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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

8 days a week.

it's back!

the "lets-see-siapa-best-and-terrer-and tebabo" phenomena.
*it irks me! like reeeaaaaally!*

yaaahhh... life's like that... ~sigh~

doggone hell with it lah...

anyway, last week ada buat bridal makeup untuk this girl i recently introduced to by a mutual friend. alhamdulillah, she loved it and everyone complimented her. and as usual, i didn't take much picture tho. ada 2 ketul je. but i did ask her to email me some decent photos bila dia dah dapat from her official photographer nanti. meanwhile, meh i tunjuk apa yang ada yeh..


after... err.. abaikan perempuan serabai kat sebelah pengantin itu!
(i sempat amik
gambar masa reception dia je, masa nikah tak sempat langsung.. dahla tak clear sangat.. uhuhuhuuu)

so, should any bride-to-bes looking for a makeup artist, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at (my own blog is still on its way, meanwhile please head over to mola's parasite to view some of my folios) AND if you're looking for a wedding photographer, please click here! :)

and... oh! someone's got himself an international passport already. haha..


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Friday, May 06, 2011


so long...
it was so long ago...
but i still, got the blues, for you.

the above was taken during our end of february weekend trip to majlis bertandang bills the bilis and farid's in melaka. the 3 of us stayed at the holiday inn, melaka; the city's freshest hotel. love the spacious room, sparkling infinity pool area and the breakfast spreads too! (i'm a sucker for good buffet lines haha!) i highly recommend this hotel should you wanna chill over to melaka!

tiba-tiba teringat masa we went to johor end of last year for b's nephew's wedding. due to budget constraint and it was also a last minute plan, we booked a room at tune hotel, danga bay. it was a budget hotel, so what do you expect la kan.. as long ada tempat nak tido, dah cukup baik dah for b and i. anyway, tune hotel pon bersih and not bad untuk buat tempat tido je (eventho the room tu muat-muat je kitorang bertiga haha!) so nobody's complaining la kan...

tapi... agaknya since we're not a frequent traveler la kot kan, si zaes punyalah jakun! after checking in, cleaned up ourselves and headed over to my sil's place, sampai kat sana je, zaes siap bragged dengan all his cousins and aunties and uncles: "kita duduk hotellllll..." LOL! gua dah malu gila dah sebab tune hotel je kot? hahahahaa.. zaes.. zaes..

tapi surprisingly, masa kat holiday inn tu, dia tak pulak kecoh dengan relatives yang lain eventho the hotel was better (with pool some more kan...) hmmm... T_T

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

wishful thinking.

*found this entry drafted some time ago. tak publish-publish sebab i remembered masa type ni, mata dah tak larat nak bukak dah...*

this morning, while browsing the online newspaper sites, an sms came in.
it was from my cousin m.

she wrote:
awak rasa saya patut jumpa doktor ke sebab tak pregnant lagi.. he he..

upon reading those, my heart beat a lil more than usual and suddenly i felt a bit sad. awww...
so, i quickly dialed her office number and i can hear her usual self on the other line.

when she learned that it was me, she giggled like she usually did.

you see, she's been married for almost 3 years now and yet, she still hasn't conceived. she went to a famous indian gynae sometime last year but that was the first and the last visit as she didn't have the chance to go for a follow up due to her hectic schedule.

all these while, she (and her husband) has been really close dengan my son, zaes. whenever they went for a holiday, dorang mesti bawak balik hadiah untuk zaes. whenever they came to our house, just to plain lepak, zaes mesti happy and played with them. pendek cerita, i can see that they really really suka hang around dengan my kiddo sampai satu tahap ni, dorang tak kisah pon if zaes nak mengada-ngada dengan dorang. tinggal lagi, zaes takkan tido kat rumah dorang sebab bab tido ni, zaes mesti nak tido dengan mistermama jugak.

lepas tu, zaes tu kalau bergambar dengan uncle j and auntie m dia, mesti dia senyum sampai ke telinga. cuba bergambar dengan mak bapak original dia, terseksa sungguh nak suruh dia senyum. huh!

i know, my cousin has been waiting for a child to brighten up their life. but nampaknya memang takde rezeki lagi.

just be patient okay dear cousin! Allah will grant you with a baby, one day. one fine day.


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

well hello there!


so i suck at updating this webby blog. *cough! cough!*

can't really hold myself together since workload hasn't been that kind to me. oh hell yeah, i'm blaming my workload! haha.. there you go.

entah apa yang gua merepek ni tak tau la. seriously, otak macam dah kena block! nuffnang pon takat tuuu je la.. kesian. macamana nak buat duit belanja ke dotdotdot? ~sigh~

as i'm typing this, as usual gua melarikan diri sekejap dari trafik kerja. trafik kerja yang menyesakkan nafas gua dengan debu-debunya. tapi kali ni bukan debu dah, tah apa zarah-zarah yang gua sendiri tak pasti negatif positifnya yang sudah menjajah ruang kerja gua kat sini. trafik jam gila baby! hah!

aiceh.. konon-konon la lu! poyo!

eh, bulan mei ni bulan istimewa. semalam pagi, bangun je dari tidur di perkarangan ruang tamu rumah nenek pon aka my mil, si zaes secara tiba-tiba menyanyi lagu "happy birthday to youuuu..." aih. macam dia tau-tau je birthday daddy dia is coming soon. lambat lagi sayang, ada lagi 23 hari :) he's one funny kid si zaes ni!

yup, may 2011 is indeed special. apart from celebrating b's 32nd birthday, another huge thing is happening in may as well. not telling tho' as i'm quite a secretive person haha... poyoness sungguh entry kali ni.

on your mark...

insyaAllah, if time permits, i'll spill out the beans ey? owh, it's definitely nothing got to do with buns, ovens, xx, xy, 1 line or 2 lines... atau dalam erti kata lain, no. i'm not pregnant or about to deliver ke hape. nampaknya rezeki untuk menambah anak masih belom berpihak kepada saya... :(

masih bertiga.
*anggap la anak itik tu adalah gua...*

till then sayangs! toodles! :p