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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

yes we can by the american artistes (barack obama)

here's another unity/anti-racism based video music.
i first saw this video from blog jiran sebelah.

it was based on barack obama's speech and was sang by the american artistes. among seen here:, john legend, christina ricci, kate 'dr. addison montgomery' walsh, scarlett johansson pon nak nyanyi gak, that guy from csi, tatyana ali (from the fresh prince of bel air) and lots more...

listen carefully and you'll fall in love instantly.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

happy birthday love!: part 1.

yesterday, may 26th was b's birthday and coincidently, it was also my cousin ati's.

at first i wanted to give both of them a decent surprise dinner but along the way, it can't be done sebab her dear hubby couldn't come up with a way of planning the surprise and i was busy with a lot of things sampai tak leh nak pikir langsung.

so, at last kitorang pon just meet up for a dinner @bubba gump shrimp co, the newly open shrimp-only restaurant kat the curve.

since the pictures we took are not with me yet, i shall continue this post the moment i got the pix from b...

... meanwhile, enjoy this latest video of lil zaes, climbing the stairs, a week before reaching 9months old. (sorry peeps.. this video was taken using my cabok nokia 6111, thus the visual is kinda so-so only! bole la kan... and sorry again sebab kena tilt your head to view the vid.. malas nak edit...) =p

the handsome devil (but not to be associated wif my not-my-favourite-at-all-EPL-team-MU) notty nih...


Monday, May 26, 2008

fishing my way to made of honor.

i'm participating in a contest organized by nuffnang and one of their advertiser, hong leong online.
for more insights of the contest, kindly visit nuffnang's fish your way to a dinner at jw marriot and a movie premiere.

a total of 11400g of fishing.
by far, this was the best score i could come up with.
ow well, i hope i could be one of the winner to that exquisite dinner... haha.


Friday, May 16, 2008

here in my home by malaysian artistes for unity.

this song is superbly beautiful.

(please go here for more info)


Thursday, May 15, 2008

tagged lagi...

my pet peeves (i was tagged by ms pink stiletto)

do i have any? well who doesn't, rite?

here goes:
1. people who didn't carry their house keys with them: eg: b. he misplaced (and never bother to look for them) his set of house keys recently and teka la sapa yang kena bukak pintu for him when he's working late? if dia punya late tu, 10 or 11pm (max) ke takpe gak, but dia punya late is like ridiculous punya late ok! and to make matter worse, if he's coming late not because of work, but because of his late nites teh tarik sessions with the fotografers he just met.. it happens on friday nites... adoi! sakit jiwa nih.. (it's been 2 weeks now)

2. people who think they are smart (read: konon-konon bagus) enough to tell other people off when they themselves are not well informed or well educated. this happened to me yesterday. this one person is facing a huge prob and pastu menggelabah tanya opinion orang (that's including me) about what dia (gender memang sengaja dirahsiakan) have to do. when i told dia what i know and my whole explanation was based on the undang-undang yang memang sahih dan terang lagi nak bersuluh tu, dia can't take it and repeatedly said that it shouldn't be that way. but when i faced some challenges and ask for opinions, dia would tell me what i should do and that i have no other options and something would happened to me if i didn't follow dia punya advice.. siap nak takut-takutkan lagi.. psycho sungguh! arghh!

3. forgetful (ke nak take advantage?) husband. i can take it if he forgets my birthday or our anniversary (which he never) but i can't take it if he forgets to pay the bills (his bills actually) and most importantly, if he asks me to pay something 1st and said he'd pay later, he'd pay like totally later later. pastu bila nak mintak balik bukan main susah tau!

4. people who mengaku boss but didn't act like one. dia always says "aku kan boss..." but when the dept head (or sapa-sapa jela) asks about one simple thing, nak jawab tu bukan main pusing sana sini but actually dia takde idea langsung about what's goin on in the dept. boleh ke macam tu?

5. shopping for shoes, pants or jeans. seriously, i have bad fashion sense when it comes to these essentials. bad fashion sense sebab i have no clue on what's in or what's out and most of the time, i'll end up buying nothing (eventho now i'm IN NEED of a decent pair of heels and also new pants/jeans as my old ones sume all stretched out and besar - betul! my pants and jeans sume dah besar and i'm not shrinking) like the pants/jeans, it is soo hard to find something that fits me cuz i have a wide hips see and sekarang kan skinny jeans is like everywhere.. i'd commit crime to fashion if i put on one ok! (totally a turn off!)

dahla tu.. cukupla 5 ok sha? i know i've got some more to complaint but sekarang ni lah yg paling-paling ticked me off.

can la haa...

now, here's a gorgeous pair of heels
from shoesshoesshoes for you babe!

now, i'd like to tag (agak-agak korang mrmanager layan tags tak? haha...)
ms azyze
puan keledek,
puan pink rabbit and
incek rotan

lupa nak tag mrs nagamerahputih gak.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

gila glamour ke?

no. i'm not.

saya hanya menyahut cabaran mrmanager (yg saya baca setiap hari for all his juicy goss files and uber fast infos when boredom strikes) untuk menghantar gambar sendiri (and/or with friends), so that he (and other people too) knows that he has real readers out there..

for those yang belom baca mrmanager, go have a peek!

you'll be addicted.


zaes: i can't read you yet la mrmanager...
i'm only 9months old.
but mommey says, you rawk!
(seen here with his aunt billa)

Monday, May 12, 2008

what's on your mind...?

dia membelek-belek skrin telefon bimbit m-mobile nya itu berkali-kali. tiap kali membelek, dia pasti tersenyum sendiri. kadangkala, mukanya bertukar sayu. selepas itu, dia akan termenung sendiri. ada riak kesal yang tak sudah di wajahnya. dan sesekali, matanya berkaca.

dicapainya kembali telefon bimbitnya. dia menekan butang-butang yang tertera, sekali-sekala dia berhenti menala dan meneliti. senyum lagi. sedikit muram.

"dah besar agaknya budak-budak ni..", detik hatinya.

"mesti dah boleh jalan. yang sorang ni mesti makin nakal.. hai cucu-cucu atuk nih...", hati kecilnya mengeluh sendirian.

lelaki yang kelihatannya seperti sudah berusia lebih dari separuh abad itu menelek kembali skrin telefonnya. pada skrin itu terlihat gambar anak-anak kecil yang dipanggil cucu itu. ada yang gambar berdua dengan seorang budak perempuan, yang mungkin usianya lebih 3,4 tahun dari anak kecil itu, ada yang berseorangan sahaja.. dalam kesemua gambar-gambar itu, mereka tersenyum gembira, termasuklah anak-anak kecil itu, yang walaupun kecil, tapi nampaknya sudah pandai senyum sakan di depan kamera (telefon bimbit).

lelaki itu bangun dari tempat duduk di bus stand itu, sambil membimbit tote bag hitam berlogo MSAM (tahun bila tah). telefon bimbit itu disimpannya kembali di dalam poket seluar hitamnya sambil menanti dengan penuh sabar bas rapid kl itu untuk berhenti di depannya.