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Monday, June 29, 2009


to the blasphemous anonymous,
(who is apparently using the same puteri & penyokong puteri ID)

look! you really wanna test how far can i go innit?? ok.. now i'm gonna tell you only one thing, just wait for a police to show up at your place and have you arrest once and for all as i can't stand anymore malicious comments from you. bila engkau dah masuk tempat orang, tak bagi salam pulak tu, orang dah cuba melayan kerenah meroyan engkau tu sebaik mungkin, tapi engkau masih tak faham bahasa jugak, i am dark-skinned and i'm so ever proud about it sebab Allah dah tentukan aku macam tu, tapi sebab engkau dah cakap fitnah yang melampau pasal mak aku, memang akan kena jugak ni! (memang payah cakap dengan orang yang suka memfitnah ni!)

seriously, i'm gonna make a POLICE REPORT and it's not hard to find you because, i have your location and i SERIOUSLY know who you are! (dah bagitau banyak kali ni... masih tak paham-paham jugak..)

dah bagitau awal2, tapi tak paham jugak, memang tak lama lagi jadi headline suratkhabar la engkau!! I'M SERIOUS OKAY!!

i don't do comment moderation cuz i don't need to as it is not me who talk bad about other people. dear readers, now YOU can be the judge. YOU can now see the true intentions of this so-called orang yang berselindung di sebalik nama Allah untuk menginsafkan orang lain, tetapi diri sendiri rupanya... subhanallah... beribu-ribu kali memerlukan keinsafan dariNya.

eventho it is hard for me to let the comment to be viewed by others due to the fact she has tarnished my mama's (too) good name, tapi dengan kuasa Allah tu, memang dah nampak sangat apa yang dia nak cakap dan buat. and no, again, orang macam ni takkan boleh stop me from writing as long as i shall live.

may Allah grant you with whatever you're trying to achieve in this small world.

and about the POLICE REPORT, YES, I'M BLOODY SERIOUS!! sila la hantar komen lagi.

Friday, June 26, 2009

another day has gone...

today is indeed a solemn day.

when i stepped out of the house this morning, the day was melancholically cloudy, and little that i know that i'm about to hear a sad, a very, very devastating news over the radio. 2 devastating news actually.

farrah fawcett has passed on, after years battling anal cancer. for those who didn't know, she was one of the original charlie's angels... but my entry today is not so much about her lah sebab...

... the BIGGEST, SHOCKING news EVER, the legend, superstar, michael jackson dies at the age of 50 of cardiac arrest.

i was speechless and was hoping that it was just a rumour. so, i was radio surfing, hearing all sorts of infos, calling & smsing people, and every single station played mj's songs! one of the malay radio stations, played the most touching (and on of my favourite) song of all, heal the world. my sis and i were singing & humming to the song and silently, somehow, i felt awkward having to accept the fact that the great legend has died.

i can't say that i'm his biggest fan coz probably others would claimed that too kan. but, i grew up listening to his songs, watching his mtvs, he came to malaysia once in 1996 (october) for his history tour and a blast it was (i didnt go sebab masa tu spm.. uhuhuuu)... gosh! he really died, didnt he....? he's a great person (despite the tonnes of pain he has to go thru since childhood), he unites us all thru his music and inspiring songs (some even learn how to speak english by singing mj's songs) and not to forget, he's a trend setter! with his black shoes and white socks, worn together with black senteng pants... his dance moves, the moonwalk!! ah! terlalu banyak kenangan seorang michael jackson dalam kehidupan seluruh manusia dunia...

i shall pray to Allah that he'll rest in peace and may Allah bless his soul...

he'll be missed by us all... the king of pop!

