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Friday, October 06, 2006

of drooling about food.

yah.. it's been a while. i know.
i can't fast for the 1st 3 days due to the red alert but my puasa has been good.
the berbuka feasts so far were the best ever sebab selalu dapat balik on time and enjoying my mama's dishes! ystd she cooked chicken rice. eventho her chicken rice wasn't as good as the one i always love (the gerai is somewhere in keramat, near the damai lrt station..) but whatever she cooked, they were always super delicious!

my most favourite mama's cooking, among others, are,
  1. asam pedas tumis ikan pari (the spicy thick gravy type) with extra bunga kantan,
  2. her scrumptious laksa penang.. with extra bunga kantan jugak,
  3. kari ikan (bawal kaa, cencaru kaa, ikan kering ka..),
  4. ikan kering kurau masak asam,
  5. asam pedas yang cair tu, some may call it asam rebus,
  6. ikan goreng with sambal goreng,
  7. sambal udang...
and the list wud go on and on.... erk! my stomach is growling very hard now...
oh, btw.. i just L.O.V.E bunga kantan or in english they call it torch ginger.
(thanks to
bin gregory productions for the info)

no.. no.. for some who don't know bunga kantan (if sum mat/minah salleh happen to read this blog laaa.. =D), the taste is not like ginger at all.. it has this special taste when you put it in dish like the asam pedas.. it brings out this wonderful aroma and when you eat it, the taste is just lovely and zesty.. (can i say dat?)

okla.. enuff about food. nnt batal puasa.
to my ex-schoolmates... bila nak berbuka sama2?