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Thursday, February 19, 2009

sunburst kl 2009: international music festival.

okay peeps! i have 2 sunburst kl 2009 international music festival tickets up for sale at rm143 each. FOR SALE eh... not for free.

reason being, my younger sis bought the tickets on a pretext that coldplay, jamiroquai and katy perry would be performing and she was all hyped up and tak sabar2 nak beli tickets tu during the early birds promo... but yup! you guessed it rite, no coldplay in the line up, let alone katy perry. but news had it that jamiroquai would be performing on the nite before the malaysian f1 grand prix 2009 kicks off... so now, she menyesal and wanna sell off the tickets so that she could go to jamiroquai's concert.. (am being honest here tau.. bersyukurlah kerna saya bgtau hal sebenar..)

so, for those who like this year's line up...

... tapi nak tiket harga early birds, please leave a comment in this entry & ur email add/blog and i shall contact you soonest. i might waive the rm3 from rm143 tu, so you'd only pay rm140 laa.. only IF you're a SERIOUS BUYER, that is.

for more info on sunburst kl09, please click here.

*yes billa. sila bayar advertising fee dengan kadar segera. sekian.*

and oh.. a special shoutout
to this lil girl, wawa for today is her 11th (i think) birthday! happy birthday gurly! may Allah bless you forever and have a blast!

and also my cousin's dad (uncle gua daa..) pon is celebrating his birthday today! happy birthday tok mus! =p

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Monday, February 16, 2009

congrats sis!

on the world-widely celebrated lovey dovey day last saturday, (apart from the most talked about que haidar-linda jasmine's wedding) my elder sister, lulu was happily engaged to her long-lost-school-friend by the name of fyzal. the engagement ceremony was held at my bro-in-law's place and some 100 people attended the event. despite the commotion caused by the caterer (for not being prompt.. ada ka orang dah habeh sarung cincin, caterer was nowhere insight.. bole ke camtu?), everything went smoothly. yang best tu, she received some freakin' 27 dulangs of hantaran (mostly consisted of cakes, cookies, pulut kuning in shades of maroonish-pink, ayam golek and what not la kan..)!! memang record betul la..

but alhamdulillah, that's her rezeki and we hope that this time around, she'll find what she's been looking for all this while, a good soulmate to be with sampai akhir hayat. insyaAllah. we'll pray for you sis! oh. the nikah will take place, insyaAllah, sometime end of the year.

*i didnt get to feel how's it like to be engaged to b cuz we skipped that part. after his family came and risik, we set the date for nikah casually je. rock abis! haha.*

here's a peek.

pic was shot by none other than b. my sister's makeup was done by..... me! yay! and hair by billa. seen here, the 4 stooges (yerp! my eldest sis suka steal sis #2 limelight.. adaka baju sama kaler dgn orang yg nak bertunang.. ceh!)

and for the record, i dont celebrate v-day. and never will.
*saja nak bagitau. sebab tiba-tiba paranoid taknak orang (islam/muslim) lain ingat i celebrate v-day lak. pfft.*

pls head to b's website for more piccies.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

the nite i lost it..

i lost my beloved handphone yesterday. and i am so frustrated.
like really really frustrated!

everyone knows that the handphone was a gift from b and how i treasured (tapi tak masuk pon dalam my random things i love most list..) it so much!

i am so sorry for not listening to my innerself when it happened and i am so sorry for being careless too!

and i hope whoever (read: orang-yang-memang-seronok-bila-jumpa-barang-free-padahal-bukannya-ko-tak-bole-call-the-last-number-from-the-hp-to-find-out-who-the-owner-is, kan??) found the handphone and didnt make the effort to look for the owner, will get like the worst ever kudis campur nanah campur ulat sume tu kat telinga and the hands and will be burn in hell!