There's A Place In Your Heart
And I Know That It Is Love
and this place could Much
Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
You'll Find There's No Need To Cry
In This Place You'll Feel
That There's No Hurt Or Sorrow

There Are Ways
To Get There
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
Make A Better Place...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

If You Want To Know Why
There's A Love That
Cannot Lie
Love Is Strong
It Only Cares For
Joyful Giving
If We Try
We Shall See
In This Bliss
We Cannot Feel
Fear Or Dread
We Stop Existing And
Start Living

Then It Feels That Always
Love's Enough For
Us Growing
Make A Better World
Make A Better World...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

And The Dream We Were
Conceived In
Will Reveal A Joyful Face
And The World We
Once Believed In
Will Shine Again In Grace
Then Why Do We Keep
Strangling Life
Wound This Earth
Crucify Its Soul
Though It's Plain To See
This World Is Heavenly
Be God's Glow

We Could Fly So High
Let Our Spirits Never Die
In My Heart
I Feel You Are All
My Brothers
Create A World With No Fear
Together We'll Cry Happy Tears
See The Nations Turn
Their Swords
Into Plowshares

We Could Really Get There
If You Cared Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
To Make A Better Place...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

signed, sealed, delivered. and she's yours!

dunia ni tak besar mana, nak nak malaysia ni. pegi sini, pegi sana, tup tup jumpa jugak. like what i'm trying to do before, kalau bole taknak la semua orang (yang i kenal especially) tau i ada blog ni, but like i said, it's a small world. orang dah terjumpa, terjumpa la jugak.

anyway, i've promised myself not to panjang-panjangkan lagi benda yang dah lapuk. or if dalam term accounting, hutang terakru katanya...

oklah, my dear readers, i'll be back with more stories and more piccies of whatever soon.

meanwhile, i just wanna say selamat pengantin baru to a good friend of mine, one & her hubby, aiz! they tied the knot last sunday (during father's day), i missed the solemnisation as i came late (cannot go early sebab si kenit zaes bangun lambat) but glad to see her, finally getting married to the love of her life!

i heard the solemnisation was well.. a wee bit solemn & emotional sket cuz her late arwah mother is not there to celebrate their happy day kan. but, sad stories aside, i'm sure she's looking down from heaven and mesti happy with everything. to the both of you, selamat menempuh alam perkahwinan and insyaAllah, everything will be smooth-sailing after this! glad that you love our wedding gift! may Allah bless you with (well, i said it once, and now i'm saying it again) rainbow, glitters & sunshine! and lots of kids too! u babe! *awwwwww....*

the newly-weds, one aiz. pic courtesy of subhikarimdotcom.
(jangan marah, kat subhikarimdotcom. pon blom published lagi k? eh, kenapa bridesmaid nampak marah? hehe.. no hard feelings chiq!)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

terima kasih wahai sang puteri...

wow! saya tak jangkakan ini..

wow! (still gather myself to actually believe this.. jap eh...)

komen ni adalah datangnya dari entry saya yang sebelumnya, pasal father's day tu, tapi komen yang ditulis takde kena mengena langsung dengan father's day. haha. okay, here goes:

Cakap salah tak cakap pun salah, kau ingat tak marketing conference 2006 kat PD. Masa tu kau di arahkan oleh Nik Su, Mek Na dll untuk ambil gambar sorang budak mktg dgn budak sales. Aku pun heran kau ikut aje arahan tu walaupun menganggu privacy orang. U pun ada cakap MYOB. Kita orang masa tu tak berani cakap apa apa, tapi kesian dia orang tu tak cukup ambil gambar kau sebarkan gambar tu satu office walaupun x ada apa pun. Ada satu gambar tu sorang tu tengah buka seluar sbb nak terjun laut dan bagi sorang tu simpan. Tapi kalau org x faham gambar tu boleh jadi fitnah. Bagi kita orang apa yang berlaku ni satu misibah atau balasan dari Allah swt. Kalau kau teliti semua yang buat conspiracy tu ada yang dah kena musibah atau balasan. Itu baru balasan di dunia belum lagi di akhirat, sebagai kawan pergilah minta maaf pada dua dua tu sebelum terlambat entahkan ada lagi musibah besar selepas ni. Selalunya Doktor tak akan beritahu betul betul. Sebenarnya ketumbuhan macam tu adalah sebahagian dari cancel. Cuba kau kira berapa orang dah kena musibah tu kat office, itu yang terang yang tak terang kita tak tahu. Kau marah betul kat Yahudi, tapi perangai kau orang pun macam Yahudi, berniat jahat untuk menjatuhkan seseorang dan ada baiknya kau nasihatkan sahabat yang lain tu supaya minta maaf. Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui. Wassalam

