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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008. tick. tock. tick. tock. 2009.

i am short of words.

i'm hoping that 2009 will bring more happiness in my life.
i'm hoping to hear zaes' first full sentence, by all mean, anything at all.
(owh.. he murmured his first 'mommey' word yesterday which sounded more like 'mimi'.. alahai..)
i'm hoping for a slight recovery in the family budget plan.
i'm hoping for world peace...
and i hope i'd be a better wife to b, a good mommey to zaes, a dependent daughter to my parent, a supportive sister to my other sisters, a cool aunt to my lovely nieces and a great person to others.

and of course, a humble human being to my Creator, Allah the Almighty.

happy 2009 everyone.

and to be the cover girl of vogue mag.
or any other mag. can or not? haha.

(superbly imposed via photofuniadotcom)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

dried-out throat o'mine...

best ke berkulit putih ni?
haha. i never know sebab i dont care at all.

oklah. i lied.
i always thought that how wonderful my life would be if i was born all fair and pretty. seriously.

i used to hate myself for being dark-skinned and short and what not. i even thought that i was adopted since my other siblings are all fair, pretty, tall(er than me) and almost perfect la senang cakap. (my mother even told me that i was found by the garbage bin, this one evening, in front of the house... how sad is that?) but no. i was not adopted. i am my mama's & papa's daughter. the 3rd daughter to be exact. but why wasn't i as fair as my other sibs? maybe ikut gene sebelah mama la kot (eventho mama fair-skinned), sebab fyi, my mama's ancestors came from ceylon (aka sri lanka), so maybe that explains the whole thing. adala jugak my other relatives yang dark-skinned but majority yg dark-skinned tu sume the boys. for girls, memang tak ramai la.. maybe 1, 2 je.

gambar aidilfitri pre-myia & zaes.
cant remember what year. maybe 2005 kot.
see? i wasn't lying was i?

and when mama got married to papa, who has arab blood, knowing the history of syed-sharifah clan ni, maka anak-anak yang terhasil haruslah bermuka melayu-arab campuran kan (especially bila bapak paling dominan) and the result should be beyond expectation la kan? kan? kan? bila anak ke-3 mereka ini keluar muka tak capai benchmark, bermula la cakap2 belakang seperti, "tula. masa mengandung mana bole minum kopi o", "lain kali jangan makan kicap masa pregnant, kan anak dah jadi hitam" yada.. yada..

kopiko yang rongak.
masa tu darjah dua, baru balik dari sports day. kot.
ke pakai baju ni sebab ada physical ed? tah.

so, i've been living this life where schoolmates/relatives/teachers would teased me with names such as kopiko, bontot kuali, kicap and even kuey teow (i know! like wtf la kan?) ok! kap lam ya nga jangan cakap laaa.. sangat sedih my childhood memories ok?

anyway, only after varsity days that i came to realised that it's FABULOUS being dark-skinned and short and what not! hell yeah, i was that stupid and lame sebab it took me that long to realised! so, rite after that i began to appreciate myself and indulge in making over myself (excuses to having whole roxy bag of makeup yang jarang digunakan.. haha) and guess what?? I'M LOVING EVERY BITS OF MYSELF! (er.. except that post-pregnancy stretchmarks yang still there..) and it's all about me. just me. i love me. i heart me. eheheee..

and i always tell myself that, if i have babies (masa tuu laa..), i don't want him or her to have this kind of feeling just because he or she is lack of this or that. and so, when zaes was born and he inherit my dark-skinned tone, i'm so ever proud of him and vowed to myself that i wont let anybody tease or even talk about his physical appearance especially when it comes to skin tone.

tapi, mulut tempayan boleh la kita tutup kan.. but not of human's. yes. zaes had his moments, months after he was born and just few days ago. (i know someone might not like this post, but i'm just telling my slice of life and i hope it's not an issue here, ok. i hope you understand that i am just a mother who wants the best for her zaes. taknak bias-bias. no nothing.) i don't know. maybe i'm too sensitive. maybe i'm just angry and being irrational. but janganla pasal warna kulit bole jadi isu kan. and when this happened, obviously secara halusnya people would accused me for being dark-skinned and turunkan pulak kat anak.. aih. nak marah kang, kena marah balik. tu yang susah tu.. but.. tu la..

honestly, i think people should not do that ok. enough is enough. warna kulit tu kurniaan Allah and we should appreciate and be proud of it.

zaes: ok apa kulit zaes macam mommey..
tak cacat pon. buwekk!