Friday, February 06, 2009

random schmandom (tagged by ms s)

13 random things you love: [in no particular order]
1. my zaes (i love him to bits)
2. my mom (i love her to bits)
3. my mom's cooking
4. my makeup collection
5. my newly purchased fossil wrislet (sangat berguna okeh!)
6. my blog (eventho tak ramai readers.. uhuhuuu)
7. my brain (it can be the brainiest brain in the world sometimes)
8. sitting all day without having to worry bout getting to work.. (i wish i could)
9. my big dark eyes
10. main masak-masak out of the blue
11. getting involve in family gathering or any event
12. put makeup on my sis, cousins and friends
13. my nieces, qistina, dania & sarah

12 movies you like: [in no particular order]
1. the pianist
2. cinta
3. sepi
4. p.s. i love you
5. all pramlee movies (hey.. that's more than 12 already kan?)
6. boys don't cry (hillary swank rocks!)
7. ah long pte ltd (seriously funny dowh!)
8. ghost (the 1st movie i got to watch kat cinema - state pj to be exact!)
9. ali setan 1 (ali setan 2 tak best sebab ogy & sheila majid tak berlakon)
10. mekanik ("orang putih ka, orang hitam ka, orang biru ka, kita kan orang malaysia" - susan lancaster)
11. the italian job (gila cool edward norton!)

12. american history x (gila nak mampus cool edward norton... sigh...)

11 bands/artists: [in no particular order]
jimi hendrix
deep purple
the carpenters
sheena easton
sharifah aini
sheila majid (gua penah nyanyi lagu dia depan dia.. rasa hebat tol masa tu!)
dewa 19
teacher's pet (serious!)
stevie wonder
acidtrip (haha! eh. korang tak kenal yeh?)

10 things about you physically & personality wise:
smart (like.. really smart! heh.)
dark-skinned (and proud of it!)
luscious eyes (yum! yum!)
fierce (read: mak tiri)
expandedly petit (like wtf? read: gemok pendek laaa.. er..)
i'm my arwah opah's cucu paling kemas. ehem.(meaning smart-looking la.. sentiasa kemas whether i have long or short hair)
vocal (read: mulut lepas. haha. too bad)
i suffered from vasomotor rhinitis. like a really outrageous case y'all! tsk.
i slouch like really bad. double tsk.
i always don't know what to eat. sometimes i didnt eat the whole day cuz i just don't know what to eat. pathetic innit?

9 songs for your wedding: [in no particular wedding]
mnasir's sentuhan listrik
santana's black magic woman (mmmhhmmmm!)
this one jawa song (of which i dont even understand but supposedly to be a lovey-dovey song la.)
sheila majid's aku cinta padamu
ungu's tercipta untukku
dewa 19's lagu cinta
dewa 19's flower in the desert
the carpenters' close to you
jimi hendrix' angel
*and for the record, kris dayanti's mencintaimu is soooooo over okay! please. get it over with already! so meleleh.*

8 fav drinks/food: [in no particular order]
authentic masak lomak cili api daging salai (m salivating already! bila la nak dpt makan lg nih..)
asam pedas ikan pari with lotsa bunga kantan!
laksa asam utara style (demmit!)
nasi ayam abang ownn dekat dengan damai lrt station, keramat
nasi kerabu with daging bakar
ayam bakar pak chi met kat bandung
siakap steam limau (smoking hot!)
anything pasta

7 things you always wear:
my risik band
my oakley's glasses (bila kena drive or nak jalan2. tapi if dah mekap perasan cantik, takleh pakai sebab nak maintain gorgeous. ahaks!)
my 1st diamond earrings (ala. diamond ciput gila. taik mata i lagi besar)

rubber band evita peroni warna cekelat yang over-priced (tapi bagus sekali keanjalannya)
vaselin's lip therapy
office tag (ye. kadang-kadang tu 24 jam sehari, tujuh hari seminggu ye tuan-tuan & puan-puan)
watches. can't live without watches.

6 pet peeves: [in no particular order]

dah pernah buat. sila korek-korek archives di sebelah.

5 things you touch everyday: [in no particular order]
my hp
my face
the computer mouse
the keyboard
zaes (sorry. zaes topped b hands down!)

4 shows you watch: [in no particular order]
barclays premier league (bole consider show ke?)

3 celebrities:
che det - sebab he's an icon and nobody dares say no to him!
jamie oliver - sebab nak learn how to cook like super fast! (err.. hello! have you ever heard of post production editing my dear? duh.)
edward norton - sebab he has this super sexy dewwy eyes and i badly wanna touch them.. sigh.. ehem. just them eyes ok. (dang!)

tengok mata tu. tengok?! *kan dah kena hypnotised*

2 current wishes:

spend more and more time with my family.
debt-free life.