salam puteri,

first and foremost, terima kasih sebab sudi melawat blog saya yang tak seberapa ni. dan melalui apa yang saya baca kat sini, anda telah membaca quite a number of my posts sebab ada beberapa perkara yang disentuh disini dan anda telah membuat rumusan darinya.

apa yang anda tulis mengenai mktg conference tu nampak sangatla yang anda ni mungkin merupakan sebahagian dari staff di tempat mana saya bekerja. if you're not from mktg dept itself, maybe you're from other department or mungkin juga ex-staff.. tah. i dont know. i dont have a clue. tapi takpe. tak kisahlah semua tu.

saya seorang hamba Allah yang kerdil. mungkin tak semua perlakuan saya orang suka. dan saya redha tentang semua tu. sebab orang yang tak mengenali saya, memang akan mempunyai pelbagai persepsi, whether negative or positive.

untuk itu, i dedicate this entry just for you. and to others yang mungkin tak menggemari cara saya atau cara penulisan saya. untuk pengetahuan semua, saya menulis kerana saya memang minat menulis. tapi bukan secara profesional, cuma secara suka-suka, my way of expressing my feelings and interpretation of life. apa yang saya tulis pasal yahudi ke, pasal orang lain ke, itu cuma luahan hati and tak semestinya sama dengan orang lain. if saya suka epal hijau la contohnya, tapi suami saya tak suka epal hijau, takkan saya nak paksa dia makan epal hijau tu? paling bagus saya boleh buat, hanyalah menyakat suami saya sebab tak makan epal hijau. tahap sakat tu tengok jugak, kalau orang tak kenal, memang orang akan anggap yang cara saya menyakat tu melampau.

dan baru saya perasan, saya tak pernah mention apa2 pon pasal marketing conference kat pd tu kat blog saya ni. memang tak penah, and anda tak perasan ke by commenting what you've just commented, secara tak langsung anda pon cuba menjatuhkan saya juga? pembaca saya yang lain tak pernah tau pon cerita-cerita sebegitu, tapi komen awak akan membuatkan orang tertanya2, "ish. teruknya budak ni, buat benda-benda camtu.." dah la tak secara detail tentang apa yang anda tulis tu, lepas tu anda cakap pulak pasal musibah yang menimpa saya semua tu.

untuk pengetahuan, setelah diamati archive gambar dari mek na, the only pic yang saya amik masa tu, saya tau gambar mana yang anda maksudkan tu. tapi, memang tak penah la saya sebarkan gambar tu satu ofis as what you've claimed. (gila nak mampus kena memo dengan director of IT?) belum penah lagi saya hantar email cc satu ofis. tapi apa yang awak maksudkan tu, maybe sebab saya burn gambar2 tu semua then i passed them to mek na, and satu department dah view the pics, so maybe that's what you meant la kot.

ye, memang tak salah nak bercakap. cuma yang tak seronoknya, bila anda bercakap cara macam ni. kalau ikhlas nak menegur, anda tau kat mana nak carik saya. dan saya tak pernah paksa anda menyukai saya waima membaca blog ini sekalipon. kat ofis ni pon memang ramai yang saling bermuka-muka dan saling mengutuk antara satu sama lain, antara tau tak tau je.

tapi kalau dah sampai tahap menuduh saya pon yahudi, itu agak melampau la kot. sebab saya rasa belum pernah lagi ada staff kat sini yang kena berhenti kerja disebabkan saya telah menyebarkan perkara yang bukan-bukan dengan niat nak jatuhkan orang lain. nope. tak pernah.

