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Thursday, November 27, 2008


nov 21st, 2008

on the way back from office, b smsed me and said dat he'll be late sebab nak pegi jumpa kawan dia.. i was pissed at first but sebab i was tired, malas la nak layan. (yela.. my birthday some more nak pegi jumpa orang) so, when i reached home dat nite, it was already almost 8pm. masa nak bukak gate, suddenly billa screamed! rupanya my other sis, lulu, tengah buat attempt nak simbah air sejuk kat gua, tapi dia dah salah orang, so terkena la kat billa. haha! tapi dia tak puas hati, dia simbah jugak when i was by her side. cheh! kena gak tu...

so, when i went inside, with lil zaes by my side, i smelled food. when i ask mama, she said, she didnt cook. assuming the aroma came from our neighbors', i just sat in front of the tv, sambil cium-cium muka zaes' face yang masam tu.. and lulu gave me my present.. a knitted white top from mng. (yay! ada baju baru nak pakai pegi keja.. dia ni memang evry year tak penah miss bg hadiah.. yup! she's very generous - lulu style!)

and she also sibuk asking me to go upstairs cuz according to her, her bf gv me present too but she put it in my room. haha. mcm kelakar la jugak but i said to her, later bila nak naik la then only i check it out... at that point, i heard someone's coughing upstairs.

me: ha! i heard someone's coughing...

i quickly ran to the stairs and i saw some lights there and billa followed from behind and shouted, "surprissssssseeeee!!!!!" my cousin miya was holding the brownie cheesecake together with my elder sis, her kidlets, miya's hubby were behind her and b was clicking away profusely! (jumpa kawan la sangat..)

heaven yeah, i was greeted with a surprise birthday shower from my family on my birthday nite!
seemed that they have been planning days before and i must compliment them and did very well from letting the lil secret out of the closet.. haha! love you guys alot and the mastermind was none other than, my dear hubby! thanks again for the wonderful party, korang!

well, mama cooked her famous chicken pie and nasi briyani. billa bought some cutely decorated lil cupcakes she ordered from her colleague and i got few other presents too! yay! my other aunties and cousins joined us later at around 9-ish.. hehe. thanks! thanks! and owh, little did i know that my neighbor's hubby also celebrated his birthday (and her wife baru je delivered their first baby 2 days before..) but he didnt celebrate sebab busy dengan baby baru and tak ingat pon ye gak! only when billa passed him some food, baru dia notice that day was his birthday...

ok. ok. these are the pictures from the event.. most of them were captured by b and billa and few were from my xpressmusic fon. silalah jamu mata.. =p

pre-event. they prepared the cake in my mom's room.. haha!
(l-r: miya, jai with that 2 birthday cone hats tu and her brother, apee.
that's alot of candles ok.. phew..)

(l-r: billa, roxychick yg terkejut, miya, holding the cake.
yep. that's alot of candles ok..)

i was closed to tears.. betol!

roxy: o noooo.. i'd be outta breath blowing them candles!
miya: you better..

roxy: bole tiup ke tak nih...?
miya: you better.. (sebenarnya kek tu berat kan..?)

roxy: here goes...

roxy: phewww.. finally!
qistina: haa.. bole pon.. takde heart attack kan?

the brownie cheesecake from secret recipe.
(tak rasa pon.. i'm not a cake person la nowadays..)

that cute cupcakes. with cracks.

rupa cupcakes after we switched on the lights.
i love elmo. and makeups too.
(i didnt taste them pon. i just like to see them.)

dania: wah.. that's a lot of food!
(but she was eyeing for the elmo cupcake actually
and she didn't even finish it!
i guess she's just like me, suka tengok je..)

miya & roxy.
(and my elder sis kat belakang tu)

l-r: qistina, roxy & billa.

roxy & dania.

one for the album, sista!
(l-r: lulu, billa, roxy & riess)

my 2 lil darlings, myia sarah & zaes!

them again. puteri myia sarah, roxy, zaes & putri miya(shakira).
(yes. they shared the same 2nd name)

the cool mama & i. love you to bits, mama dearie!

the lil rascal #1 & his aunt billa.

aunt lulu & lil rascal #2, wearing the alex headgear + the birthday cone hat.

former lil rascal #1, qistina.

and the presents were:

1st present of the day, meehoon goreng breakfast from kak w!
(mak dia yg masak sebenarnya.. thanks babe! delish!)

a lovely flower bouquet from mrs keledek & her 2 girls! it came in later that afternoon. suka! suka! thanks again babe! (dia mmg suka bg bunga.. even masa my nikah day pon, she gave me the beautiful white roses hand bouquet..)

chocolates from cousin ati.. blom makan pon lagi.. =D

a pair of shoes from my aunt - miya's mom.

the knitted white top from mng.
(muka tak hingin kembali lagi..)

this cute roxy top is from my elder sis!
(something great to wear for the friso/nuffnang event this saturday.. yay!)

