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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

of learning lessons of all time...

yesterday i finally learnt some valuable lessons of all time..
(eventho i, somehow, suppose to know what is wrong and what is right in a relationshit... err.. relationship)
  • never assume when the other half least expected it.
  • don't ever show the other half dat you are weak.
  • never write your expressions in a blog. (cuz they cudn't care less to read it..)
  • don't ever waste your mobile credit for a sore loser.
  • don't ever cry your heart out cuz they are capable of saying the meanest words while you're at it... (and dat sucks!)
and the list wud go on and on...

i'm not trying to make things worst, but i jez want him to understand my feelings and most importantly why do i feel this or dat way on certain things in life... is dat hard to comply?

there i go again... spilling my heart out on a blog of which he'll never read or visit...

and i'm not the one who's losing, ok!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

of @#$%^&?@@@**&?#$&

pissed + irritated + stressed out + agitated + upset +tired + distracted + angry = I AM SOOOO FCUKED UP!!!!!!

wat have i done to deserved all these nonsense??!!
you can get lost too!!


Friday, May 26, 2006

of being in a strange moment...

last night was strange.. i mean this morning.
my phone rang at around 3-something am, with blurry eyes, i looked at the screen. it was b who called.. arghh! shoots! am soo damn sleepy....
"b, m coming over to your hse.. i abis keja lambat la tadi..."
"wateva for? you kan nak pegi johor pagi2 esok? you have to go back to tanjung karang......."
"i nak jumpa you.. kan hari ni my birthday.. you tak wish pon...? lagipon mcmana i nak balik skrg.. i dah mengantuk ni..."

tiba2 dah tak ngantuk.... yeah... i know, his birthday.. but i accidentally sleep the midnight away cuz i am soooo sleepy...

a long silent that was...
"u kat mana nih..?"
"dah nak dekat dgn rumah you...."
"ermmm... yelah...."

about 5 minutes later, i heard his car pulling over. i ran downstairs, not a bit of guiltiness in me, marah lagi ada sbb pagi2 buta nak mengada-ngada dgn aku... (seriously, if it's weekdays, people started to bug me in the middle of the night, i'll get pissed!!)
as i opened the door, i saw him stood there, patiently. belum sempat cakap ape2, he gave me a box...
"nah.. this is for you..."
"ape nih?"

"awak cakap dgn sapa tu?"
oh.. terlupa lak, dad was watching tv at that moment (he watches tv almost evry nite till wee hours..)

"b ada kat luar nih.." i said immediately..

so, i took the box from him. from the vague road light, i could hardly register what was i looking at...

"thumbdrive... cantik!" he said.
i looked at him... awww.. he shudn't have..

"apa laaa.. you yg patutnya dapat present, not me.."
"takpelaaa... sori..."
i kinda know what he was sorry for...

"thanx.... happy birthday..."

so, i invited him in.. (well.. he does sleep over sometimes...) lepas bagi salam, he went to the kitchen's toilet to change his pants. i took out the thick blanket, a pillow and his ikea fleece out from the small room kat bawah tangga tu and quickly spread it on the plank...

"oklah.. i naik dulu.. thanx again!"
"ok.. thanx!"

i quickly went up to my room and chucked in the box i was holding in my bag.
before continuing my sleep, i smsed him just to say thanks.. again..

i woke him up @around 6.30am, just before i left to work... but he said to just call him instead @7am...

well.. he can be irritatingly selfish sometimes and surprisingly adorable the next second. i just don't know what to expect from him anymore....

happy birthday, baby. i know i can be crude at times.. but that's just who i am...
i love you to the bone and you know that...

may The Almighty bless you & us...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

of sharing a dose of winning and life...

watching liverpool winning this year's fa cup was ecstatic and euphoric! words can't tell it all but somehow i felt relieved...

i honestly thought they wud've lost the game easily to the hammers! i totally gave up when i received a missed call from a blues fanatic cousin in gombak, if you must know, was his way of saying...
"dahla tu.. liverpool memam tak bagus.. hampeh.. tah pa pe.."