kalau ikutkan malas rasanya nak komen lebih lanjut pasal ni. sebab memang tak guna bercakap kat orang yang menyorok di sebalik identiti yang direka-reka.. takpelah. tapi ada satu benda yang saya agree dengan anda, Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui. memang hanya Allah yang maha mengetahui apa yang tersirat dalam hati saya, sebab perkara baik buruk yang saya lakukan, tak perlu lah dipukul dicanang kepada orang. hanya Allah yang mengetahui segala-galanya.

terima kasih puteri sebab mengutarakan semua ini kepada saya. sebagai hamba Allah yang hina dina ni, memang ada perkara yang kadangkala terlepas pandang, terlepas tulis dan terlepas cakap. saya akan sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan semua, semoga Allah dapat membalas jasa anda yang menegur kekurangan insanNya ini
. amin.

to my other readers, thanks for your support and insyaAllah i'll keep on writing selagi hayat dikandung badan (budi yang baik dikenang jua. eyh, diamlah kau suara hati!). perkara macam ni, insyaAllah akan menjadi peringatan buat saya dan semua yang lain dan akan saya jadikan motivasi untuk terus berkarya menulis. (ceh. ceh. ingat selebriti ke hape?)

*entry ni saya tak boleh letak gambar sebab takde gambar yang sesuai untuk direlatekan*

Friday, June 19, 2009

ayah. bapak. daddy. walid. in my case, mister papa.

hey korang...

if korang yang selalu baca my blog ni sure notice that i seldom writes about my mister papa, if ada pon maybe you didn't notice sebab sikit sangat cerita pasal dia. well, true enough, i seldom writes or discuss about him (and most of the time, if we had gatherings or any other family thingey, mesti tak pernah mention pasal mister papa) sebab i'm not that close to him and the fact that he's one guy yang selalu suka buat his own stuff and what not lah.

but of course, we chatted sometimes, bring him out to dinners and all the normal things a daughter would do to her parent la kan. cuma tak selalu je. maybe sebab tu kot i feel that i'm not that close to him. but nevertheless, i know somehow that we had few things in common, among others; i inherited his art side (he was a graphic designer once upon a time), we support the same epl team which is none other that liverpool and love watching football together (he used to bring me out to the stadium to watch malaysia premier league matches when i was a little), we were both arrogant and hard-headed, always at each others throat (haha! a huge, honest confession that was!) and of course, he always said (i think my other family members pon said the same thing about me) that i like to argue (tak kira i'm guilty or not.. mesti nak menang! yela, masa kecik cita-cita nak jadi lawyer, tapi tak cukup pandai nak amik law)... what else yah..? hmm.. i guess tu je la yang i can think of.

but when i started to have my own family, and the fact that some things changed over the years (read: makcik dah tua!), i do have some soft spots, somewhere in my heart whenever i looked at his face. oh, one thing about him that i noticed, eventho he's 62 years old now, but he doesn't look like one. he looks younger than that (tulah.. kuasa Allah, there may be some things yang dia tak dapat, tapi mungkin sebab dia rajin solat and mengaji, Allah bagi nur kat dia berkat air wudhu'..) a lot of things happened but i guess, being her daughter, whatever flaws he did and no matter how bad the situation is, i'll always cherished him and of course, love him till the final days of my life. yelah, without him, i won't even be in this world, no?

i'll always pray for your health and well being, mister papa. and you'd always be zaes' favourite tok papa forever.

and alfatihah to my arwah father-in-law. (i didn't to get to know him well as he passed away 5 months after we tied the knot. but the wasiat yang arwah bapak tinggalkan kat incek suami before he left, insyaAllah, it'll happen. sooner or later...)

and... (meh kira berapa banyak and kat entry ni)

to daddy zaes, you jadik footnote je hari ni sebab cerita pasal you dah banyak pon. siap masuk newspaper lagi kan..? hahaha. but, you're the best daddy for zaes in the whole wide world and will always be.. i love you very much too!

mister papa, photographed here by.. err.. who else, with lil zaes when he was few months old (serious tak ingat umur ek ek masa tu!)

happy father's day!

walid (is father in arab).

a beautiful song for fathers.