(i love this pic!)
while i was bz trying the top, b was preparing to surprise me with his lil gift.. notice tak myia sarah kat belakang dia tu? mesti dia macam.. 'ee.. apa yg uncle b pegang tuu..?' haha. i just find this pic macam kelakar..

and his lil gift is.... THE new m.a.c's holiday collections' warm eye pallette i've been eyeing for!!! u shouldn't have la my dear.. tapi takpela.. dah dapat kan.. LOL!

and the rest of the photos.. sesi camwhoring.. tak larat nak tulis captions la..
sila continue jamu mata.. (if nak reka caption sendiri pon bole gak..)

roxy: am old already!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaa....

ok peeps! happy weekend! i hope i'd get to write about the friso/nuffnang event if i got the time.. hopefully!

finally, november has come to an end. i'm gonna miss you so much november!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

i'm just sad...

fcuking performance evaluation!

i mean.. i accepted whatever your feedback/complaints/evaluations towards me but heck takkan everything that i do tak contribute langsung to the division??

ok. now i have to keep calm and zip it!


Friday, November 21, 2008

i am 16, going on 17...

... haha! how i wish!

anyway, i am happy to tell the world for today i'm celebrating my 29th year on earth! yay!

nothing much to shout about except that i hope i'll be wiser, stronger (erk. hari ni jugak la my boss nak buat performance evaluation.. ~sigh~), to be optimistic about everything, to be happier and to be a better person than i am today or yesterday.

to all the smses i received as early as 12 midnite, thank you for remembering my day!
thank you for making my day. (whatever the outcome i'd get from my senior, kena redha je laa..)
thank you for all the good memories of yesterday and i shall be waiting for a better ones in the future.

thank you Allah for the health You have bestowed upon me, for the best family You have destined for me, for Your guidance throughout my journey, for everything that You pinjamkan to me, including letting me to write on this very day.

oklah.. malas nak mellow-mellow.. (macam orang nak menopaus la pulak.. ahaks!)
all in all, today is the highlight of the month of november.. therefore..

happy 29th birthday roxychick!
may Allah bless her
with all the rainbow, grapes and sunshine!
(pinjam tagline sun-maid raisins jap..)

zaes: roxychick rocks my world!!!
(i love you very much zaes sayang!)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

born and celebrated: part VII specials!

did i mention that the month of november is just heavenly..?
of course i did.. (apart from what i've experienced last sunday.. please see the entry below)

anyway, celebrated our anniversary yesterday, with my other halves (my mom, zaes & billa included) with a ok dinner kat this new place in ara damansara, niuzenxui (i hope i got it correctly) at this new dining place in town called, fullhouse. hmmm.. the vvip kata tempat ni best, mmg best pon, food was good, just that b (and mama) wasn't that satisfied sebab portion kecik. well... i shall get back to this matter later when i get the photos from him ok?

moving on, a lil birthday shout out to an old friend of mine, m(r)s pink stiletto aka sha aka shelly (i called her this name masa sekolah rendah duluuu) for today is her 19th BIRTHDAY on the 19th of november! (forever 19 eh..?)

may Allah bless you and have a great life & great well-being ahead! may Allah fulfill all your wishes and shower you with all the happiness in the world.. it's been good to know you, eventho we have our ups and downs together back in elementary.. haha! such an idiotic kid i was back then.. remember this post? i told ya i'll write about you kan.. ok.. here goes.. (sket sket jela ok?) *chuckles*

sha dearie,

why do i regard you as musuh? no laa.. manade musuh.. it was just this adolescent immatured stuff we've been thru together masa kecik2 dulu.. you know, i still remember that we were only close masa standard 6. u know how was it, standard 6 kan "senior year"? you tak ingat ke when we had this "lil fiasco" - actually i don't remember what was it but we got into this fight and started to call each other names.. ok.. actually it was me who started to called you names.. one of it.. memang tak sedap dipanggil la..(i won't revealed it here) and you were offended and you went and reported it to ustaz yusrin (bin parlan) & cikgu jamlus (bin juli.. betol! tuu nama diaa..) - huiyoo! i boleh ingat their names sebijik2..