so, to my zaes, when you know how to read and if you read this, just ignore about what others might say about you and i hope you'd become a good person and smart and intelligent and berguna kepada agama, bangsa dan negara (amboih. mommey punya sensitif sampai recite rukun negara..)

to whom i (or the commentators) might hurt, i'm sorry. i really didnt mean anything when writing and posting this entry. it just came across my mind and i feel like expressing my feeling. i REALLY hope you'd understand. thanks for your understanding.

sorry again for feeling blue.. eventho i'm all RED (in a happy way.. YAY!) when i saw the rerun of the newcastle united vs liverpool (you ROCK!) game, yesterday.. go kops!

nov 18, 2006.
see? all my sisters blend in dengan background and their baju
except me. dalam gambar ni can see me only. haha.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

tis the day to be filled with food...

burrpppp! alhamdulillah.
kat atas tu was my lunch just now. belah kiri was a char kuey teow and kanan was a nasi goreng cina. both were bought from this one place kat kelana jaya, stalls yg opposite the old giant tu.. sori sebab tak amik gambar before the food was being eaten. (nanti korang ingat gua tipu lak..) i was famished. i finished em up both within seconds.. (no la.. in between 30 minutes kot..) boy, was i famished?!! ni pun ada 4 more slices of jambu pak cu 916 to be gobbled. soon.

ok la. since esok nak cuti, i thot i'd post something today. baru habis satu beban keja tadi. to be presented soon @3pm. dah lepas. - fcuk la!!! don't ask! - friday i'm gonna be out of office for product shoot @the studio. billa dah start cuti by then. but not me. gonna work, work, work. pathetic.

next monday will be 1 muharram 1430. ala. new year dalam kalendar islam la..and menurut bulan islam yang mulia itu, saya bakal menginjak ke usia 30 tahun. (i was born 1st muharram 1400, mengikut kalendar islam) takpe. insyaAllah i'm ready.

talking about celebration, mesti teringat pasal hadiah2. tak kira la hadiah krismas ke, harijadi ke... oh! smlm my dept ada year end party. siap ada gift-swapping lg... aa? what do i get, u asked? u really wanna know? betol? takyah la. buat sakit jiwa je. heh.

ha! suddenly i remembered s'thing... just last saturday, as i was rushing here and there (due to some office thingey issue), and since dah janji nak jumpa cik foxx kat the gardens to get the thing i ordered from her (for my gift-swapping event), so, i made my way there and after jalan2 to carik the office thingey, we met kat depan coach kat the gardens tu. as usual, bila dah jumpa, eventho kata nak amik barang je, tak sah if tak goss-goss dulu. as we were gossiping (while waiting for her mr. raiders yang sedang mencari parking lot), my eyes caught a glimpse of this young lady, yang sedang kelam kabut berjalan with her oversized handbag and a raoul paperbag kat tangan. dan bila saya memandang 2 orang pemuda yang berada di belakangnya, yang sedang menyorong two trolley filled with paperbags from brands such as fiorucci, nine west, lacoste, thomas pink and what not saya hampir pitam tapi berjaya kembali ke alam realiti. well.. maybe i'm a little jakun kot but truth is, i never seen anything like that! hmm.. maybe in movies, but not right in front of my eyes! (walaupon gua rasa if gua dah banyak duit nanti gua nak buat camtu .. but pushing trolleys filled with goodies? bukan tu keja santa claus je ke? heh.) cik foxx kata dia penah nampak dat kinda situation but instead of guys, dia nampak version perempuan la. lepas tu, memang mulut gua tak berenti cakap pasal tu.. well, that girl looked too young.. tah untuk sapa la barang2 tu sume kan.. (read: jeles la tu...) siap ada orang tolong tolak lagi.. lelaki lak tu. tsk.

so, lepas muah muah dgn cik foxx, gua dengan penuh dedikasinya meneruskan pencarian barangan ofis itu. jalan punya jalan, suddenly gua terserempak balik dengan 3 stooges tuh.. apalagi, dengan penuh komitednya, gua jadik paparazzi jap. haha. at that point, this girl was inside robinsons. the way she acted kan, memang macam orang jakun yang kena loteri rm20juta pastu kalu boleh nak beli the shopping mall kelam kabut je... masa dia dalam robinson, obviously the 2 guys takleh ikut with the trolleys la kan. so, dorang pon waited outside dengan muka yang bosan semacam je. (sorry. i used my hp to captured the images, so, quality agak brengset.)

pic 1: 2 of them with the trolleys.

pic 2: sorang lagi pi toilet. nampak tak trolley tu?