I recall the iron hand
Held me safe in its grasps
Like sapphire need no words
Everyone I understood
In the wind came a sound
Let me far from our town
Searching for another way
Now in the dark I will embrace
In my dream I see his face
That the tears can't erase
Then I wake in despair
And cast my cry into the earth
The child in my father's house, I see
Running through the opened gate, it's me
Wandering out across the sand
A stranger in a lonely land
I see a child in my father's house
Running through the opened gates
It's me

sung by: m.nasir song & lyrics by: m. nasir & brad parker
sources are from:

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

dollah dolly, sarip dol..

"lu apehal dol?"
"dol betol la ko ni.."
"cun gila dol!"

well, at least dol means something like.. tah.. it's only a slang thingey la kan..
it's wayyyy better than...

"lu apehal doh?"
"doh betol la ko ni.."
"cun gila doh!"

... which clearly depicts "bodoh" in a way...
but someone didn't like my way of talking.

sorry la ok.

gua memang dol betol! heysh..

gambar hiasan: cee jay's place kat seksyen 11, pj (just few doors away from dato khaty ibrahim's khadijah's kitchen). kereta biru yang ada api tu memang dol betol! macam kereta back to the future la pulak gua tengok..
*ingat hard rock cafe je bole display kenderaan? cee jay's place can also okeh!*

*oh noo!! updated dol entry*

dol, remember this entry? i am soooo gonna go.. again! aarrrggghhhhh!
*madness sudah bermula*


Monday, June 15, 2009

age DOES matter!

a relationship between mr x and miss y has come to an end. it was only today i realised that it really ended when i click a link on the net, forwarded by miss y.

i was rather amused than being angry when i saw the link.

you see, miss y is only A YEAR OLDER than mr x, but since love is great and age does not matter, both of them were serious madly in love back then and i only see romantic moves whenever i got the chance to hang out with them.

but, after they went separate ways, miss y was in sorrow and only recently she has finally got the strength to face the world (kamon la.. 14-year-old courtship was being wasted and down to the drain it goes.. mau tak gila?) and moves on. coincidentally, today is her birthday and since i'm still very much in touch with her, i smsed her this morning to wish her happy birthday. she replied and told me to check my email. it was a link to a newspaper article, to be exact, a gossip column in one of the daily tabloids, with headline about miss z (a well-known figure in the music industry) is "dating" mr x, with a picture proof of the both of them attending a wedding of a friend.. and the best part is.. ok.. brace yourself.. miss z is like (more or less) 16 YEARS OLDER than mr x! mana tak gelak besar??

so, i replied her email with all sorts of encouraging words and i was impressed by the way she took everything. she even prays for mr x wellbeing and what not ok? she has a very pure heart indeed. yela, as they always say, if you love somebody, you gotta have the guts to let him/her go. i guess she's doing it rite now, finally, slowly letting him go...

i'm not quite sure if miss z is the one of the reasons of their breakup (actually i thought mr x is with adik miss z, let's call adik miss z, miss w shall we.. sebab currently mr x is in the midst of producing miss w's album.. er. not photo album but album lagu laa.. and mind you, miss w is a legendary female singer in the industry.. heh..) but whatever the reason is, if mr x goes for younger girls, i understand (tapi eventho miss y is a year older, she doesn't look her age at all pon ok!) but miss z?? hello.. wtf??

then miss y replied to me this:

you know what my other friends say?
"tak tau pulak dia nak grandma, patutla i don't fit the bill!"

hahahahaa! sorry miss z & mr x but that's a good one!

no. i'm not trying to be in denial (me? denial? perrghhh!), jauh sekali nak deny kuasa Allah, tapi tu la.. why la mr x? why her, the andartu?

oklah. dah. stop being emotional. kata pon gossip column. let's pray that it's just gossip.