so, we were called by these 2 teachers to the teachers' room and i was asked questions by cikgu jamlus. admitting to what i've said to you, cikgu jamlus pon bg "ceramah" kat i.. after the session.. i ran to the toilet and cried... haha! sangat kelakar ok! and after that i stopped talking to you for a while before we got together for the school year end
(or was it the children's day?) concert, dikir barat & the dance of a scene from grease (OMG!!).. ingat tak?? LOL!

this, dear readers, was taken in 1991. masa sekolah rendah. haha!
nostalgic ok! konon2 school hockey players laa.. pdhal asyik datang training je, tapi tak penah masuk any competition!
l-r: haa.. tu la cikgu jamlus, harris, next to him, i tak ingat..
the lady teacher is ms chandrika - i remembered sebab her name is unique!
and the girls squatting down tu, l-r: mrs keledek, i la tuu.. some more boys yg i don't remember their names (yes. i'm that ignorant & unpopular too), the birthday girl and mariam..

bila masuk secondary, kita lepak-lepak la jugak.. pegi mph, pegi parkson, "bought" stuff like magazines, stationeries.. you even got yourself a half full obsession perfume from the CK counter.. haha! "banyak duit" kan masa tu! LOL!

oh.. did i reveal too much dear? takpe.. lagi sket je.. remember the form 3 (before pmr exam) incident, masa tu dah study week and we were bored to death sebab kita datang sekolah but most of our other friends didn't come to school (konon nak belajar kat rumah), so you, another girl (u ingat tak sapa? i dare not to write her name here nor giving hints.. kang kena saman mampos i!) & i decided to cabut masa recess time.. so kita ikut curam kat tepi sekolah tu, sampai luka-luka la sana sini before going our separate ways after that.. (of which i terkantoi masa tgh tunggu bas, my mom & dad so happened lalu jalan kat bus stop tuu.. uhuhuhuhu..) then next day, the teachers found out, terus kena leter.. LOL!

ok. ok.. i'll stop here. but those are the things that i can remember of us and pasal musuh tu.. ala.. konon2 jela.. so immature la kita masa tu kan! haha!

anyways babe, i hope you forgive me for all the things i've done (i called you names.. i'm truly sorry for that!!) just so you know, i've always treasure our friendship, eventho kita dah lama tak jumpa and i hope we'll be friends till the end of our lives..

to you and your must-have item, i pray for korang punya happiness, to last forever and ever and ever and ever
and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

happy birthday dearie!
(taken 2 years ago, during my-you-know-what.. with some of my besties;
l-r: ika & hubby, mrs naga, honey bunny, put y, shaq & m(r)s pink stiletto)

p/s: received the invitation to the gathering organised by nuffnang & friso via email this morning.. yay!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

menyesal gua angkat fon!

i was working last sunday due to this "hey-this-flyer-need-to-be-in-house-like-2 days-ago!" fcuking flyer dateline - memang tak masuk akal cuz they want it to be printed and couriered on friday but nothing has been briefed that morning and sampai ke petang only they briefed but.. arrgghh! sakit jiwa oi ckp psl tu - tapi disebabkan gua ni hanya kuli, so i've no choice but to come.. (can't make it on saturday, b's relative was having a kenduri. can't stay back on friday cuz at that time i was having bad headache.. or was it migraine? i donno sebab never experience it before..)

so, billa sent me over to the office at about 11-ish in the morning and she proceeded to mv with her kawan je, so that they can kill the time window-shopping while waiting for me to finish my werk. as i reached my floor, i can see that the whole floor was dark, a sign of takde orang datang keja overtime la hari tu.. so i switched on all the lights.. so that takde la rasa cam.. err.. gelap je. (read: separa takut la)

i switched on the macpro, check my emails, read my blog comments, just to warmed up before i start my werk.. bila agak2 dah boring surfing the net, i began to worked on the flyer. i turned on the itunes loudly, sambil nyanyi ala ala laa..

