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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

of looking forward to holidays!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..
yay... with due respect to Our Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, i'm sooo looking forward for tomorrow holiday!
Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul and may Allah bless us all!

but, i don't have anything in mind tho.. of what to do and where to go.. most probably i'd be bunking in front of the couch, flipping channels, bug my nieces or worst.. shut my eyes off for a good afternoon sleep.. hah! as for my significant other, he'll probably be at his rented web, blasting his neighbours' ears with his 'jimi-hendrix-wannabe' sessions, or do some spring cleaning or... sleep! so much for a "i'm-looking-forward-for-the-holiday" stuff, eh?

in the office, almost evryone apply for leave on friday.. so dat they can continue to sleep till monday morning.. hehe.. as for me, dare not to do dat due to some on-air programme i hv to attend on friday, otherwise takde sape yg boleh pegi. takpela.. let them enjoy first.. my time will come.

i hv lost my words now... don't know what else to write.
think i'd better go for my breakfast..

eee.. boringnyee...

Monday, April 18, 2005

of having to work on weekends.

my weekends were fine.. or so to say..
kena keja kan.. the vibe was different.

but managed to curik some time and went to elly's place for the surprise hen party we (or syakira's to be exact) planned early this month. some fogging werk needed to be done in the office, so i leave the office as quickly as possible.

syakira and ika fetch me and we reached elly's place at about 8.30pm. by then, put, sue and jacinta were already there and of course they were waiting for us because it was suppose to be a surprise thingey for elly.

oh, yea.. elly was surprised to see the whole bunch of us and we were surprised to see her berkemban! haha!

so, some of them brought really nice pasta with thai green curry sauce, nuggets and drummets and cream puff and salad and fruits and lovely orchids! me, on the other hand, bawak my empty stomach je... i didn't contribute anything. well.. i was suppose to bring the drinks but drinks pon i ask syakira to get it, in case i didn't have the time to buy it.. and it happened alrite!

so.. we were talking from about the yesteryears to what's going to happen in the future, with elly getting married, with sue and her unfulfill dreams of becoming a radio dj due to the closing down of dis particular radio station she was suppose to be werking with, syakira and her health tips, put and her quietness but at times sarcastic jugak, jacinta and her experience of being drunk, ika pon quiet jugak (but i still love you, gurl..) and me... being the clown of the month. i don't know why but they jez like to pick on me pastu gelak ramai2... sigh.. hehee..

we finished at about 12 plus am and syakira and ika decided to sleep over elly's place. i cudn't cuz i needed to go back and hv a gud nite sleep. (kena keja kan..) i was damn tired! we bade our goodbyes and put sent me home. i knocked out almost immediately!

to them all, i jez wanna tell you guys how much i love you and hoping that we'll be friends till the final days of our lives!
love you guys lots!!!

oh.. managed to tell elly bout the dilemma of might not being able to attend her matrimony... err.. she took it pretty well tho i can detect disappointment in her eyes or shall i say.. "are-you-sure-you're-not-lying-to-me?"-kinda-look.. oh, my! memang rasa bersalah sangat! i'm hoping for a miracle to happen here!

where's justice? erkkk...

Friday, April 15, 2005

of being in a dilemma... :-(

i've been attending the avon new associates orientation day for the past 2 days and today is the last day, of which we are going on a field trip to one or two of the boutiques, somewhere in klang valley.. and i'm in a middle of a heavy werk load, of which everything is due next week! EVERYTHING, man..

i know, more or less, some of my readers dah jelak nak dengar my pathetic story about how busy i am.. asyik stay back laa.. takde masa for this and that laa.. et cetra, et cetra.. but dat is what happening now! last weekend pegi klebang pon, didnt really enjoy myself.. balik je sakit. the whole family pulak tu.. well.. weather's not gud nowadays..

the other day, one of my superior approached me and said dat i'll be working on the brochure soon. which i instantly said ok to.. since i've been in avon for the past 2 and a half mths but still doing ad hoc jobs. but what i didnt realized dat the campaign i'll be working on is campaign 17 (kat avon the refer the brochure as campaign and in a year we have 24 campaigns divided to 12 mths equivalent to 2 campaigns per month, which simply means 2 weeks for each campaign) and therefore we have to werk in advance in order to make sure the campaign/brochure sampai kat dealers a month before the actual campaign... faham ke? i.e: campaign 17 tu the duration is 1st sept-15 sept, so the creative brief is going to be in may which is 4 mths in advance, the creative team is given 42 days to complete the brochure (inclusive production). from the 1st day of briefing from marketing side, kita ada 2 weeks je for visual execution..

so.. what i'm trying to say is, since i'll be doing the 17th campaign, marketing will brief me somewhere in may, and my 1st presentation is early june.. and you might ask... "SO? apa yg big deal sgt nih? dia ni nak cakap ape? ape yg dia merepek nih? kena keja, keja je la..." hahaha! the major problem here is (if this PARTICULAR PERSON baca dis PARTICULAR ENTRY, she will straight away understands what i mean...) my beloved sisterly best friend, eliza rahim will tie the knot on the 3rd and 4th of june 2005 and from the day i got to know this beautiful news, i said to myself dat i will take couple of days off and be by her side, to witness the holy matrimony between her and her beloved syafik. to be there before and after. to feel the excitement. to feel the sadness of letting her go and set her free. the change of environment surrounding her... macam la aku ni mak dia..

but suddenly, the vision of it became vague and unsure. bloody brochure!

i'm sorry elly.. i really am..
i don't know how to tell her this.
i hope you read this post and forgive me..

the sound of wedding bells suddenly didn't excite me anymore...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

of being absent for a while.

hi readers.. IF i still hv any laa..

being terribly busy all months made me forget to update certain things dat happen in my life.
not dat i'm plain lazy.. i'm jez busy and suddenly, writing dis journal is not a priority anymore.. which i think it's bad cuz it shows dat i HAVE NO LIFE!!! argghhhh!!! crazy shit!

but anyways, i'm off to melaka dis weekend with my family and some relatives to crash my aunt's weekend pad, sumwhere in klebang.. to rejuvenate konon.. but i'll be carrying my iBook with me as well.. yup! my ofis werk is trailing me all the way there.. funny ain't it? but i hv no choice you know.. if i didn't bring it along, then i'll be dead by next monday sebab sume keja pon due next week.. blunder!

nevermind.. i'll find the time to go for a real holiday! i swear i will!! after all these years of slogging like a mad dog..

gosh! i need a break!