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Friday, June 03, 2005

of not attending my best friend's nikah.

selamat bernikah and selamat pengantin baru to my sisterly best friend in the whole world miss eliza abd rahim.
@11 am, she is officially tied to captain syaffik (sori if salah eja nama..)

too bad, i wasn't there to witness the whole matrimony. i was @the office, finishing up my first ever baby.. which is about 80% complete... or so i thought. it was sad! really sad because i was working my ass off but i could never get the chance to be there with her.. but i do hope she'd understand my situation and would forgive me for letting her historical day passed by jez like that!

anyway... wishing her all the best and may Allah bless her new journey as a wife.

elly, thanx for being there when i need you but i'm so sorry for not being there when you need me..
i truly treasured our 11 years of friendship and hoping it'll last.. till the final days of lives.

dah kawin pon awak...
i'm happy for you, dear sis..