so.. masa tengah concentrate buat flyer tu, suddenly adala pulak batu kecik.. ala.. mcm batu tepi jalan tu.. only smaller, jatuh betul2 right in front of me. hmm.. i looked around.. ala.. sah-sah la takde orang kan.. so, i took the tiny stone and threw it somewhere else.. haiii.. baling batu sembunyi tangan nampak? and of course la i didn't melatah jez yet. i've heard my other colleagues' incident kat office sebelum ni and i myself never experience it before, so i guess, 'benda' tu nak main-main gak la ngan gua kan... tapi being me, i just ignored it and continue to do my werk. i told myself, maybe the tiny stone came from the ceiling.. (eventho i can feel that the batu was thrown from afar)

at about 1-ish pm lak, i was abrupted by a phone, ringing endlessly. not realising from which extension was it from, i just intercepted the call.

me: hello..
the makeup artist: hello! this is angeline. who call me just now?
me: eh, angeline.. this is roxy la.. who call you?
the makeup artist: i don't know, from this 7*** extension..
me: 7***...? that's a's extension.. when was this?
the makeup artist: today lorr.. at 1 pm. 2 missed calls some more..
me: ha? today? are you sure not..? cek betul-betul..

(dahi dah berkerut while me checking out abang a's cubicle.. not far from mine.)

the makeup artist: ya lorr.. today maa.. 16 november. 1 pm.
me: angeline... i sorang je kat office ni. only me. no one else.. how can..?
the makeup artist: ah..? yes aa..? are you sure or not?

(eh la minah tukang mekap ni.. bukan gua dah jawab ke tadi?)

me: yela angeline.. i je. there's no one else. maybe a called you last friday about the shoot next week. maybe you baru nak cek the missed calls hari ni. memang takde orang. only me.
the makeup artist: yes ah? hmm.. ok lorrr.. takpe. tomorrow u ask a to call me back..
me: ok. sure i will ask him to call you back.. ok.
the makeup artist: ok. bye roxy. take care.
me: ok. bye...

after i hung up, i paused for a while. i looked around. and looked again at abang a's cubicle. biaq betui! i looked at the time.. keja tak siap lg.. but i chose to ignore and carried on with my work. sampai la kul 4.. after noticing i had left my hp kat dlm keta, i quickly habiskan keja.. (siap gak evetho tak cantik mana), went downstairs and waited for billa & her kawan je tu come and fetch me...

come monday, i told my colleagues about the incidents and abang a was a lil bit heran sebab he said he did call her on friday, and she returned the call on the very same day.. then baru tadi, abang a just came back from his model shoot, he came to me and told me that the makeup artist showed him the missed calls she received on sunday and indeed, the 2 missed calls memang was from his extension, on sunday, nov 16th 2008 at 1pm! so, he told her that he was never in the office pon on sunday.. and goosebumps were all over her after he told her that!!

(haha. abis tu gua takde goosebumps?)

so, dear readers, waddaya think? until now, i was having hard time to believe the fact that the missed calls came from the abovesaid details.. camne nih?

dahla baling batu sembunyi tangan, dia main telefon la pulak lepas tu...

brr. seram sejuk babes!

so, the moral of the story, if you have to come back on weekends or working late, tangan tu jangan la nak memandai-mandai intercept orang lain nye extension. emergency ka hapa ka.. buat tak tau sudah!

dania: kenapa baling batu sembunyi tangan aaa?
(pic credit to: b)

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2nd year of being mrs.b...

(mode : jiwang karat berdarah : sesapa nak muntah, silakan berbuat demikian..)

'twas the day i became mrs. b and it has been 2 years now.
i thank Allah for what He has created for me.
i thank Allah for all the colours He has painted for me.

i'm hoping and won't stop hoping for a smooth ride in my marriage.
to b, thanks for being a husband, a father, a friend and a foe in my life. i'll always love you and i hope we'd face any challenge, any good times and bad times together. i know i'm not a perfect wife to you or a perfect mother to lil zaes but i'm trying my best to be one. the day will come.. insyaAllah.

happy 2nd anniversary to you, my dear hubby!
(pic credit to: adi nang from tripledoubleudotcandidsyndromedotcom)

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Monday, November 17, 2008

‘friso brings my family out‘!