to miss y, i'll always pray to Allah that you'll find someone who is dear to you, who'd love you for who you are and ready to be with you forever ok.

now, that's a good laugh on your birthday, yes? =p

Friday, June 12, 2009

another thing...

incek suami dapat milestone pertama dia kat sini hari ni. tapi, sebab bila online dorang tak letak gambar, dia pon dah amik gambar-gambar nih and post kat blog dia..

haha. macam poyo, tapi oklah tu. alhamdulillah. berkat hari jumaat yang mulia ni, insyaAllah dimurahkan rezeki. congrats baby! may Allah bless us (us? nak jugak tumpang sama tu.. haha..) and semoga cita-cita nak kembangkan bakat you dengan lebih jauh lagi, tercapai. insyaAllah... (skemarama!)

the front cover was shot by incek suami kat lumut. and the groom is a colleague of mine. tetiba popular mamat tu & his wife. dahla wife dia tgh sarat pregnant sekarang.. mesti dorang happy bila tengok gambar ni.

all the pics were shot by incek suami. err.. yang sirih junjung tu,
not included in the service yang ditawarkan. tapi kalau nak soh buat bole je.. muahahahaa..

control dude! control..

and thanks to the journalist who interviewed incek suami and wrote this article, ms hidayah mohammad from berita harian for this valuable opportunity!

*tepuk pengakap!*


dania says the darnest things...

last saturday, we spent the day at my auntie's place in melawati to celebrate my cousin's birthday. my mama went there a day with my sis#1 and her family sebab my cousin's wife mintak tolong dia masakkan some complicated delicacies untuk dia makan sebelum dia bersalin.

*oh, btw, congrats to the both of you upon the arrival of your 2nd child, tya orked bt mohd alfian. she was born 3 days after her father's birthday. belum sempat amik gambar lagi..

and so, while zaes and his cousins playing and fighting over toys, occasionally lepas makan, zaes would surely come to me and mintak rambutan. i was peeling them rambutans when dania came to me and asked for the rambutan.

dania: auntie, nak sikit boleh?
me: no cannot. nanti dania batuk.
(at that time pon dia tengah selsema sket)

pastu she just went to the living room and i continued peeling rambutans sambil tengok zaes kena buli dengan myia sarah. then dania came back to me.

dania: auntie, daddy cakap dania boleh la makan orang utan.
me: ha? apa? makan orang utan..?
dania: yang buah tu tadi tula.. orang utan.
me: muahahahaa.. bukan orang utan la, rambutan..

yang lain bila dengar pon tergelak besar jugak! adoi.. budak kecik ni memang kelakar tol. tapi nasib baik she's ok sebab usually she didnt like it if orang gelakkan dia. ok la sebab pastu i suapkan rambutan kat dia..

shortly after, dania went to her daddy and said something. then i heard her daddy said, "dania ingat daddy ni pembantu ke?" at that time, i wasn't sure why he said that to her and i thought it was rather improper for him to say that to the lil girl.. yela, maybe she needs something ke, nak mintak tolong ke, tapi daddy dia cakap macam tu kan.. but lepas tu my bro-in-law told us a story that ada one day tu my sis asked dania to do some chores for her. with an innocent face (or rather annoyed kot sebab kena tolong buat keja) she answered her mummy, "mummy. mummy ingat dania ni pembantu ke?" hahaha. kelakar betul anak sedara aku sorang ni..

dahla dia insist sangat my mama to stay at their house for a longer period pastu siap cakap kat my mama, " takpela. tok mama tinggal la kat sini lama-lama. boleh mop lantai ke, lap tingkap ke.. sapu-sapu ke..."

tsk. tsk. kids nowadays memang TERLEBIH DNA...

the 3 princesses. from left: the elder sis, naimi qistina, the youngest myia sarah and the lil entertainer, aishah dania. i just love them to bits!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

and the oscar goes to...

eh cik premenstrual...

thanks sebab bagi kat gua award ni. gua sebenarnya bukanla nak eksyen ke apa, tapi bab2 award ni, gua memang malu nak terima la sebab blog gua ni bukannya best macam blog orang lain.