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

my mama. (i love you mama! sob! sob!)
classic ok rambut platinum!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

an open letter to my lil boy, zaes : part I :

i suddenly have this urge to write a letter to my lil zaes, for him to read when he's smart enough to read and understand the content of the letter. so, here goes:

dear zaes,

hi sayang mommey! by the time you discover mommey's blog, mommey tak sure if i'm still around in this world or not. i hope i'm still around. anyway, how on earth do you know my blog address? did you just google your name? nak test how famous you are eh? haha.. well you're probably famous now sebab when i wrote posts about you, i'd make sure i labelled them as zaes. you know why zaes? easy to pronounce and remember. plus, a friend of mine said that zaes tu macam nama glamour la.. same goes dengan daddy.. he likes to post tonnes of pictures of you on the net, especially kat his web/flickr site guna nama zaes. you know how's your daddy la kan..

oh. i've got videos of you and your lil cousins (probably with your other siblings too.. well.. i dont know cuz masa mommey tulis post ni, mommey belum pregnant lagi) posted on the net, and i'm sure you'll find them soon enough. (this one seen here with your cousin, myia sarah was taken by your aunt fura)

actually, from today onwards, mommey rasa mommey nak post a letter for you, here @ my blog. tak kisahla if it's sebulan sekali ke, setahun sekali ke. bila mommey teringat je, mommey will write something so that you'd know how much i love you and always will. ala. kat previous entries pon mommey ada cerita bout zaes, tapi yang surat ni konon2 macam reminder for you laa and if you have any other siblings in the future, i'd do the same for them too.

masa mommey tulis entry ni, umur zaes baru 1 tahun 5 bulan 16 hari. at this age, dah macam2 dah zaes boleh buat. i can say that mommey quite amazed jugak la with your achievement eventho tak se'best' kal-el anak jor-el or keenan anak marcell si penyanyi indonesia tu. eventho rambut zaes tak lebat, berat pon tak lepas 9kg, bulu kening pon takde, kulit gelap macam mommey and quite small for a person of your age, tapi zaes is a very smart boy. macam sekarang ni, dah macam2 perkataan yang zaes dah tau. ada some of it you learn by yourself, and most of it sebab mommey, daddy, tok mama or your aunties yang ajar la kan. eventho tak banyak and not that fluent, tapi zaes tak pelat. at least mommey & the rest faham la apa yang zaes nak cakap. zaes nak tau what are the words yang zaes dah boleh cakap? i might tertinggal one or two (or more):

air biya * ribena (and other drinks too, termasuk la air suam)
mimi * mommey
mama * tok mama
biya * auntie billa
yuyu * auntie lulu
mimi/daddy nye car * mommey/daddy punya car/kereta
oh! oh!
akum * assalamualaikum
allah.. bar * allahuakbar (takpe. i shall correct your pronounciation along the way ok)
nak walk * nak jalan
tekedai * kedai
amang * abang
nenek (daddy nye mak)

and ada banyak lagi yang mommey takleh ingat lah. oh, semalam masa uncle jai and auntie miya nak balik, tiba-tiba je zaes panggil nama auntie miya. semua orang terkejut sebab before this susah betul zaes nak sebut nama auntie miya eventho mommey dah penat ajar.

apart from slowly picking up on your vocabs, did you know that you started to walk when you were 11 months old? haa.. sebab tu la sekarang zaes asyik nak jalan laju je. kadang2 tu berlari. hai anak mommey sorang ni, dah la katik, bila lari kelam kabut camtu, boleh buat mommey penat tau sebab nak mengejar awak. tak cukup tu, zaes pon suka panjat sana sini sampai mommey takut if zaes terjatuh.

dah dapat toy baru lagi la.. (sama macam kat dalam gambar ni masa daddy sibuk sangat nak pegi beli kereta ni kat toys r us. zaes suka sangat dengan kereta ni sampai tak nak keluar. but yours is yellow in colour. tak sempat lagi mommey nak amik gambar zaes dengan sports car kuning tu kat rumah) tapi for now, zaes tak pandai manouvre the car lagi. all you know is, just dok diam2 kat dalam kereta tu and then tekan satu lagu ni sampai habis. kenapa suka sangat dengan lagu tu?

benda lain yang zaes suka buat is main gitar mainan kecik yang dah nak tercabut tu sebab zaes suka hentak-hentakkan dia. zaes start suka gitar sebab you saw daddy fiddling with his fender stratocaster ada one night ni. so, bila daddy tau, daddy try to teach you how to hold a guitar tapi masa tu, being zaes, zaes memang malas nak amik tau. tapi, masa tengok anugerah juara lagu 2008, when you saw aizat performed his song while playing his guitar, masa tu, zaes terus amik gitar mainan kecik tu, and you mimicked him. alahai.. masa tu mommey rasa zaes ni memang smartest baby in the world lah (who doesn't?? every parent pon macam tu la..)!