ok. ok.. this is interesting..
nuffnang and friso is organising this event for parenting bloggers gathering and i seriously wanna participate!

all i have to do is to write why family day is important for my lil zaes..
here's why.. family day is important for my son because:

1. my hubby and i are both working parent and our nature of job always required us to stay back late and sometimes until the wee hours because as you all know, being in creative/advertising line is always challenging and sometimes, hazardous to the health.. haha. no laa.. i'm just kidding.. it's just that being in this line is always all about your commitment to your job.. so.. not to say that lil zaes is being abandoned all the time but being the only child (for now), he's always alone (with his tok mama aka my mom).. therefore, he's BADLY in need of a family day out!

2. we never had a proper family day out. when we have the time at home, my hubby would usually occupied himself with some freelance jobs (kena carik makan maa..) or replaced his sleepless nights by.. er.. sleeping throughout the day.. as for me, i'd do the laundry or go to the hypermarket with my mom to get the groceries and other stuff. i do sometimes bring him to the playground near our house, but i can see that he can't get enough of it! therefore, he's BADLY in need of a family day out!

3. being the only child (for now), he's always smiling widely whenever he saw the neighbour's child outside of their house but my mom wouldn't dare to let him out and play with them as he's only 15month-old (dat's 1 year 3 months =p).. so as a result, my mom would only let him play at the porch. and when his 3 other cousin sisters made a visit to our house, he'd be hysterically (ok.. i was exagerrating) jumping with joy to see them and he'd play with them until.. no. he's never get tired. therefore, he's BADLY in need of a family day out!

well, i think, i've given enough reasons of why family day is important for my lil zaes. in a nutshell, he needs to chill and unwind, together with his family (his mom & dad, tok mama and auntie) in an environment where he gets to play freely with no restriction and kizsports & gym is THE place to be!

zaes: come on nuffnang & friso! you gotta let my mom WIN this invitation and also the 3 Days 2 Nights trip to Disneyland Hong Kong for 2 Adults and 2 Children so that i won't be stucked in the stroller (again) and slept my boredom away while mommey did her groceries.. like this one above when we're in one of the hypermarkets..~sigh~

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Friday, November 14, 2008

blog schmlog.

laa... it has been 4 years rupanya since i first join this blogging world.
(i was in the mood to read random posts from my archive, pastu bila tengok balik, rupanya last nov 9, was my 4th blogaversary...)

and tiba-tiba teringat gak yang mariuca is also celebrating her 2nd blogaversary this month... (didn't i mention earlier that november is a month full of celebration?? best nye!!) mariuca is a blogger whom i 'met' via kak emil's blog. rite now she's having this contest in view of her blogaversary that offers this cute teddy to the lucky winner, yang kak emil dah buat tweakings here and there, so teddy tu nampak personalised sket laa.. tapi disebabkan i'm not a pembaca tegar kepada blog-blog sedunia, i didnt get the chance to enter the contest.. yet. best la kan when they offer a lot of thing and siap buat contest segala.. like when i won the pendant from marvic tu la. kak emil tu pon selalu gak dia buat contest.. sangat gigih ok dia tu! and the best thing is, all her pressies will be of her own personal touch! best kann?

but since i dont have enuff energy (read: ka-ching!) to do all that, lemme jez wish my blog, happy 4th blogversary, roxychick's! semoga roxychick akan terus menulis crappy stuff, whine about petty things and be frank about.. err.. alot of things.. errr.. almost. ala. gua punya blog. gua punya pasal. heh.

anyway, i managed to go check out the latest m.a.c holiday coll i was telling you about earlier, kat midvalley.. hmmph.. not bad laa.. cuma the little darlings je dorg takde lagi.. not bad sbb the 217 brush i have my eyes on ada pulak kat one of the set brushes, which is jarang la dorg nak include dlm set brushes... but this time ada lak.. well.. maybe i'll jez get the full-sized brush je, later on kot.. maybe la.. hmm.. i might la.. tah. tengok la camne.

and the holiday coll's pallettes were.. ok ok la.. if they are priced at rm1 per piece, sure i'll buy all of em.. sigh.. i'm soo weak when it comes to pretty makeup packagings.. sigh.. but kak w bought the basic brush set (priced at rm220 for 5pc brushes, the casing - ada 1 big 1 small ones - and this limited edition purple transluscent paper bag.. very pretty!) after much persuasion from ehem.. you-know-who.. eheh. ala. berbaloi kak oi! i berani guarantee ok..! =p

i pon ada beli satu benda tu, but i shall reveal it later cuz rite now i need to go back to the store, to learn the 'how tos' and apply them. masa tu baru bleh show off. haha. tungguuuuu...

tapi sekarang ni, i am considering of getting my hands on one of the limited item kat the m.a.c store tu.

tapi sebab baru je beli barang lain tu, i think i have to pendamkan hasrat la it seems.

tapi if dah takde stock camne?