TAPI.. sebab LU yang bagi, gua terima dengan hati yang tawadduk. uhuhuu.. terharu nih..

and the award is:
heh! thanks la... *sambil kesat air mata*

(ko ingat dapat award ni senang ke? ada r & r dol! err.. rest & relax kah? dah. jangan berlagak bodoh. rules & regulation la.. kot.. er..)

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog

2. Link the person you received the award from

3. Nominate at least 7 others blogs

4. Put links on those blogs on yours

5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you've nominated

no. 1, 2 dah buat. tapi no. 3 tu camno? kang balik2 dapat kat orang sama je (ye! engkau la orang tu babe!) tapi takpe, gua gagahkan jugak award ini kepada:

puan yang melutut untuk menyentuh langit,
puan naga berwarna merah putih,


cik marvic, si penulis nota.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

kisah isteri mithali.

panas sungguh malam tu. dengan bau asap benda terbakar yang tah datang dari mana tah, suri memaksa matanya untuk pejam sebab esok hari kerja.

sekejap-sekejap kalih ke kiri ke kanan. sekejap-sekejap ditekupnya bantal ke telinga.

"isk. memang takleh tido la malam ni.." keluh hatinya.

tiba-tiba telefon bimbitnya berdering. missed call. dilihat pada skrin telefon bimbitnya itu.
"oh, abang bidin dah sampai la tu.."

suri bingkas bangun sambil mengikat rambutnya yang panjang berjurai itu kemas-kemas. dibuka pintu biliknya sambil jari jemari memetik suis lampu pada tangga. suri menuruni anak tangga dengan cermat sambil memegang kunci rumah. terdengar bunyi kereta masuk ke perkarangan porch rumah mereka.

suri sempat mengerling kepada jam dinding. 12.15 malam. tangannya terus memulas tombol pintu utama dan dapat dilihat kelibat tubuh bidin menuju ke arahnya.

suri tersenyum melihat susuk letih suaminya. bidin lantas membalas senyuman suri dengan ucapan salam.

"anak dah tido, suri?" tanya bidin ketika melangkah masuk ke rumah.
"dah bang. abang dah makan?" tanya suri sambil menutup pintu utama.
"belum." pendek saja jawapan bidin.

bidin melangkah ke arah meja makan. suri menekan suis lampu di meja makan sambil tangannya pantas mengangkat tudung saji. bidin meninjau hidangan di atas meja. ada lamb chop (dengan pilihan 3 sos; black pepper, mushroom sauce atau brown sauce), ada corn cobs, potato salad. siap ada appetizer lagi tu, buffalo wings.

"maaf lah bang. suri masak sikit je hari ni. ermmm.. abang nak minum apa?"
"milo ais tabur."

laju saja suri ke dapur dan beberapa minit kemudian suri keluar dengan menatang segelas besar milo ais tabur. bidin tersenyum melihat minuman kegemarannya itu sambil tangannya ligat memotong kecil-kecil lamb chop with black pepper sauce nya tu.

suri tersenyum puas kerana dia tau dia boleh tidur dengan lena selepas ni.

Monday, June 08, 2009

musim orang kawen...

ayat-ayat yang paling akan ditanya oleh incek suami when there's a celebrity or any of my friends or a friend's friend or sapa-sapa je lah yang akan kahwin..

"eh, who's their wedding photographer eh?"


"eh, dorang dah ada wedding photographer ke?"

(orang yang dah lama kawen pon dia tanya jugak kadang2..)

and IMHO, i think semua wedding photographer pon akan bertanyakan benda yang sama kan.. ;-p

jadi untuk couple yang seterusnya ini, ai dah jawab awal-awal. their official wedding photographer is rudy from pop shuvit (i read in an article somewhere..):

nana (of era fm) & raqeem. pic was taken from: oh!bulan.

i personally think that they're the sweetest couple i've ever seen! nana looking so gorgeous here and her cool-looking-dude hubby.. they rawk lah! to both of them, eventho' ai tak kenal yu and yu tak kenal ai, selamat pengantin baru diucapkan. may Allah bless your marriage with bubbles, glitters and waterfall. and of course, lots of kids! ;-)

on the other note, don't worry incek suami. your time (to shoot the big shots) will come. insyaAllah...


