morning (from email la..)
by: emilayusof©copyright reserved
a big thanks to kakak emila
for the lovely lettering of my name!!!

i like! (jez the way it is! the colour suits my blog...)

for other updates (including the tags i've been getting.. jap eh!) kena tunggu after i ease on my workload...

Friday, March 14, 2008

born and celebrated: part V - daulat tuanku!

daulat tuanku!

his royal highness, raja dr. nazrin shah and his beloved wife, raja puan besar perak tuanku zara, has just been blessed with a prince, early this morning at the damansara specialist hospital. she wasn't due till early of next month, but i guess the lil prince just can't wait to see the world la kot.


remember abang a? he was admitted to the hospital due to the removal of his tumor, last 2 days and he's now ok despite having to be in the OT for almost 10 hours, during the op. (according to his wife, the doctors were having difficulties to find the exact location of the tumor plus his condition as he's also got high blood pressure)

so, this afternoon (since tak ramai orang kat ofis hari ni) kitorang pon pegi la visit him kat hospital (and nak carik lunch pon ye). masa sampai kat his ward, i can see few people were sitting outside of one of the rooms, jez a couple of rooms away from abang a's. masa tengah tanya khabar, borak-borak dengan abg a, he said that he'll be discharge by late afternoon and that bilik sebelah dia ada raja nazrin. (we were like.. apa hal pulak raja nazrin masuk wad when only ystd je dia terpaksa postponed the oath-taking ceremony for the new perak MB)

so, being the nosy me, i went back to the door, checking out from the small tingkap of the room. i can see the people who were earlier sitting outside of the neighbouring room. they looked some how familiar and rupanya they were the siblings of raja dr. nazrin. i can see the sight of his 2 sisters, raja dato' seri azureen and raja eleena and younger brother, raja dato' seri ashman shah (and his wife, noraini jane) and also his parents in law, waiting patiently along the corridor. when my other colleagues join me, macam orang jakun lak sbb terjengok2 kat tepi pintu tu. we were giggling endlessly when suddenly raja azureen walked past us and stopped in front of abg a's room...

r.a: hi. (erk! we were dumbstruck for a moment.)
us: hi!! (omg! memang jakun abes okeh!)
r.a: who are you guys visiting?
us: our friend from the office (agak kacau bilau sebab sume nak cakap)
me: is err.. has sh.. tuanku given birth? (bole ke camtu?)
r.a: oh, yes.. this morning..
us: oh. great.. congratulations!! (isk. memang kalut) baby...?
r.a: baby boy (she smiled widely.. OMG! she's so gorgeous ok!!)
us: please convey our congratulations to her yah..
r.a: oh.. sure.. sure..

***edited version*** ;-p

and she continued walking. (maybe nak tengok her ayahanda sultan perak datang la tu)

we were like "OMG! OMG!" all the way sebab tak sangka she was sooo nice and polite and uber-friendly! dah la her attire pon simple, minimal make up, less bling-bling.. sungguh best.

masa tu, across the room tu ada nurses yg sume dah berderet tunggu keberangkatan tiba hrh sultan perak. dahla abang a kat dalam pon kitorg dah tak peduli, biar dia layan tv sorang2. kelakar tul. dalam pada tak habis lagi teruja, tiba-tiba, raja nazrin lak came out from the room with raja azureen and masa lalu bilik abang a, he saw us tengah sibuk2 lepak kat luar bilik..

r.n: ape kabo? (nope! no kidding!! dia tegur kitorang dengan loghat perak beb!)
us: kabo baik.. congratulations tuanku!! (nurses and his bodyguards - kot - dah pandang2 dah)
r.n: terima kasih... ni daghi mana nih? (he smiled)
us: dari... the company for women..

he nodded few times, and angkat tangan to us before continue walking...

lagi satu dumbstruck! gile ah! i was totally awed by this bunch of royalty! memang humble and rakyat-friendly tul!

lepas tu, hrh sultan azlan shah and queen tuanku bainun, walked past us to visit their daughter in law next door, after visiting their grandson kat nursery (i assumed).

today is indeed my lucky day! dapat good news, fresh from the hospital lagi. dah la tu, masih tak percaya sebab dapat jumpa dengan perak royalty yang sangat humble and down-to-earth itu... (jez tak dapat amik gambar je...)

may Allah grant them with a blessed prince and as humble.

i like! (still can't believe my eyes nih... isk!)