(psst! i recently dicovered this one new blog via cik pms nye blog... huiyoo.. takot tuh bila i read her writing.. yela.. mana tau if dia pon baca roxychick's pastu buat review... mati ok! to cik piah.. tak yah la baca i.. gua tak kacau sapa-sapa... make peace not war okeh bebeh!)

i took this kat entrance to cascade, one of the factory outlet kat bandung. saja la sbb dia tulih kat banner tu: will take care your children while shopping.. correct me if i'm wrong but ada satu ayat (of) yg tertinggal kat situ kan..?
para-para sakura, sila komen.

alamak. bandung... err..

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lil darth vader...

haha. takdela darth vader sangat pon...

last wednesday, i brought lil zaes to his paed sbb he was having flu & coughing endlessly, 2 or 3 days before that. so much so, he was diagnosed to have mild bronchitis due to the thick phlegm and hingus (mucus) yang dah masuk his lungs. alahai... but since the paed said it's not that serious but as a precaution before a longing asthmatic problem occurs, she prescribed him with few medicines & a nose drop. and told me to bring him back to the hospital if the phlegm stays.

hmm.. indeed.

so, yesterday, i brought him back to her and she put him on nebuliser, dengan harapan to soften the phlegm. one on the spot, another one later that night and tonite; and the last one will be tomorrow nite... ~sigh~ before this, my 2 nieces pon penah pakai nebuliser. my cousins.. ada la few of them.. tulaa.. it runs in the family and it won't stop i guess..

masa pakai nebuliser tu, the 1st time, zaes was restless. bukan sakit pon, kena sedut the gas je kan.. and the smell of the gas pon not that awful. he was like that cuz he just tak suka kita pegang dia kuat2, tak bagi dia move langsung. i tell you, even his daddy yang besar dari dia pon almost give up la jugak.. ni kan pulak gua yang lite-lite nih.. the strength of a lil rascal.. macam tu la kan.. so.. the first time tu, he was crying the whole 5 minutes of seduting the gas! kesian betol! tak sempat nak amik gambar sbb at that time my phone was not with me.

for the 2nd time, dia macam ok sket la. itupon, i was trying my best to hold him close. the nurse tu siap bedung dia with the hospital's blanket. b & i were singing the abc la, the carpenter's close to you la, jack johnson's banana pancakes la.. he was enjoying it (siap menguap lagi tu..) but being zaes he is, tak sampai 5 minit dah boring and he started to cry. but not for long and this time i managed to asked b to take some piccies..

mommey: ok sayang. don't cry yah.
zaes: will try mommey..

mommey: (started to sing) why do birds..
zaes: mana bird mommey..?

zaes: how do i look daddy? terrible eh?

zaes: dah ke mommey?
mommey: not yet sayang..

zaes: bila mommey nak habis nyanyi nih?

zaes started to fell asleep but his mouth still open...

but not long after that, at this point,
he immediately opened his eyes and...

... started to cried!

zaes: nak baju koboi! nak baju koboi!

ow well.. another 2 more nites to go.. hopefully he'd feel better after these treatments.

phlegm, phlegm, go away..

and oh! i can't wait to take a look at the new red she said holiday collection by m.a.c! m.a.c has launched the collection late last month in the US. yesterday, they were officially launched rite here @m.a.c klcc. read more (and see some pix) @mrmanagerdotblogspotdotcom.

other branches to follow, on the 13th of november.. yay! (macam la nak beli pon... =p)

oh! double oh!!!
a lil birthday shout out to a former partner-in-crime, azni hamzah for today she turns 29!
bila nak belanja kitorg makan lagi nih?? uhuhuhuuu..

happy birthday la weh..
(gambar dicurik from her fb profile pic)

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