Friday, June 05, 2009

loving mother earth.

in conjunction with world environment day today, let's do our part by reducing, recycling, reusing and try to prevent yourself from hurting mother earth furthermore.

let's go green!
(para associates the company for women kena pakai anything green hari ni daa..)

roxychick: babe, let's take picture of us wearing green.
cik jiran sebelah: hell no!!
roxychick: meh la! meh la!!
cik jiran sebelah: tanak!! nanti orang-orang yang naik lrt kenal aku laa!!

roxychick: aku kata jom amik gambar, jom je laaa!!!
cik jiran sebelah: tanak!! tanak!!
(sambil mengeluarkan bunyi erk! erkk! akibat kena strangle..)

roxychick: you better babe! nah! pakai rambut alex nih!
pakai cepat! kalau tak aku bungkus kepala ko dan tembak!

cik jiran sebelah: makkkk.. halp!

roxychick: yess! aku berjaya beheaded cik jiran sebelah aku yang degil nihh..
(sambil mengofferkan kepala cik jiran sebelah to the highest bidder.. muahahahaa!)

adik-adik, jangan ikut aksi terlampau ini dirumah ok.
ianya amatlah berbahaya dan tidak baik untuk kesihatan sedunia. sekian.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

pengumuman harap maaf.

blogsite incek subhikarimdotcom
dah ok dah.

incek subhikarimdotcom meminta semua peminat-peminat (wah? ada peminat ke?) beliau bertenang kerana blogsite beliau is currently awaiting approval for renewal.

ye. beliau terlupa bahawa blogsite beliau dah berusia setahun pon.

sila visit incek subhikarimdotcom kemudian. petang-petang sket.


take a nap sekejap. zzZZzzZZZZzzzz....
(model: myia sarah)

Monday, June 01, 2009

okayla.. i pon buat gile random. tapi gile random i, gile punya random...

cik jiran sebelah adalah kelompok kawan2 blogger gua yang start buat gile random. gile random can be a random pic of something amusing ka, sad ka, or apa2 je la yang jarang kita notice or tak masuk akal pon bole. or tak semestinya gambar. it could be quotes ke, incidents ke.. ha camtu la lebih kurang..

kali ni, my gile random would be macam memberi jawapan kepada cerita atau gambar kawan blogger yang lain, yang dorang penah published kat blog dorang la.. ala.. korang buat-buat paham jela kalau tak paham pon.

so here, an entry by cpms about a worn out jalur gemilang yang dia berjaya snappy snap snap kat pintu gerbang kota darul ehsan along the federal highway, some weeks ago. dia amik gambar ni sebagai evident:

ye. memang koyak dan huduh sungguh bendera malaysiaku tercinta. bravo kat engkau sebab berjaya mengambil gambar ini.

and i think, last 2 weeks, i was stucked in a traffic jam kat federal highway tu, betul2 kat depan pintu gerbang. then tiba2 teringat entry cpms and terus nak check it out bendera tu. ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.. bendera itu telah pon ditukar ganti dengan bendera yang baru.. dan ini buktinya:

betul. depa dah tukar. tapi disebabkan angin bertiup kencang, gua hanya sempat snap angle camni dan ni la hasilnya.. tapi percayalah.. itu bendera baru. (ke sebenarnya engkau saja nak mengeksploitasi kerajaan selangor? muahaha.. bagus. kamera sendiri tak best, salahkan tulisan orang lain.. whosthefather by hanis zalikha sungguh...)

so, there you go.
another keluhan rakyat telah dibaca melalui blog and prompt action has been taken.
ko memang mainstream la babe!