he was too cheap to text me, i guess... hah! tah pa pe macam mourinho gak... =D

so, i text him saying that it was pure luck dat west ham will take on the fa this year. at dat very moment, oh boy was i wrong!
my favourite the-next-england-cap'n, the great stevie g took one helluva shot waayy far out from the D area to equalized the score to 3-3 right in the injury time!! another cousin of mine, who was watching the game alongside dad, jumped histerically!! punyala seronok!!

anyways, before korang yawn like.. every other seconds, lemme jez salute out to the hammers for the good game! they have done a great job for giving a tough fight to the reds, but the cup was jez meant to be for the kops to keep... reina the keeper did extremely well (was awarded best keeper of the year from barclays, few days back) for the penalty shootout, saving 3 hammers penalty! hell.. that game was ridiculously tough! kudos to the kops cap'n, the adorable stevie g, for being the man of the match! he's a true reds!

ok.. enuff of that... the usuals remain the same. nothing more nothing less.. 'cept dat the company for women hasn't been in good shape... globally... heads being chopped and i was lucky to be retained but, i've got dis itsy bitsy feeling inside me dat i'm not going to be long there.. probably after the initial 'm' mission.. as i see it. we'll see.. laa dee daa..

aha... before i forgot, i would like to congratulate my best friend, intan zulaikha upon her nikah which took place last sunday, may 7th 2006 to uzairi hamizi in her parents' place in seremban 2.. actually nikah tu kat masjid, and a reception was held later in the afternoon.... syakira & i managed to be by her side jez before the nikah.. after few sesat moments..

congratulations girl.. eventho i ended up bidan terjuning jadik the maid-of-honor jez because her supposedly maid-of-honor, who was supposed to be her younger sister, wani, whose dress totally didn't match the groom's best man's baju melayu... my! my! was i embarrased!!! evrything went smoothly at first... after nikah we went menyibuking at her house, watching excitedly as the mak andam did her make up and dressed her up, teasing and helping around apa yg patut... when some of us realised..
"eh... nape adik dia pakai baju sama kaler dgn dia...?"

dah sampai kat country club tu, of which where the reception was held, as i jumped out of syakira's avanza, tiba-tiba je her sis called me out and asked me to take her place... just because the baju kurung i wore was the same colour as the best man's.. haha... i thought dat was funny and i turned it down, giving excuses like,
"nanti your mother marah baru tau..." "noo.. i mana tau jadi pengapit.. tak biasa laa..." and so forth..

but then, when my best friend herself insisted dat i took over the place, i cudn't say no.. alah.. there goes.. so, i passed all my belongings to her sis and walk alongside her. sampai kat tangga je, syakira burst out in laughter to see me beside intan.. and the rest was history.. hahah.. so much so for being a bidan terjun, i guess i am soooo used to it! yela.. jadik bidan terjun to evrything.. and believe it or not, it all happened during wedding receptions!!! dat's probably why i'm still not married, till now.. hahahahaaa..

oh, which reminds me that i wud like to congratulate my dear cousin, ati hamzah, who got engaged last christmas to mas joko (nama dia maszuraidy but kitorg panggil joko sbb dia jawa.. tapi jawa mix cina laa..) pon selamat dinikahkan on april 29th 2006... time nikah dgn reception dia on sunday tu pon akuuuu jugak jd bidan terjun to alot of things.. too many to mention, nnt org kata saya ungkit lak...

on the 4th of may lak, another close friend, puteri yuzaina got married to her beau, mohd lutfi...
kat reception dia ni je saya tak menyibuk.. hehehe.. they were very well-organised..

but, it was really fun and i felt good to helped out! really...
wishing all of 'em all the happiness in the world and may Allah bless their newfound life!!

hmm.. i started off jez to share my joy upon liverpool's latest winnings.. i ended up talking about marriage and life..