pic 3: eh.. jangan tinggal. kang gua amik kang.

pic 4: dah bosan tahap gaban la tu..

pic 5: nampak tak? nampak tak?

haha. memang gua takde keja sungguh. but after took them pix, i decided to go back sebab it's already late and mama couldn't stop buzzing, asking where am i.

so. there. moral of the sotry, sapa-sapa ada hati nak buat camni, lain kali ajak gua sekali. ;p

oklah peeps! to all my christian friends, readers and blogger friends such as marvic... marvic.. err.. (hi marvic! how are you dear? - tu jela kot) wishing you a merry christmas. and to my muslim friends, readers and blogger friends, selamat menyambut maal hijrah 1430. and to everyone, happy holidays! insya Allah i'll try to post somethin' just before new year!


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Thursday, December 18, 2008


despite my frustration on what had happened this morning, please.. please enjoy these vids i've recorded via my hp, few days back. been occupied with office stuff... ~sigh~

yup. yup. ladies & gentlemen...
my car was knocked by a van dis morning.. ~sigh~

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

my weekend with lil zaes...

zaes was admitted to the hospital during the weekend due to high fever and his never ending phlegm-y coughs (mild bronchitis).. and not to mentioned, his drippy mucus.. ~sigh~

managed to snapped this one with my camphone, while he was asleep.. did some sponging - at 3 in the am - and covered him with wet towel to reduce his temp..

will tell you later. err.. soon i hope.
(more pix from b's camera.. if i managed to get them from him. i got no time to snappy snap snap la. dok sibuk layan this lil cranky angel of mine... he WAS cranky to the max ok!)


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

go visit and leave a line or two, will ya?

i was tweaking here and there to come up with this gif animation.. hmm not bad la kan? =p

so, now b, you can't complaint anymore that i didn't promote you or whatsoever ok? (if you dont like my selection of your piccies.. - which normally you memang will ask me to change some of 'em after this =p - please lemme know...)

i've put the banner up kat right hand bar tu jugak, jez besides kak emil's rss dolly promo.

*it may take a while for it to look animated. and sapa2 yg terasa nak promo kat your blog, please lemme know. i'll gv u the html code.. heheheh!

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Monday, December 01, 2008

yay! kak emil rocks!

no wonder la this morning i changed my clothes twice.. at first i was thinking to wear this white shirt over a beige-coloured flair pants, but since the white shirt is a lil bit transparent and i can't find my eff-ing (sorry) white camisole (tah mana tah pegi camisole tu.. - yes, b. i know. i need to spring clean my wardrobe. thank you!), so i decided to wear this purple top over a black pants instead. rupa-rupanya, i am about to get this pressie i deserved from kak emil! haha! the best part was, the purple top i'm wearing was like some sort of a hint laa.. because.. the package i received has my name and add written with PURPLE INK pen! hah! how coincidently funny is that!

roxy: i've got it babe!
(see.. tak tipu ok baju sama kaler dengan writings on the envelope.. err.. kat belakang tu my working station.. lil messy la..)

roxy: here.. take a closer look.
(sorry, i've to blurred out the add..)

taadaaaa!!! yay!

oh, my! oh, my! got card some more! double yay!

the much awaited gift from kak emil, the cute fridge magnet,
all the way from tioman island. *woot!*

the whole thing, in a nutshell.
patutla mcm familiar je
the wise owl tu... =p

kak emil ni memang suka organise contests or just a simple guessing game or whenever she feels generous je, she'd give presents to even the top commentator yang rajin visit her webby. so, to those who haven't got the chance to visit her, pegila visit dia kat emilayusofdotcom. i won my first lil gift from this entry! and most of the time, her presents were exclusively handmade by her you know! so, whoever yg lucky enough, if rajin macam si mariuca, or TH, or ken - just to name a few la eh.. - dapatlah hadiah best-best... tapi kena rajin la. =p

and owh, last saturday was great! that entry coming up soon as i terforgot to take the camera back with me - hafta pinjam my elder sis' cam that day - as where most of the pics were captured.. so kena tunggu la. (i wasnt planning to enter the post event entry pon sebab my assigned photographer on that day, billa, tak cukup tangan.. yela, mana nak handle my 2 nieces lagi, zaes lagi..) but all i can say is that the kidlets were having so much fun esp during the magic show! ok. ok.. will reveal later! gotta continue my werk!

thanks again yah kak emil!!

*alah.. lupa lak nak ckp.. my gambar yg 1st 2 tu were taken by cik jiran sebelah. sorry la babe, lupa nak credit! =p

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