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Thursday, October 30, 2008

posmen raya.

outdated benefit beauty book, that gal, sexy stash (that gal, bad gal lash, heart thrrrob), realness of concealness (ni tak jual kat malaysia), honey snap out of it! scrub, 2 dr. feel goods, do it daily moisturizer, get bent angled liner brush & 2 free samples of do it daily & you rebel tinted moisturizer.. phew..

these items came in unexpected 2 days ago. they were scheduled to arrived not until nov 26th sbenanye, tapi, mereka telah sampai awal sebulan nampaknya! haha! gelak besar bila both of us, billa & i, saw the contents of the almost beaten up small carton.. luckily isi kat dlm pon tak kena 'belasah' sama.. kalau tidak.. heheh..

maybe korg sume will say.. apa hal budak nih.. so? benefit cosmetics? so? kan berlambak jual kat malaysia nih... ye. apa yg sedara sedari ckp sume tu mmg betul.. memang berlambak kat pavilion, klcc, robinsons.. but what i didn't know (or probably korang yg baca pon tak tau..) beli online lagi cheaper than buying them here kat departmental stores tu sume! haha. takpe. call me whatever you want but yes, i just discovered the inevitable truth.. furthermore when they come with FREE international shipping (with purchases of USD100 and above!) and nak ship to malaysia pon no problem.. haa.. tu yg makes the purchase special.. haha! just imagine la.. apa yg benefit malaysia tak carry, you can have them shipped rite to your front door thru online purchase je ok! (like the sexy stash canister, sini tak carry but the gift set is such a good bargain all three items at the price of USD78 jd USD58.. hmmm) and the price oso.. about rm30-40 cheaper! seriously.. whatever you see kat dlm gambar tu, (not all mine la.. i kumpul2 my cousins' order, then dpt la free shipping) just cost us USD242 and you get not 3, not 4, but 8 FULL SIZE items ok! LAPAN! bila gua calculate balik, sume tu actually cost more than RM800 if you buy them here.. uish! (mengikut currency exchange semasa laa..) and luckily sume yg order tu good paymaster (kecuali my sis, billa. her account has been temporarily suspended sbb hutang dia dgn gua byk sgt wpon dia byk duit dr gua =p)

my cousin bought this set and when i try the bad gal lash..
OMG! they're to die for la..
(haha! baru discover dowh!)
good bargain nih set nih... ha.. tgk harga dia..

sigh.. now my cousins dah vote for re-order, boleh? haha.. sabar2 la korang.. there's plenty of time.. oh.. my stuff only the do it daily moisturizer & that gal je.. yg lain2 tu sume my cousins' & billa's.. pegi la surf benefitcosmeticsdotcom =p

ok. now for some updates... yah yah.. been bz (duh!) with hari raya la, family vacation la, ofis werk la.. byk gila! tag from ms pink stiletto & baru-baru ni kena lak tag from msjiransebelah tah bila nak buat tah... ha.. the previous post on myia sarah's passport photo pon tak continue lagi.. owh! finally i went and cut my hair last sunday... uhuhuhuuu... i kinda missed my previous hair eventho panjang nak mampus!

hmm.. too much to do laa.. but takpe.. when i can curik some time, i'll do it, ok! meanwhile, let's take a peek at our raya piccies. tak byk sbb mr b pon was outta time to upload more piccies kat his newly launched domain, wwwdotsubhikarimdotcom. i hope these will do yah.. (owh! pic of the three of us is missing.. takpe. nanti i'll curik from him.)

mommey: come zaes, take picture wif mommey!
zaes: ermm.. ok. yay!
mommey: zaes.. show me your teeth..
zaes: eeeeee....

daddy: come zaes, take picture wif daddy!
zaes: wait, my nose rasa itchy..
billa (behind the camera): zazaaaa! *snap! snap!*

billa: come zaes, take picture wif auntie!
zaes: aaa..?

ati: come aliff, take picture wif mommy..
aliff: aaaa!!!

aliff: wah.. bestnya songkok zaes.. pinjam setengah hari.. i got no songkok laa..

cam-whoring session. b yg paksa.
i was reluctant at first (konon jual mahal laa..)

cam-whoring to the core! hahaha!
dia ni tak jual mahal pon.. nak aje amik gambar... =p

sis #2 lulu, cousin fura, her lil bro apee, their sis #1 miya,
tu gua la tuu & ms. fotogedik sis #4, billabongok...

zaes: ok. ok.. enuff everyone..
(mcm pramlee kecik la anak mommey nih..
sbb songkok tinggi.. hahaha!)

all pix were captured by b & a very amateur billa.

p/s: to my dearest unexpected readers... (i got to discover about them masa raya hari tu... aaaaaaaaaaa!), silalah baca dgn perasaan yg neutral. roxychick is my alter ego. alter ego tak perlu berprotokol segala bagai and oso i'm just being myself in this blogging world.. and definitely unpretentious. if ada yg rasa i'm pretentious, maka pretentious la for you and if not, maka not la.. heheh. anyway, i always welcome good critics and comments. and great silent/unexpected/accidental readers.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

happy birthdays!

this blog will be on vacation for few days and before i go on leave, i'd like to wish a very happy birthday to 2 of my favourite bloggers, who coincidently share the same birth date, which is today! and they are none other than:

kak emil & incek saharil.

eventho i didn't exactly "kenal" dorang, tapi bila dapat daily doses from their blogs, especially their skills in illustrating & expressing their thoughts tu yg buat gua gelak besar la, emo la, happy la.. sume la.. they are really superb or ubercool, bak kata incek saharil.

to both of them, may Allah bless & cherish you with all the good things in life! (i know kak emil will read my blog, tapi tatau la dgn incek saharil.. heheh.. ye ye je bg wishes kan)

and this is a pic of us, tgh tolong tiupkan lilin utk korang berdua!
(walaupon gambar ni diambil masa zaes nye birthday, tapi bole la tu eh.. =D)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

what the......? : p1 :

to be continued...

*a tag from ms pink stilleto will be done soonest*