Friday, March 07, 2008

milky way.

one of the new reader of roxychick's, ms emly left a comment on my previous post, telling me how much nursing moms warm her heart and that she hopes that i'll continue breastfeeding my lil zaes till 2yrs old. you see, i must thank God for giving me the opportunity to breastfeed my son till now (and still producing well).

being a new mom, i can still remember the pain i had to go thru the first time i gave my milk to my son. it was such an awful experience when he refused to suck my nips a lil longer cuz after a couple of suction, he'd fell asleep (the 1st 2 weeks tu, my son likes to sleep. he doesn't drink much.. betul! he can sleep hours without milk) i had to put the cabbage leaves (a tip i learnt from my mama) to soothed my swollen and bloated breast. and of course, i've to expressed the milk out and stored them, to the extend that my mom's freezer was already filled up with my breastmilk (in storage cups, of course) and i had to tell others not to confused the milk with yogurt or any other off-white-coloured desserts.

i cried and almost gave up because of the pain. but 2 weeks after that, everything was under controlled and i even became the ibu susu to my niece, myia sarah who is only a week's older than my son and her mother, my eldest sis, was the ibu susu to my baby. (she wants my son to call her bonda instead of auntie) and from that day onwards, i vowed to myself that i'll feed him as long as i can!

so, when i started working, there was this 3D 2N outing to an island thingey my dept had planned earlier on. of course i was afraid to leave him behind, but due to the storage i made earlier on, they were enuf for him during my absence (and of course with the help of his bonda, who fed him during the nites only) at that time, he was almost 3 months old.

memang ada challenges since my mama kena babysit dia during the day. (yup. i'm still leaving with my mama..) you see, mama takes care all her grandchildren (she insists. daripada suruh tah sapa2 jaga, baik mama jaga) my 3 nieces and my son. at times, when she has to do other chores, she finds it a lil bit susah when it comes to feeding the babies. nak kena letak susu kat warmer pastu make sure tak panas sangat and all. so, she suggested me to give him formula, malam je baru bg breastmilk. of course i don't want la kan.. (3 months ago, my sis already did that to her daughter cuz she can't produce breastmilk anymore) tapi i have to make sure my supply is sufficient so that mama tak bising.

but when i first got my period - -3rd months after giving birth - i suddenly realised that the production of my milk was quite low and i thought that my milk dah near end dah.. i was a lil worried la.(stressed out gile masa nih) i surf the net to find the anything i could so that i can still produce milk and i stumbled upon earth mama angel baby milkmaid tea. it's an herbal tea yg supposedly good for nursing moms to produce more milk. so, i bought the tea from this kedai @ou (can't remember the name, but you can also find it locally - online via tbl or fabmom) and yeah, it did help in producing more milk. tapi after my period, my breastmilk produce macam biasa je, so bila pikir2 balik, maybe it's normal dia jadik camtu bila tengah period. then i realised that actually the tea helped mommies yang memang low (regardless ada period ke tak) milk production dia, so i stopped drinking the tea and sampai sekarang, bila susu macam sikit je, tu maknenye nak period la tu..

despite my will to give my baby exclusive breastfeeding, mama & mak (in-law) sibuk la suggest gak bagi formula kat zaes:
kat rumah mama: if awak selalu balik lambat camni, susah la mama bila susu awak dah habis! kat rumah mak: kena juga bagi dia susu tepung. susah nanti muharra nak buat kerja sebab dia tak nak susu lain.

