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Thursday, April 12, 2007

ode to my F-I-L and friends... and foes too..

b's father passed away last tuesday, 3rd of april due to blood poisoning or so the doctor said. he's been on the bed for a week before that and already told his children not to bring him to the hospital. but, they brought him anyway... hours before dia meninggal. and i think it's the right thing sbb masa dia terlantar tu, he was very weak and it wasn't a pleasant sight. nampak tak comfy langsung. but, he passed away peacefully and b's an orphan now.

thanks to family & friends for the endless condolences. al-fatihah.

tapi kesian tengok b. but he didn't show his sorrow in front of me pon..
he's the youngest in the family but he rarely spend time with his folks. form 1 dah masuk asrama kat klang. form 4 pi mrsm muar. then attended U in shah alam... then keja pon kat pj. kawen dgn orang subang jaya (haha!) yang berkerjaya. so now, you can see him going back to hometown as much as possible whenever he's free. with or without me.



had dinner @secret recipe with my 2 best friends, e & iz and a long lost friend, sr, last monday. as e is leaving for umrah (dah pegi pon yesterday), we took the effort to meet up. e & iz came with their hubbies, sr is still single and i came alone, straight from ofis.

the moment we started chatting, we can't stop! goodness gracious! (e's hubby noted that we sounded like ayam tengah bertelur, riuh sekampung! haha!) it really was funny how you'd dug up all the school-time stuff and laugh them out eventho at that time, whether or not, sad or funny moments of our lives! e was telling her side of stories which suddenly connected to what had happened to sr... iz was a lil bit quiet, as she had always been. as for myself, the usual me laa... making fool of myself, always in denial and stuff.. and sr was surprised to know that i still remember her birthday.. i am like a database, see. =P

as i am the only one with perut boyot, iz was saying that they always knew that i'll be the first from our pack to get pregnant! (e has been married for 2 yrs now, 2 unfortunate miscarriage and she still hope to get pregnant again and iz's 1st anniversary is next month and still trying for her skinny self to be as boyot as me...) yelaa... masa sekolah dulu, i never got myself into any relationship as i believe that i was not pretty enough to become somebody's gf. that's why i always thought i'll be the last person to get married among us, but i finally got married, ada few other girls yg belum, pastu aku pulak yg beriya2 mengandung! right after kawen lak tu, tak tunggu2 dah.. pastu, sr remarked that among the 3 of us, eventho i'm pregnant, my face don't look motherly langsung. unlike e & iz, they have the motherly look... well, sr. i took that as a compliment ok... =D

so, we were merepeking sampai la orang secret recipe tu sibuk angkat2 meja dan sapu2 lantai dia... sampai dah nak kena halau baru nak gerak. and at that time it was already 11pm. so, memang patut pon dorang buat mcm tu la kan... we had few pix taken and hugged each other before we call it a nite. and i think i really had fun sbb dah lama tak chill mcm tu, despite my exhaustion from talking & laughing so much and the fact that i had passed my bedtime.. so, bila kuar je from mv, i was speeding like mad coz dah mengantuk gile! (it took me only 15minutes to reach home..) b kept on sms'ing, worrying about me coming back late. when i reached home, he waited patiently at the driveway, with the gate opened... it's not soo him, but i really appreciate it tho. yela.. bukan selalu dia buat mcm tu.. and it felt good when he did once in a while.

anyways, i feel grateful to have friends like them. and the others too. eventho jarang jumpa, but we always remember each other. if ada time buat gathering, mesti try to jumpa, unless gathering bodo2 macam the one i attended last december tu laa... paid quite an amount for the dinner, but the people i met macam ---toooootttt!--- sket laa... not everyone remembers you, you know.. especially when you were not popular back then...

owh! my last check up with my gynae, dr. s went well. she told us the gender of the baby already, but i'm not telling. will go for the 3D anomaly scan this end of the month... an event i wouldn't miss! macamana la rupa budak kecik ni nanti kan? i jez hope that my baby is fine and healthy and all's well. please pray for h** ok? ;D

oh! nanti the 3D scan tu, they'll burn the images into cd. i might upload it.. tengokla mcmana eh..

let's see my week 20 progress:

You may feel the very first movements from your baby (often called ‘quickening’), which some mums describe as a feeling of bubbles popping, butterflies fluttering inside them - or even wind! Second-time mums may feel this earlier as they know what to look out for. Whenever you feel it, it’s a magical moment – and Dad can now put his hand on you belly and finally feel his baby.

my baby
At this halfway point, your baby is about 25cm (10in) long - think large honeydew melon. This is approximately half his birth length. Many mums have a scan now to check for possible problems.

the 20-week scan (this is the one that i'll be going for end of this month)
At about this time you’ll be offered one of the major scans – often called an anomaly scan. This looks for abnormalities in your baby and includes detailed checks on all organs and your baby’s structure. In most cases, the baby is fine. But if anything is discovered, you may be offered further, more-invasive, testing to check whether a problem actually does exist. Remember that, as with all testing, you have a right to refuse both the scan and any follow-up tests.

and liverpool made it to the semis of 2007 champions league, alongside mu, chelsea and ac milan. in 2weeks time, they'll face chelsea.. and i hope chelsea stumbles once again.