zaes pon suka sangat sakat mommey kadang-kadang. bila mommey tanya, "sayang mommey tak?" nanti zaes geleng kepala sambil sengih. pastu mommey tanya lagi, "habis tu sayang sapa?" your answer would be "mama.." sengih lagi. notty la anak mommey ni. mommey geram sangat sampai mommey rasa macam nak cubit gigit-gigit je muka zaes yang kecik tapi dahi jendul tu. isk.

the other thing that you like to do now is to peep in the garbage bin. zaes tau tak tong sampah tu kotor, banyak sampah & berkuman? suka betul awak jengok tong sampah, mommey pon tak paham. bila mommey change your diaper, bukan main suka lagi sebab tau mommey mesti suruh zaes buang kat tong sampah. laju je bila nak pegi buang sampah. hari tu masa makan sunmaid raisins kotak mini tu pon, dah habis je, terus zaes pegi dapur, buang dalam tong sampah. hmm.. berkesedaran sivik sungguh anak mommey sorang ni. bagus camtu. tapi lepas pegang the garbage bin's lid, jangan lupa wash your tiny hands yah.

banyak benda yang mommey nak cakap pasal zaes ni, tapi mommey takleh nak ingat.. eh. ha.. sekarang ni colleague mommey tengah pasang lagu dugaan-Nya by hujan. teringat kat the way your dance to this song and everytime mommey nyanyi lagu ni, mesti zaes tak sabar2 nak nyanyi "wo.. wo.." you are so ever cute la ok! isk. babap kang!

hmmm. takpela. mommey rasa i'll stop here (read: mommey kena continue buat keja ofis la..) if ada lagi yang mommey nak cakap, mommey will write again. ok ye sayang mommey. be a good boy now ok. jangan lawan cakap mommey & daddy & tok mama especially. sebab tok mama yang banyak jaga zaes masa mommey & daddy pegi keja and most of the time dia yang tau apa yang zaes buat. she's a supergranny ok! and be good to others too ok. be a strong boy, jangan nak mengada-ngada most of the time, always perform your prayers and remember Allah. if masa zaes baca ni, mommey is not around anymore, zaes jaga diri baik-baik tau. if zaes dah ada adik, jaga adik (-adik) jugak. mommey always pray for your well-being and others too.

yang pakai tudung tu la tok mama yang super granny tu! and your other 2 aunties, biya & yuyu. heh.

gambar ni daddy amik kat midvalley lepas kita sume buka puasa kat madam kwan's,ramadhan 2008. kenapa zaes pon senyum sama? see. i told you, you're smart sebab you know that daddy's taking our picture. tsk.

okay sayang.. mommey sayang kat zaes tau! i love you sayang!

love, hugs, kisses,


Monday, February 02, 2009

hail torres!!! (er.. dia bukan adik-beradik hail amir ye. err..)

thank you incek torres for making my 2 hours-stayed-up-late-tapi-esok-hari-kerja worthwhile!
i love you lah incek fernando torres! and oso incek yossi benayoun, si kapten yahudi.. (but i don't love you... adoiyai...)

oh, in case you haven't got the news, rafael benitez & the kops has been reading my blog.
*ok. sila muntah darah, paku pakis, jarum, lipan bara serta berus dawai dan pengsan sambil mintak dilanggar lari oleh karavan second hand incek mohd zakaria bin mohd ayob bin mohd ayob - ye. dia ada dua 'bin'*

as if.

liverpool beats chelsea in yesterday's game @anfield 2-0, laa.. happy nih! you'll never walk alone! yay!

for an in-depth match report please click here and here.

*ok. sekarang bole continue buat keja ofis*

hottie alert #1: incek frank lampard yang hensem kena red card after an awkward collision with incek xabi alonso. i think he didn't deserve the red card. even the commentators said so. (pic was taken from here)

hottie alert #2: incek xabi alonso yang macho berjambang. dari jauh macam cik mon(yet) la pulak.. haha! tapi nasib baek hensem jugak. oh, he's the one in red btw. (pic was taken from here)

ni la incek torres, the hero. pic was taken from here.

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