so, for a start, (just to familiarize him wif formula) i bought formula E yang harga dia rm30++ untuk tin kecik. mama tried to feed him the other day (masa dia masuk 6 bulan last feb), tapi dia tak nak. reject. no. pangkah! (wah! susu mahal nih..) then, i called up his paed and she gave formula s-x6. still, he rejects it totally. siap tutup mulut rapat2 and blurted the milk outta his tiny mouth. (alamak! camne nih? what happened if esok lusa my milk dah takde?? how?) masa tu memang panik sket la. then, i asked for some of another formula F from my cousin. pon dia tak nak. and my last resort was formula L, rm11++ satu tin kecik. he drank like 2 bottles (of 4oz') the other day, but today dia reject pulak.

and sebab i don't want to stress myself so much about this whole formula vs breastmilk issue, i decided to let nature take its course. i think zaes pon dah tired of refusing and rejecting formulas and clearly he's more comfy with my milk. (jimat sungguh anak mommey nih..)

zaes: formula sux! mommey's milk rulez!

zaes: keep up the gud milk, mommey! *muacks*

(actually it feels great to have silent readers. to whom it may concern, thanks for dropping by my crappy blog and i hope i've told good - eventho tak best mana - stories and made your day.)

so. tomorrow is the election day for the nation. have you registered as a voter?
if you have, please choose and vote wisely yah.
enuf said.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Free family tree search - Dynasty

good boy! mommey loves you sooo much lil zaes!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

cerita pasal abang a.

abang a yang suka amik gambar...

he's one of my favourite colleague kat company for women nih.
he's kind-hearted, bukan jenis berkira when it comes to office job and when people ask for his help.
he's also humorous, down-to-earth and tak penah la nak nampak dia marah-marah.

on the first day i came to this place, he was on leave. since my cubicle kat sebelah cubicle dia, i can see most of his stuff on the table. so, ada sorang colleague tu, abang s, pegi letak gambar dia, pastu ada oranges (masa tu masih lagi dalam suasana sambutan CNY la) kat depan komputer dia.. ala.. macam orang cina sembahyang kepada orang2 yg telah tiada tu la.. being a newbie, i was a bit heran la why on earth they do that.. rupanya it was just a prank. so, the next day, when he came back to work, upon seeing his pic with the oranges, (i was afraid he'll be fuming mad) he just laughed the prank of, throw away his b&w printed foto and eat the oranges. phew! nasib la dia tak mengamuk (there's another incident, which happened at my previous working place, the person yang kena such prank, mengamuk gila sampai nasib baik dia tak baling the huge paper cutter - the one yg buat potong gambar paspot tu - kat orang yang buat prank tu...) tapi, this guy here, buat muka tak tau je.. siap bole berlawak segala...

so, when this morning he told me that he'll be on leave the whole next week and the week after, i thought he'll be bringing his family for holidays since next week is the school hols. pastu he said that he's campaign needed to be delegated among other ADs cuz dia takut tak sempat nak siapkan on time since today the mktg peeps will be briefing him about the campaign. (masa tu, i was a bit annoyed la kan sebab i just finished my campaign, and tak sempat nak relax, dah nak kena buat campaign orang lain and it'll be my turn after his.) but belum sempat nak question him, he said that he needs to take that leave sebab nak kena operate tempat yang bengkak kat tepi pipi dia tu... (you see, his face memang nampak bengkak sebelah. last week, he went to the doctor to have it checked and the doctor said it's parotid gland, something got to do with your salivary system yang tiba2 jadik bengkak.. or so the doctor said) and told me that the swollen part of his face tu is a tumour. i quickly looked at him, hoping to see a smile on his face, but no he didn't. instead, muka dia cool je, but with a lil bit of sadness there when he said about the tumour.

i lost words for a moment. but when i gather my thoughts, i said to him, that everything will be fine and not too worry that much. dah la tu, dia siap buat lawak lagi and keep on repeating these 2 songs - andai kutahu by ungu & bila aku sudah tiada by hujan - again and again, when i told him that these 2 songs are banned from being on air this whole month!!

hmmph.. don't worry abang a! we'll be praying for your good health and harap-harap the operation will be a smooth one. hopefully no complications despite the fact that dia pon ada blood pressure...