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Friday, April 30, 2010

i'm not a spit-licker...


that would be my closure for the month of april.

happy friday everyone!
and happy labour day too (which is tomorrow, of course)!

take care and sleep well.
and please enjoy this song from lil zaes!

(i didn't embed the video here simply because the youtube video window is just too big for my blog column. i just hate to see the video jotting out of the frame at the writable area)


Friday, April 23, 2010

projek pistola.

dah lama sangat projek yang satu ni tertangguh.

banyak persoalan yang berlegar-legar kat fikiran sebelum nak mula projek ni.

nanti kalau dah buat kang takut pulak ada yang akan cakap gua syok sendiri.

tapi kalau tak buat pulak kang, sampai bila pon orang takkan alert.







selamat menjalani hari jumaat semua. semoga diberkati.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

justifying myself...

am i being treated unjustly?

that's the hardest question of the month.

no words could describe my frustration i've to go through lately.
i am totally out of focus.

well... i am just the miss-hey!-just-accept-whatever-shit-we're-giving-you-now person.
and... the miss-i-don't-care-if-you-have-a-bucket-full-of-shit-cuz-i'm-giving-you-another-5-gazillion-buckets-more-full-of-total-crap-for-you-to-swallow!

am i being treated unjustly?

that's my life update for the time being.
sorry for not being able to blog often nowadays.


Friday, April 02, 2010

my short momento with the great din beramboi.

mior ahmad fuad mior badri or fondly known as din beramboi has peacefully passed away at 12.30am, days after he was hospitalised due to dengue shocked sydrome. he was 43. and he left us when he's at the peak of his career.

when i learned about the news this morning, i quickly sms my cousin, the vvip to which she replied "tipu!" haih.. takde masa nak tipu benda hidup mati camni la babe... :(

i don't have any close relationship with allahyarham but with what i'm gonna show you after this, would explain why i am so sad and devastated on his demise. there'll be no more LOL sessions early in the morning eventho tengah stressed out in the traffic jam. may Allah bless his beautiful euphoric soul and semoga dia ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang soleh...

these were taken during my participation in this contest by radio era, some time last year in july where you have to bring the standee with you, where ever you go and there'd be tasks to follow each day. to cut the story short, i stopped half way due to some issue and mainly it was because of, zaes had high fever and was suspected H1N1.

and this was the drama sebabak i did last year.
i had lots of fun on the phone!

alfatihah to allahyarham abang din beramboi and to his wife, 3 children & the radio era family, my deepest condolences to you. Allah loves him more and insyaAllah dia akan tenang bersemadi di sisiNya.

blog ini akan berkabung sampai ada mood nak menulis balik...


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